Strikers Edge - Adrien PLAYDIUS
Hello fellow Strikers,

As of today, the arenas will look different.
Another kind has taken over the region and is ready to fight. Some call them "Bots", other use the term "AI". Whatever their name is, they represent a tough challenge when it comes to battling it out on the field. Fear not though, they are docile and will not engage in unwanted combat.

We hope their arrival will bring a new trend of combat within the realm and help you in your upcoming fighting endeavours.

On a brighter note, you will see an interface on the local areas to add game modifiers. Slippery floors, huge weapons and so on will be there to improve your training sessions to become the top striker at any costs.

Patch Note: Update 1.3.19:
- Added bots on online matches.
- Self-disconnect doesn't lock the game anymore under certain circumstances.
- Changed party and cancel queue keys to "C" and "P".
- Added gameplay modifiers on local matches.
- Added option to play vs or with bots in local play modes.
Strikers Edge - Adrien PLAYDIUS

Dear Apprentice,

Join the School of Strikers and learn with the best!

The Strikers Edge Demo is online! Players will be able to try Strikers Edge out, in Local and Oline matches with one playable character!
Eir the Valkyrie will be your pick!

We are very happy to bring Strikers Edge to more players!
Bring in your friends and family, spread the word and strike yourselves down.

Don't forget to join the Arena's antechamber:
Let us know your impressions and feedback there.

We hope to see you in numbers on the arenas young Strikers.
Strikers Edge - Adrien PLAYDIUS

Dear visitors,

We know you have been coming from all over the country to witness the greatest warriors!
We have improved your experience. Matches will run more smoothly from now on.

- Difficulty tweaks on easy level of the campaign
- Fixed issues with focus on the dialog after a match is ended
- Fixed some issues with reconnections after rematch is refused
- Improved UI for the rematch

And now, to you Strikers: 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!

Don't forget to join the Arena's antechamber:
Strikers Edge - Adrien PLAYDIUS

You have fought well Warriors. Do you wish to stand up and fight again?
Then smash this rematch button!

- There's now a rematch button when all players on the online match are running the latest version of the game.
- Alt key no longer enables disabled buttons.
- Other instances of disconnect message going back to the main menu shouldn't show up anymore.
- Minor fixes on the main menu UI.
- Fixed issue that stopped South America players from finding matches with the rest of the world.

Fight until your last breath, Strikers.
Don't forget to join the Arena's antechamber:
Strikers Edge - Adrien PLAYDIUS

You do not look well Strikers! Take some time to rest until the next battle.
In the meantime, some fleeing strikers issues are being fixed.

- End of game panel should not pop twice when a player disconnects while presenting the summary
- "Player failed to connect" message shouldn't show up when the player goes from the match to the main menu

Farewell Strikers.
Don't forget to join the Arena's antechamber:

Strikers Edge - (Matt Cox)


You know how some games can put a grin on your face within seconds of playing them? Well, Strikers Edge is one of them.

It’s a local and online multiplayer sport that the devs have dubbed ‘dodgebrawl’: it’s all about chucking projectiles at your opponent while blocking and rolling away from the ones being thrown at you. I just spent 20 minutes with it, and I’m already prepared to declare it one of the best competitive multiplayer games I’ve ever played. It’s got me thinking about TowerFall, which sits atop the peak of fast-paced single-screen multiplayer games – so comparisons to it are made at the commenter’s peril.

I still need to play more, but I think this might be AT LEAST as good.


Strikers Edge - h.doucoure

Hi there, proud warriors!

The battle is fierce, and Strikers Edge got to get better in order to shine on the battlefield!

Here's the content of the patch:
- Players should not be unable to quit the campaign in any circumstance
- Fixed issue that caused Haru to take two lives instead of one on 2vs2 matches in certain circumstances
- Fixed issue with character selection panels drifting away from the screen
- Fixed issues with Haru becoming invisible and unable to move after hitting obstacles in certain circumstances
- Players can no longer play with same character on the same team by switching teams
- Haru should not get stuck anymore on the other team's field

Something we missed? Let us know in the Steam's Discussions or on our Discord:

Talk to you soon!
Strikers Edge - h.doucoure

Strikers Edge is out now on Steam with a 17% release promotion thanks to the beta players until February 6.

Don’t hesitate to share your best moments and give feedback on the forum.

In the meantime join the official Discord channel to find players and discuss strategies:

Any Streamer out there? Remember that the Twitch integration is available on Strikers Edge to engage your viewers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.

Check out our very fresh Strikers Edge Character Preview video!

May our blades clash in the air, fellow Warriors.
Strikers Edge - Adrien PLAYDIUS
Sharpen your spears, daggers and shards and get ready for Strikers Edge!
Today, January 30th, Strikers Edge releases at 4pm GMT - 8am PST.

For the first time, you will be able to uncover the characters' backgrounds in their respective single player campaigns.
Also, online battles will open for 1v1 and 2v2 madness!

Git Gud and bring your opponent down by whatever means.
See you in the fray, ancient warriors!

Strikers Edge - h.doucoure

Hello, Esteemed Strikers!

The skill level was off the charts during the Strikers Edge "Beat the dev" beta streams. Here's a highlight of the best plays during the event, some of you were fierce fighters that we struggled to knock down!

Click here to watch these moments of glory

Do you have your own epic plays during the beta to share?
Would you have seen a different ranking for this top 5?

Don’t forget to follow us on social medias too :

Let us know about it, and stay tuned for the incoming release!

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