Oct 11, 2016
Community Announcements - Mitorah

1.12 version changes since the previous version 1.11:
  • Fixed a bug that caused Giant's strength/Enchanted strength to affect the unit permanently if it died in battle before the spell expired of if the spell was negated.

  • The selected unit's battle graphic is now drawn on the unit info panel.

  • Units now move 1 tile at a time instead of jumping straight to the final destination. This new style of movement can be adjusted or disabled at Documents\BattlesofNorghan_Saves\Options.ini by setting the Turn End Delay to 0, if you prefer the old style of movement.

  • Prizes reduced for Cup of Glory winner and 2nd place along with Division 1's 1 - 4th place. This will balance out the top clans somewhat.

  • Difference of prize money for winning a battle in the various divisions was changed as follows:
    * Game mode A: Each division below the first one gets 25% less than the upper division, instead of 30% less.
    * Game mode B: Each division below the first one gets 25% less than the upper division, instead of 27% less.
    * Game mode C: Unchanged. (24%)

  • Armor now protects 17% less from missile weapon damage.

  • AI controlled units with a missile weapon now won't switch to a melee weapon if a flying enemy drake is within potential melee attack range.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera and the arrow to go nowhere if a drake got shot from 1 tile away.

  • Reduced magic resistance of Ogres, Mysteryarchs, Mountain trolls, Minotaurs, Elves.

  • Screenshots are now automatically saved in BMP format to the folder where Battles of Norghan is installed and look better.

  • Added information to the game's manual about dual wielding and prize gold from division battles.

  • For some players the mouse wasn't acting correctly in the main menu before loading or starting a game. This was fixed.

  • As a workaround to computers that don't support 800x600 resolution and yet claim to support it, the game now launches in windowed mode instead of full screen mode if the game failed to launch the last time.

  • A thunder storm will now be automatically cast to finish off some very rare battle that isn't going anywhere and would otherwise never finish.. Regardless of whether a summoned unit got killed or not. Now only actual unit kills will prevent such thunder storms from being auto-cast.
    In such cases the player would have seen a simulated battle hang and be unable to continue past that in his saved game. Any saved game that was previously affected by that bug will now work.

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