Tvori - Dima
With this update, we focused on making the saving system more stable. We still do have this annoying window that appears when something is wrong internally in Tvori, but we plan to replace it with a much more subtle UI in the future updates.

We fixed a critical problem in real-time animation recording where it wasn’t really possible to re-write animations correctly.

We fixed and improved several other parts of Tvori. See below:

— Made it possible to re-record real-time animations
— Fixed potential errors when loading models on the scene
— An error that happened after undoing several events that involve using grabbing objects from Object Shelf
— Sometimes loading a scene would cause an error
— Made it possible to select and delete brush strokes without any errors
— Fixed opening a tutorial video when hovering over any part of the camera
— Scale objects gradually when they get off the shelf

— Made the saving system safer. A save shouldn’t rewrite itself if something has happened in the process of saving
— (Steam) Improved the way loading screen shows up
— (Oculus Store) Added loading screen on Oculus
— The way indication of scale appears when scaling with one hand
— Onboarding videos for Oculus
— Switching between different object gizmos (move, scale, rotate)
— The way how logs (a list of messages stating how Tvori is doing, including errors) get saved internally

Tvori - Dima
Locking of objects
When you don't want to constantly grab objects by accident, say a floor or walls inside a building, you can lock them with the locking tool that resides in the main menu (take the locker, navigate to an object and press a trigger with your index finger). It's white for locking and red for unlocking. It should be easier now to animate only those objects, which you have in mind for animation.

Single hand workflow
You can do everything in Tvori with a single hand now—move & scale yourself on a scene, interact with objects and all of the tools. Please, let us know if this particular feature is useful for you and why. We believe that VR should be as accessible as possible and no matter whether one of your hands is tired, if you don't have a hand at all, or want to sip a coffee—you can use Tvori without sacrificing any functionality or in-app abilities using a single hand.

Painting tools
Painting on surfaces is more accurate now. Paint will stick to the actual geometry and not to some invisible rough shape as it was before. We updated the case and the palette so it's easier to grab a needed color.

Tvori - Dima
Poly Upload API. We have a new powerful integration with Poly! You can now publish objects back to Poly all within Tvori. Publishing to Poly is a brand new functionality introduced by Google today. Check this video tutorial to learn how to upload to Poly from Tvori:

And here's a list of improvements we made since the last update:
— Grouped objects and painting strokes now get selection highlights
— Painting strokes got better selection highlight visualization
— Animating several objects at once is possible now
— Jumping to keys with select button on Timeline and Path
— Improved the way how keys get their tweens set
— Fixed exceptions that caused problems with saving
— Showing warning messages when saving is failed
— Hiding Highlighter when an object is held
— Fixed wrong duration of exported videos
— Stability improvements in Poly integration

Here's a video showing how to animate several objects at once:
Tvori - Dima
Poly Import. We made an integration with Poly—a free library of 3D models made in other editing software such as Blocks by Google. You can find a brand new slot on the object shelf dedicated to showing all the objects made with Blocks. You can search for objects and bring them to your scenes. This is how it works:

Windows Mixed Reality. Finally, we have a full support of Windows MR—with the new visualization of controllers and a well-suited button mapping.

Gizmos are improved. It's possible now to duplicate objects while moving, scaling and rotating them with gizmos. Fixed wrong positioning of gizmo controls on duplicated objects.

Keyboard. We have a virtual keyboard now that lets you rename objects on scenes as well as search in Poly library within VR.

Animation. We fixed several annoying bugs and improved functionality related to Animation. In this update we:
— Fix the problem when seams between takes of real-time recordings get incorrect keys that cause sudden stops or wild movements
— Allow recording in real-time when exceeding timeline duration or a play target end time
— Allow animating the root of a puppet in non-fullbody mode
— Allow animating linked objects on a puppet
— Position animation path correctly for animated objects that are linked other objects
— Don't recalculate curve segments that were edited manually
— Differentiate tween modes of keys visually on Timeline
— And made other minor fixes or under the hood changes

Animation Tweens. You can change the way how each individual animated object moves from one key to another—so it could move instantly from point to point, fly linearly or follow a curve. We call it Tween (short for inbetweening). There are three types of tweens: block (instant jump), linear, and curve. You can change tweens through a context menu when selecting a key on Timeline.

Teleport became much more accurate. Now It's possible to teleport on any kind of surfaces.

Camera. Now you can enable and disable post effects on each camera with a toggle on the camera itself or through a context menu. To preview what you will get on a video, make a photo by pressing the button on the top of the camera.

Export. You can export multiple selected objects at once to .OBJ and .FBX formats through a context menu.

Import of large objects became a little bit faster. When you delete an object from the import shelf, the system deletes all of its subfiles too, for example .mtl files of .OBJs.
Jul 13
Tvori - Dima
Hey, here's a bunch of fixes since the last update:

— Reuploaded tutorial videos inside Tvori. Those videos that should appear when you click on (?) icon in VR. The previous update missed the videos.

— Fixed inability to change the size of drawing/painting strokes on Vive.

— Fixed bugs with visualization of the animation path. Now paths should always draw correctly for body parts and parented objects.

— Fixed a bug where it was impossible to set keys for a character root in keyframe animation.

— When recording in real-time, the duration of Timeline increases automatically.

— Time constraints won't affect Timeline playback in the animation record mode.

— Visualization of the field of view of cameras should be less distracting now as it appears only when you're manipulating the field of view slider on the camera.

— Other minor improvements and fixes.
Tvori - Dima
Gizmos. With this update, we introduce new object gizmos. New gizmos will help in moving, rotating, and scaling objects along the axes. Also, the gizmos will help in animation because all the manipulations with gizmos in record mode will be saved as animations.

Video References. We improved video import and made it easier to use videos on scenes as references when animating in key-frame mode.

Context Menu. With improved context menus, now it should be clearer how to set materials to objects. And it's now possible to set a material to the whole selection of objects.

Added a toon-style material.

Timeline. It's easier to change the duration of the timeline now.

Characters. We fixed some of the inconveniences related to character animation: bugs with body parts selection and the size of visual cues.

Sphere selection is more predictable in its selection choice now. It works with the same logic as the regular, one-hand selection.
Animation path. We fixed a bug of collapsing key points in animation paths.

Export to OBJ. Aside from FBX, you can export static objects to OBJ format now.

Cameras. Improved the way how cameras get selected for connecting with the timeline. Now it's possible to visualize Tvori's UI with a camera through the context menu. So you can send us photos of bugs made with virtual cameras :-)

If you want to capture your screen—to make a video about your creative process or stream it to Twitch—with these hotkeys you can set a smooth, high-quality video from your point of view as well as jump between virtual cameras on a scene.
Tvori - Dima
Here's what has been improved:

— Import of videos. You can import videos now! Put videos on scenes and use them as references when animating. Videos are synced with the timeline, so they will play along with your animations.

— Fixed the bug that prevented imported models from loading on the scenes.

— Photos on scenes. Photos made with cameras could be accessed through the import shelf and saved on a scene.

— Undo/Redo buttons. They're now accessible at all times on controllers. To undo Up/Down on Oculus's Stick or Swipe Left/Right on Vive's Touchpad.

— Improved selection when working with grouped objects.

— Context menu. It supports sub-menus now. For example, to change a material, open a context menu (press A/X button on Oculus Touch or Touchpad on Vive), then press Set Material->Unlit.

— Object Linking is improved. To link an object to another object, call the context menu, press and hold on "Link to" button and move the controller a target object.

— Import shelf. Improved the way how files and folders are monitoring and updating.

— The screen is now fading in when something is loading.

— And other minor fixes and improvements.

Animation. In the upcoming updates, we plan to improve the process of animation. We've got a large list with bugs, interface improvements, and functionality requests.

Scene creation. We are working on new functionality and tweaks that are going to make scene creation more comfortable.
Tvori - Dima


With this large update, we introduce a bunch of new features which were requested the most by our users—artists, animators, directors, all kinds of storytellers and fellow believers in Virtual Reality content creation.

Tvori was initially designed and developed to enable anyone to create stories and art in VR, the first version of Tvori released in 2016, following with more major updates in 2017. With a focus on the simplicity and speed of creation, we introduced an intuitive and friendly user interface, where users learn by doing. This simple and direct approach led Tvori to the forefront of real-time animation in VR, giving our users a way to bring characters to life.

Though we will keep pushing to further improve our real-time animation mode, we strive to improve Tvori for multiple workflows, so in addition to real-time animation, we are introducing Keyframe Animation with 3D curves editing. This highly requested feature will give our more advanced users more control over object and character motion, allowing for smooth and precise animation. So, you can now switch between the two modes to suit your personal workflow!

Asset importing was another among the most requested updates by our users. Tvori now supports the import of 3D models, (.OBJ format), images (.jpeg, .png formats), and sounds (.wav, .mp3, .ogg). In the beta build of Tvori, we have added import of FBX and gLTF as well as skinned meshes, allowing you to start the animation of your skinned mesh straight after importing via an auto-rigging system, an update to be released in the near future. You can also record a video inside Tvori by means of our camera system and export 2D video and screenshots.

Another significant update is all about working with sounds—you can import custom sounds and tracks, but what is probably even more exciting for our team is you can now create sounds inside Tvori using a microphone inside a VR headset. Also, you can work with sound on the timeline and in space, creating a draft sound design for a story, or add character voicing during the previz stage in Tvori and replace with final sound in production.

Many of our users asked for customization options when animating their puppets, so we added assets to the internal library to decorate and customize the default puppet. You can now create unique characters by selecting an object from the library or importing any accessory you want. Also, you can now separately color every part of the puppet, or even replace parts of the body with any other object by using the context menu binding tool.

The above two features—working with sound and character customization—enable users to create their stories all within VR without needing to remove the headset, allowing to concentrate on the creation process. Together with the import of custom models, sounds and images, coupled with the ability to replace draft audio recorded in Tvori with the final sound, our users have more freedom than ever before to create unique content in VR!

As Tvori continues to progress, we see the goal of all future updates and enhancements to enable the production process all from within VR—from pre-visualization to a final output, integrating Tvori into the full production pipeline. Tvori can be used at any stage of idea prototyping and further on in combination with modeling tools such as Google Blocks, Masterpiece VR, or Oculus Medium, create finalized content by using those assets with the animation tools of Tvori.

To assist in helping our users become more familiar with the new updates going forward, we launched a tutorial page on our website at You can also play video tutorials inside Tvori when you see a question mark “?” next to an object, and press it with your controller.

We believe that the future it is not far away when any animated story, cartoon or film can be created in VR from the beginning to the end. This is more and more becoming a reality, thus we continue forward on our mission to inspire people to share their ideas, dreams, and stories in VR with Tvori!
Jun 22, 2017
Tvori - Dima
We just pushed an update with a full support of Oculus Touch.

If you encounter any problem with Oculus Rift or Touch, please, leave a comment here or write us at

May 19, 2017
Tvori - Dima

We've just pushed an update that fixes nasty crashes on loading, saving and when making photos.

Sorry for those!

If you still experience crashes, please, write us here or at

Tvori team

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