Jul 23, 2017
TZOMPANTLI - Strider Spinel
Back from La conque we got a new Character coming soon to TZOMPANTLI! METEORIX from the Jorge Break classic early 00's comic book!

for more info about the comic
Apr 24, 2017
TZOMPANTLI - Deathly Ideas
There's gonna be a new update soon! around 5 de mayo to be exact! TZOMPANTLI is going to be at LA CONQUE COMIC CON in Queretaro, Mexico, and we'readdeng a new character to the roster for the ocasion!

ALSO! the game is going to be on sale from May 5th until May 15th! so tell oyur friends, or if you're waiting for a sale, you won't have to wait much longer!

yes, that spot is gonna be filled soon!
Feb 6, 2017
TZOMPANTLI - Deathly Ideas
The First big Tzompantli update is up!


  • first, TZOMPANTLI is finally ready for MAC! yes, you can now play it on MAC OS!
    [*New Interface for the battle and some menus, like the character select screen. We have a little more atractive battle HUD, hope you like it!
  • Game speed Improved... the game is now 10% faster... received lot of requests for this.
  • Some moves are a bit twitched and corrected.
  • The throw scape works properly now.
  • New Stage: Avalon! for those who miss the old arcades...
  • BIG UPDATE: NEW CHARACTER, EL BULBO: The Middle Class superhero joins the Fray! Don't forget to read his adventures at This Link!
  • BIG UPDATE: NEW CHARACTER, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: Another hi hierarchy Archangel joins the battle with an agenda of his/her own...
  • Arcade Story Mode for Juan Grande, Archangel Gabriel and El Bulbo!

TZOMPANTLI - Deathly Ideas
A Tzompantli update is coming up (we should call it ver.1.2 i think)

in this update we added a couple of things, the most important are

  • Reworked general camera
  • New HUD
  • New Character Selection Screen
  • New Character: El Bulbo
  • New Character: Gabriel Arcangel
  • New graphic effects
  • Some moves have been twitched

we'll announce the release date soon!
Nov 21, 2016
TZOMPANTLI - Deathly Ideas
In the videos section you can find a video showing how to play TZOMPANTLI, including some little advanced tactics.

You can also check the Manual in the Main app page!

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