BOTOLO - Ian Snyder
For the past several months I have been at work on a competitive guide to BOTOLO. Today I'm releasing the first chapter, "Intro and Fundamentals," with power-specific chapters to follow in the coming weeks.

The guide may be found on Steam here or on the BOTOLO website here.

The BOTOLONOMICON represents the present sum total of knowledge about BOTOLO. I have travelled the country, seeking out the strongest BOTOLO warriors and stealing their secrets. All known BOTOLO tactics are bound herein for you.

I'm eager for everyone to dig in! All I've ever wanted from this game is to play it against someone unquestionably better than myself. Perhaps, with the aid of this guide and the boundless well of ingenuity that springs from deep within your own heart, that person might be you!

Coinciding with the release of this first chapter, a few minor updates to the game:
  • following player feedback, the easy AI should now be much easier
  • I've decided to unlock all powers and gamemodes from the beginning. All players will have access to the whole game immediately. It always broke my heart a little bit to see someone hadn't unlocked the wilder and more interesting powers in the game. Why should that stuff be locked away at all? I don't know, let's find out.
  • power info has been added to the singleplayer power select screen
  • menu transitions now move 33% faster
  • various small bugfixes

If you find any new bugs, please let me know in the bug hunting thread:

Thanks to everyone who has bought the game so far, to anyone who intends to in the future. Without a playerbase, a competitive game is nothing. You are the living, breathing soul of BOTOLO.

- Ian
BOTOLO - (Philippa Warr)


Botolo [official site] – a two player landgrab game with a kind of stylised quilt aesthetic – is out now and it does look lovely. You might need to bear with me a bit today because insomnia has resulted in a vastly diminished vocabulary. I’ve already called the fridge the “cold oven” and the washing machine a “clothes masher” today. Anyway! What do you do in Botolo? … [visit site to read more]

BOTOLO - Valve
BOTOLO is Now Available on Steam!

BOTOLO is a hybrid game of keepaway and king-of-the-hill. BOTOLO is a fast paced mindreading competition. BOTOLO is a dance inside the negative space between your opponent's thoughts.
The Floor is Jelly - (Alice O'Connor)

That is a good look for a competitive local multiplayer game, isn’t it? That’s Botolo [official site], the new game from Ian Snyder, who you might remember for lovely squishy platformer The Floor Is Jelly. Botolo is a streamlined fighty ballsport about trying to grab and keep control of the ball while the other player, y’know, also wants to do that. It will launch next week but as I spent part of my morning muttering “Gosh-o!” while looking at it, I thought you might fancy that too. Here, check out the trailer: … [visit site to read more]


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