Above - VR - Sachonski

Well hello guys!
Today we are releasing the version 1.0 of Giant Life, a VR physic puzzle game.
Play as an angry giant through a virtual reality journey, exploring the realm, destroying settlements and frightening its inhabitants.

Main features:
  • 5 special throwable projectiles.
  • 22 unique levels.
  • More than 50 destructible structures.
  • Finger tracking for Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus rift controllers.
  • Vikings, Knights and Pirates.
  • Cute low poly graphics.

We hope you guys enjoy the game, and if you have any suggestions leave them in the suggestion section in the community hub:

Bug reports
If you find any bugs feel free to report them in the community hub section.

Come gather around a Giant Life! We'll be having weekly contest and giveaways!
Join us on Discord!
Above - VR - Sachonski

Hello there guys!
We are very happy to announce that Giant Life is now officially out of beta.
Now we are on the final countdown until release: June 7th.

Also we have a special announcement to make:
During the course of the week we will be selecting players that comment and like this post, and they will receive a free copy of the game for testing purposses!

Start smashing that like button and comment bellow! ːcamperː

The Patagoniart Team.
May 15, 2017
Above - VR - Sachonski
Well guys, we've been working hard this last couple of weeks on improving this experience.

We've added randomization to the initial location of the ISS for each experience, and increased the speed of the EMU.

Hope you guys enjoy.

The Patagoniart Team.
Jan 17, 2017
Above - VR - Sachonski
During the past couple of months we've took into consideration the feedback from the community and worked on this patch adressing some of the concerns users were having.

Patch notes:
  • Improved the planet shader.
  • Changed the proportions of the general enviroment.
  • Changed the Oxigen display to the right hand controller.
  • Retopologized the moon.
  • Small tweaks into the International Space Station model.
  • Slowed down the earth rotation speed to 1/8.

Hope you guys enjoy!

The Patagoniart Team.

Nov 6, 2016
Above - VR - Sachonski
Well guys, we've been working hard this weekend to improve the experience graphic settings and general rendering.

Here are the patch notes:
  • Re-textured the International Space Station.
  • Changed by force the graphic preferences for Unity, the game will now render on fantastic on every computer.

Hope you guys enjoy! ːaearthː

If you are still experiencing phantom materials after the patch (black materials) post a screenshot or a thread on the community hub.

The Patagoniart Team.
Above - VR - Sachonski
Well guys, we've managed to solve the problem that was causing all the horrible rendering, even on great spec pcs.

The experience should be stable by now, and running as presented in the trailer/screenshots.

The experience real graphic settings

We apollogize for the delay and thank you for your patience hoping you guys can enjoy the experience as intended!

The Patagoniart Team
Nov 2, 2016
Above - VR - Sachonski
Well guys, due it has been some confusion about the experience mechanics, we've decided to make them more UI friendly.

Here are the patch notes:
  • Added more information at the start of the experience. (Module menu scene)
  • Moved the controller interface to the outter space scene, since it was confussing people regarding movement.
  • Fixed asteroid fireball trail.

Hope you guys enjoy! ːaearthː

The Patagoniart Team.

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