Hellenica - The Dragonloft
We're working towards a feature update in the future, but we thought some of the changes would be appreciated now!

- A Skip button in the bottom right so you can skip past a conversation
- Added an additional way to unlock the middle path out of Day 2: Crete
- Other minor fixes

Hope that helps some of you out there!
Hellenica - The Dragonloft
Grab your steambow, strap on your shield, and save Greece today!

Hellenica Store Page
Hellenica - The Dragonloft
We've put up a series of posts on Hellenica's core combat mechanics over on our dev blog:

Battle Manipulation
Falls and Bounces
Hazards and Traps
Hellenica - The Dragonloft
We're doing an on-going series of posts on our dev blog detailing some of the unique characters in Hellenica. Check them out!

Diona, the Arktos
Nephele, the theomechanist
Brasidas, the Exiled Spartan
Scylax, the Wandering Magian

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