Castle of no Escape 2 - Xitilon
Hi everyone, we've recently updated the Serbian locale for Castle of no Escape 2, after a good deal of proofreading from Marko Josifovic and Rados Milicev!

Also, after a recent fullscreen patch, language select screen was a bit off, this patch (1.702) fixes this issue as well.
Oct 26, 2017
Castle of no Escape 2 - Xitilon
Starting from version 1.685, you can encounter a new enemy at certain dates around the Halloween - a skeleton from ConE1!

Also, I've finally finished integrating chinese translation, though I think I will use better font in another update.

More little updates under the hood:
  • 20 new enemy formations (patterns) and 20 new room tile formations (terrains) added to the level generation system.
  • Instead of loading a game without any language if you pressed Esc at language selection (or if the language file is missing), English language is loaded from internal backup.
  • Now enemies also move crates. Previously only the heroes could.
  • Message show time increased so that you can read long texts easily.

Bugs fixed:
  • Character selection and options music doesn't stop now.
  • Music will start to play again in options if you've disabled and re-enabled it.
  • You can exit FEATS (achievements) menu with Esc keyboard key now.
  • Now you cannot accidentally destroy an equipped armor that has no durability left while shooting it in the inventory.
  • Pausing in-game with gamepad works better now.
  • Diagonal movement with gamepads was somewhat broken for some types of gamepads, fixed.
  • Thanks to Steam gamer SaltySteve for taking time to test different configurations and find out what should we do to fix the X-Box gamepad problem!
Castle of no Escape 2 - Xitilon
In the last days of Greenlight, the prequel made its way through!

Also, I know we have a lot of locales waiting to be implemented.

I will make sure to get this done in nearest time! ːcone_guardianː
Castle of no Escape 2 - Xitilon
You can create and edit:
1) Patterns - enemy formations and traps
2) Terrains - room tiles like lava, ice, etc.
Good luck with making your own rooms of no escape! ːcone_guardianː

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