Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

I just published an update:
  • Added an option to shorten haptic feedback (find it in settings under Controls, last page)
  • You can now lower the gun shot volume to as low as 10%
  • Fixed a rare but critical despawning issue
  • Some minor fixes
Also notice that I recently dropped the price of the game permanently. I decided to discontinue the demo for this reason (has always been a lot of work on my side).

Maybe you are also interested in trying my recent project called I Can Gun.

Download it for free here: https://patrickkoenig.itch.io/i-can-gun

Nov 2, 2018
Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

The price for the game has been permanently reduced.

Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

I just published an update. This update is huge in file size because in the process of attempting to reduce the game size on your hard drive disk every single file has been touched and changed.

To put things into perspective the game should now require less than 10 GB on your hard drive disk (in comparsion to the previous 20+ GB).

I also tried to fix some multiplayer issues that recently came up. I hope this works much better now.

I'm also sorry if this unusual huge update causes any issues for you but it had to be done at some point.

Thank you! :) Wish you all a great week! :)
Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

I just created a beta branch that features a new build that attempts to reduce the memory usage of the game. Furthermore it reduces the size of the game files on your hard drive disk by approximately 50%. Maybe all of this combined helps to speed up the initial load time of the game as well.

To opt-in to the beta branch:
1. Right-click on "Bullets And More" in your Steam Library and select "Properties"
2. Select the tab called "Betas"
3. Select the "beta" branch

The beta build is still compatible to the non-beta version and nothing has been removed. Basically just another compression method and a bunch of cleanup has been done to achieve this results.

Warning: Switching to this beta build will basically require to re-download the whole game because every file has been affected. On the positve side the new game files should require a lot less space on your hard drive disk.

Please let me know if this actually helps (especially if you experienced memory issues before).

Wish you all a wonderful day and a nice weekend. :)
Aug 10, 2018
Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

I just published another update:

  • Fixed some exploits in concrete jungle and nuke town
  • Made attachment table not climbable
  • Added a button to access Steam profiles via the score board (i.e. to add friends)
  • Tried to balance bots a bit more
  • Some other minor fixes and changes

Enjoy :)

Please let me know if you encounter any issues :)
May 24, 2018
Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

I just published an update for you:

  • Added climbing to all multiplayer game modes (with some limitations for balancing reasons):
    • You can only use the left or right controller and not both at the same time
    • After releasing your grip you cannot re-grab for 0.75 seconds (cooldown)
    • Limitations only apply when not using a "real" ladder
  • Added Bayonet to the K98 for testing how it turns out balancing wise:
    • Requires to hold the rifle with both controllers
    • Bayonet is part of the gun and does not need to be attached
    • Bayonet is not available in Virus Infection
  • Instead of receiving individual shells for the Shot 12 you receive a whole clip with shells now
  • Fixed an annoying issue while using Teleport Skipping in Space Chaos that led to player death

I hope that the ability to climb with at least one controller (and a cooldown) allows to overcome some more obstacles. It might also allow to get to some new positions while hopefully preventing exploits due to the limitations mentioned above.

Furthermore I hope that the Bayonet on the K98 helps. I'm a bit afraid that it might be very strong in smaller maps but hopefully the fact that you need to use both controllers to make use of it helps with that.

Anyway let me know how this works for you. :)
Apr 15, 2018
Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

I just published a tiny update for you:
  • Fixed possible exploit in day at pool
  • Attempt to make accidentally locking back the bolt on the Sten a bit less likely
  • Further performance improvements

Let me know if you run into any issues!
Apr 2, 2018
Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

I just published an update. It features two new weapons (Sten and SVT-40) and also adds the ability to give custom names to hosted matches. You can also change them during the matches at any time. This should allow you to highlight your prefered game mode or gather people for another game mode (i.e. BAM Royale) while playing Deathmatch until enough player joined to switch mode. I also added the ability to customize controller input deadzone to the settings menu.

As always theres also a bunch of minor fixes and changes. Anyway please let me know how this works for you and if you run into any issues.

Stay tuned :)

Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

Can you imagine that it is almost two years ago already when the HTC Vive has been released? Also happens to be the time when I started to work on a project that evolved into what BAM is today: A game that allows you to experience a new way of playing it every day. A game where it rains grenades, rockets, helicopters, players, arrows, bullets and more. The order may vary though.

Next week I will publish another update along with BAM finally leaving EA (Early Access). I have been very dedicated to BAM and I obviously will keep it that way even after it left EA (also considering that I still hope that some issues in the Unity engine itself get resolved over time). Still I will try to play around with completely new ideas as well. Of course, I will keep you all updated.

Have a nice day and stay safe.

Jan 18, 2018
Bullets And More VR - BAM VR - Patrick König
Hey guys,

here goes another update. This update finally brings you some stats that are visible in-game (Main menu and loadout room) but can also be viewed with even more details here (most stats seem plausible but some might need another review though):

Thanks to dogtato who basically created all the scripts for the web page and thanks to Daniel Webster for some of the design elements.

I received some complains about the map/mode voting system because it allows to "hijack" a full game by switching to a game mode that most people do not want to play. The best solution would be to just participate in the vote to avoid that. However due to the very different nature of BAM Royale I changed the vote value for it to 0.75 instead of 1.0. This will automatically require much more consensus to switch to BAM Royale. To make things fair: When playing BAM Royale and you want to switch to another game mode it will also require more votes to do so. I really hope that this turns out to be a good solution to the problem.

  • Added stats for top Kills/Deaths and BAM Royale wins (visible in main menu and loadout room)
  • Added ctf_apoc_island
  • Attempt to fix helicopter joystick issues
  • Added some announcement to Gun Game when you have taken or lost the lead to intensify this game mode
  • Voting to leave or enter a BAM Royale game requires more votes now to ensure that there is enough consensus to do this (a vote is woth 0.75 instead of 1.0)
  • Tiny recoil reduction for Pistol Cal. .50
  • Removed Flare Gun from BAM Royale
  • Some other fixes and changes

I really hope you like the changes. Have a nice day :)

Multiplayer compatibility: Due to changes in the netcode this version is not compatible to old versions in multiplayer anymore.

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