ShapeRockets - Echohead Games
We know building an indie online FPS player base is a challenge, so we want you to be able to play with your friends! Gift a few friends ShapeRockets for the Holidays for under a dollar each! Or just have them buy it for next to nothing!

Get shape-shooting, Echoheads!
Oct 31, 2016
ShapeRockets - Echohead Games
Hey folks, as of now there is a little update to fix a fun eternal lives bug if you were quick and a few other minor fixes now that it's out in the wild!

Also, can't find a match? Host one and get your friends to play!

(The update is build 1430531 if you want to check.)
ShapeRockets - Echohead Games
Thanks for buying ShapeRockets!

Help us make this community great and post screenshots, start discussions, tell us what you love, and let us know if you find anything weird.

Above all, go blast some shapes!

Oh, and don't forget to soak in the little story and messages in the tutorial. And take an online break in the Endurance mode and see how high you can score!

Don't forget to reference the quick guide if you need it.
ShapeRockets - Echohead Games
We can't wait to play online with you!

Playing online will be a quick, smooth experience for all!

One item of note: we do use Steam's P2P networking and listen server functionality to run ShapeRockets. For 99% of you, this will all run fine as expected automatically!

In test, while rare, we found some routers have ports closed that need to be open for ShapeRockets to find games. But it's a quick and normal thing to tweak. So if for some reason you have one of those rare routers, simply refer to this Steam page and you should be ready to go!
ShapeRockets - Echohead Games
ShapeRockets - Echohead Games
Hey Echoheads!

ShapeRockets launches next Friday! Make sure to tell all your friends. And also, one of the biggest game websites will be releasing a video developer walkthrough on Monday the 24th. Keep an eye out for it!
ShapeRockets - Echohead Games
Hey everyone! Matt here. I'm the Creative Director at Echohead Games. Years ago I was the Lead Designer of the original Scribblenauts - a game where you could do everything. For Echohead's first title, I wanted to try a game where you just do TWO things: shoot or run. ShapeRockets is a fast-paced FPS with rock, paper, scissors rules. It will be easy to pick up and take awhile to master.

I can't wait for all of you to compete online starting October 28th! Visit the forums and ask us anything!

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