Jun 22, 2017
Tvori - Dima
We just pushed an update with a full support of Oculus Touch.

If you encounter any problem with Oculus Rift or Touch, please, leave a comment here or write us at hello@tvori.co

May 19, 2017
Tvori - Dima

We've just pushed an update that fixes nasty crashes on loading, saving and when making photos.

Sorry for those!

If you still experience crashes, please, write us here or at hello@tvori.co

Tvori team
May 5, 2017
Tvori - Dima

For this update, we focused on fixing critical problems that most of our early users have encountered. Bugs in object movement, selection, and animation; difficulties in moving on a scene freely, accessing props and tools; inability to save and export video from cameras. We fixed all of those as well as improved most of the inner systems and design.

It became much easier to create scenes and animations. Here's what you can do in Tvori now:

Have a menu with tools and saves accessible from both controllers. The menu is not attached to either of the controllers and can be used with a single hand.
(video — opening the menu and choosing one of the tools there, flipping the menu)

Save and load freely by using saving orbs from the menu. Preview saves by looking inside them. Load example scenes from the first orbs in the menu.
(video — loading and saving process)

Have all the tools close at hand. All the tools spawned from the menu are staying relative to a tracking area, so all of the movements relative to a scene won't affect tools' positions and you won't lose them.

Movement and Scale
Move around, rotate, and scale using controllers. Teleport on surfaces with a human scale.

Scale objects, group them and turn snapping on to be more precise.

Object Shelf
Access props and tools from anywhere on the scene. We replaced shelves attached to the table with a podium-like shelf that is compact enough and near to us at all times.

Video and Photos
Export video from cameras at 1080p up to 120FPS, and photos at 8K resolution.

Animation System
Animate tools' parameters, such as cameras’ fields of views, light projectors’ colors, and so on.

Change the duration for each camera and viewing area. Change recording speed. For example, you can record at 0.25 speed to be more accurate when animating fast paced scenes. Switch between multiple cameras and viewing areas.

Play Area
Place viewers in the needed positions, rotation and scale on a scene during the play.

Palette and Colors
Take any HUE color with a single movement. We took a regular circular digital palette and added a dimension to it making it easier to access HUE colors just by moving the controller in the palette's volume.
Paint props by grabbing a color from a palette and moving it to a prop you want to apply that color.

Have light projectors and bulbs on a scene with adjustable colors, intensity, and size.

Character Animation
Have a rigged character, set poses, animate it in real-time.

What is next for Tvori
We will try to listen more and help people to create great content. For example, many ask for the ability to import and export. Write to us what you want to see in future versions at hello@tvori.co
Community Announcements - Dima
New stuff is available in the testing branch. To switch to the testing branch, right-click on Tvori in your Steam library; select Properties; select the Betas tab; save.

We will try to push it to the default branch soon along with a list of new features and improved functionality.
Community Announcements - Dima

We opened a testing branch of Tvori on Steam. It includes:
  • Ability to save videos from cameras
  • New object shelf for accessing props and tools
  • Viewing areas for setting up viewing positions during the play
  • New type of color palette
  • Improved animation and saving systems
  • Fixed numerous bugs
To switch to the testing branch, right-click on Tvori in your Steam library; select Properties; select the Betas tab; save.

After finishing up the updated things, we are going to release them to the default branch.
Sep 10, 2016
Community Announcements - Dima
We released Tvori on August 25. In the past two weeks, we were dealing with a company formation stuff, getting married, moving to a new office, procrastinating. Now all the non-development things are almost dealt with and we are about to go back on track with the development. We promise to be more responsive and update you with new and improved features.

Here's our development board.

We're just getting started!
Aug 30, 2016
Community Announcements - Dima
Today we've dropped the price about two times in most regions. We weren't very familiar with how Early Access work and haven't put much thought and research while coming up with the initial price. Now we understand that it would have been better to go with a lower price—we still have crucial features to implement and improve to justify the initial price.

If you brought Tvori before the price dropped (August 25—30), please write me at dima@tvori.co and I will try to find a way to make the purchase fair for you.
Community Announcements - Dima
If you have a problem with launching Tvori, please, write me at dima@tvori.co and I will send you an access to an app that hopefully will work on your machine.

People report that Tvori is not listed as VR compatible and is crashing on start. We try to fix that as soon as possible.

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