Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Jake_Degica
Hi everyone, we have another update for you!

Here is the complete changelog:
New features:
[+] GCH now supports the import of RPG Maker MV - Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1
[+] GCH now supports the import of RPG Maker MV - Japanese Character Generator Expansion 2
[+] GCH now supports the import of RPG Maker MV - Japanese Character Generator Expansion 3
[+] GCH now supports the import of RPG Maker MV - Heroine Generator
[+] New lasso pixel selection tool
[+] GCH now shows tips on start-up

[/] All drawing tools now have a blending option
[/] Eraser tool now has an opacity/strength parameter
[/] In history view: once an item is added, its name appears on the history view
[/] Reworked various UI texts

Bug fixes:
[-] Fixed UI of colorize, 2d transform and noise dialogs: layers were displayed in reverse order.
[-] When an update to the item library is available, the window that prompts
whether to update the library now properly remembers the user choice.

Enjoy :)
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Jake_Degica
Hi everyone,

Fixes an issue where the item library indexer would get stuck following the previous large update.

Thank you for your patience everyone and enjoy!

Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Jake_Degica
Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of GCH: PE 3.4! This release contains a bunch of important features, as well as some improvements and bug fixes.

The main new feature is a new tool delivered along with GCH, called gch-import-mv-dlc. As it is stated by its name, this program is able to scan your RPG Maker MV installation and create GCH generator parts out of it! To use this new tool simply launch GCH and go to "File > Import resources..." and click on "Import RPG Maker MV DLC(s)" button on the window that popped up. Beware though: Only RPG Maker MV Kids generator parts are currently supported by this tool. New generator parts will arrive in a future minor update.

Here is the complete changelog:
New features:
[+] GCH provides a new tool to easily import RPG Maker MV DLCs (the list of supported DLCs will grow over time).
[+] GCH provides a new user-friendly way to import custom resources. Go to "File > Import resources..." to check it out!
[+] GCH character generator now allows you to tune the frequency of each item color variation. As a result, characters with unusual skin and hair color are generated much more rarely.
[+] GCH can now open files whose format does not appear clearly in their filename (i.e. does not end with ".png" or ".gpf", etc...). The program makes a first read of the file to deduce the format and then reads the file normally.

[/] Improved character generator UI.
[/] Improved item library indexing speed.
[/] "View > Show Grid" now affects every document, not just the active spritesheet.
[/] gchlib dump command now accepts an "-o" option to redirect the command output to a file.
[/] gchlib exec command now accepts a "-continue-on-failure" option.
[/] gchlib now forbids to have two references pointing to the same file.

Bug fixes:
[-] Fixed the fact that the active sheet would change when adding an item from the library.
[-] Selected animation in animation player will no longer be reset when changing current spritesheet.
[-] GCH will no longer crash if the library indexer is still running when quitting.
[-] Fixed potential dangling references in gchlib.

Enjoy :)
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Jake_Degica
This update allows the use of the base GCH workshop files and provides various improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for using GCH: PE!
    New features:
  • GCH: PE can now read base GCH workshop files.
  • Newly created and updated base GCH workshop files will be automatically synchronized with GCH:PE workshop.
  • In gchlib command line tool: Added options -sgn and -ivs to dump pack signature (allows to easily check if two packs are equals)
  • When building a pack of resources, GCH:PE and gchlib command line tool can now discard empty colorsheets.
  • GCH and gchlib can now skip empty colorsheets when importing custom items.
  • GCH about window now displays all important GCH file locations.
    Bug fixes:
  • Fixed issue in workshop window that prevented listing subscribed files properly.
  • On steam workshop window: no longer create blank files if the "Publish new file file" wizard is aborted.
  • Fixed typos in user guide.
  • Fixed crash in gchlib command line tool when running command "list item -pck".
  • Fixed issue in GCH where toggling show grid option would sometimes result in a crash.
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Degica Dev
This patch fixes the problem that some have been encountering with the Mac version. Sorry for the disagreement.

Please let us know if you run into any issue.
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Jake_Degica
Hello all! We're happy to announce the latest update to Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition.

New features:
[+] Game Character Hub released on Steam OS and Linux!
[+] Steam Workshop support :) Simply go to "Files > Guild of Crafts" to start publishing and downloading workshop files.

[/] Now GCH restores the UI geometry on start-up.

Bug fixes:
[-] Fixed RPG Maker XP and VX character generators.
[-] Fixed issue in PNG export window of the character generator window. When exporting the generated character to PNG files, the program asked you twice to add $ at the beginning of the filenames under some conditions.
[-] Fixed issue where the some specific ill-configured spritesheet animation would cause GCH to crash.
[-] Fixed issue in character generator editor window, where the portfolio type is not correctly set.
[-] Fixed rare freezing operations that would occur on single core machines.
[-] Various fixes in the UI.
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Degica Dev
Hello everyone,

We just released a small update for the Portfolio Edition. This update aims to fix RPG Maker VX Ace items. We added some files that were missing: 40 outfits and 6 glasses items. We also moved the naked body part to a location that is more natural (inside the Body/(Fe)male folders). We want to thank you for your support and your feedback on this!

Also, a few words about the next major update: It will bring Workshop support. Unfortunately Valve does not allow to import all GCH's workshop files into the upcoming GCH:PE's workshop. GCH's workshop is getting bigger every day, and offers many top quality items thanks to you, and that's something we value ;) We don't want to lose this in GCH:PE so we are actively working on solutions to easily port the base GCH workshop files into GCH:PE's future workshop.

We hope you will enjoy :)
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Degica Dev
V3.1.0 Patch note

New features:
  • It is now possible to import custom resources via the user interface (File > Import custom resources) in addition to the command line tool.
    Updated the user guide with explanations on how to use this new interface.
  • Two new options are available for gchlib: -pck and -npck for gchlib list item. This can enumerate all the items that are (pck) or not (npck) in a pack.

  • Improved "Export as PNG" window. If the selected output file already exists, the spritesheet to export will be drawn over the existing image in the preview area.
  • Improved user guide with explanations on how to properly export RPG Maker MV Face/Damage spritesheets (In section "2.5 - Export character").
  • Added new frame mapping processes in the RPG Maker MV pack.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a rare case where selecting frames would make GCH stop.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the layer composition mode made the layer turn black.
  • Fixed rare issue where the "Edit character's dimensions" window would crash if it was validated with some wrong input.
  • Fixed RPG Maker VX Ace pack: the frame mapping processes were not properly configured.
  • Fixed issue where the recoloring option that features HSL sliders in item explorer would not recolor properly.
  • Fixed the frame mapping processes manager window: some parts of the window were not properly disabled for some settings.
Jan 6, 2017
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Laugilus
Hello everyone,

We wish you a happy new year :)

We come with some good news: the DLC issues have been fixed. We apologize again for the trouble it may have caused.
It is now possible to buy any DLC for any GCH version, even if you don't own both GCH versions.
The DLCs you may own with the base GCH version are still available for free with the Portfolio version (and vice versa).

Last but not least, a new GCH update is planned for mid January. It contains a bunch of bug fixes (it notably fixes the layer composition mode issue) and provides a new user interface to help you import custom resources into GCH without having to use the command line tool. The next major update will bring Steam Workshop support.
Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition - Laugilus
Hello everyone,

We hope you had a nice Christmas :)

As you may have noticed, since a few days, it has no longer been possible to purchase any base GCH or GCH-PE DLCs, unless one owns both versions of GCH. Be assured that this was not intended. It is the first time we released DLCs across several products, the issue comes from some misconfiguration on our end.

We are sorry about that and we understand the frustration it may have caused. We are working closely with Valve to have this fixed as soon as possible. Considering this is the holiday season, it may not be fixed until mid January.

Trying to change some things on our end until we get a reply from Valve is not an option, as it will make the DLCs unplayable for those who have managed to buy them :/ Of course this would be unacceptable so we will keep things as they are until Valve replies. We will post another announcement when the issue is resolved.

Note that this temporary issue only affects the DLCs. Game Character Hub can still be purchased normally, and you can still purchase the DLCs if you own both versions of GCH.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and we wish you a happy new year!

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