Jan 15
Subject A-119 - MrGoatsy
The game has gone free to play forever!


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May 6, 2017
Subject A-119 - Alpine Ibex

I have good news. I have decided to change the release date to one month earlier.

The game is pretty much done, so I see no need for you guys to wait any longer.

The new release date is 09-06-2017(DD-MM-YYYY).
Subject A-119 - Alpine Ibex
Hello everybody,

Time for a new update on the development.

I have been working hard on Subject A-119, a couple of rooms have been added of which I want to share one specifically.

It is a cell, but what could it be used for? Novacore is a research facility after all, why would they need an isolation cell?

Find out on 07/07/2017!
Mar 9, 2017
Subject A-119 - Alpine Ibex
Hello everybody,

I have updated the screenshots to show a more recent version of the game, as you can see, I added level signs so that you know what puzzle you are on and which skills you can use to complete that puzzle.

Here is how the level signs look:

I also made a new puzzle, the 11th puzzle. In total there will be 15 puzzles with maybe a free expansion later on.

Coming up with puzzle ideas is hard, so if you have any ideas that could fit in the game, let me know in the comments and you might have a chance to help me develop the game, get your name in the credits as a puzzle designer and of course get the game for free.

If you want you can also join the official Discord of the game to share your ideas and talk with fellow fans:
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Nov 28, 2016
Subject A-119 - Alpine Ibex
Subject A-119 will not have any always online DRM.

Simple as that.

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