SCUM - Beda

Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday!

Hope you are all well and have your axes sharpened and your shovels ready. It's been some time now since base building was introduced and we can see some of you have already become quite the architects. So folks time to show your skills as we are making a Base building contest. So get grinding them logs, sandbags, metal scraps and rags. Or just enter godmode in Singleplayer, we all know you will.
Top 3 bases will receive a special prize!

How to enter?
  1. Construct a base
  2. Take screenshots or a video giving us a tour through your base(make it lovely).
  3. Send your material over at
  4. In the email also include a link to your steam profile, and a description of your base.
  5. 1 entry per person only
  6. Any inappropriate material will immediately be disqualified, again we live in a society.
Winners shall be announced on the 25th of October so keep an eye out then.

Good luck!
SCUM - Beda
Hey hey everyone, yeap another Monday another showcase. Why? Well I don't really feel like actually working Mondays so why not. So you already know what it is so let's get it.

Gamepires CM's after a patch is dropped, 2019. colorized.

Pizza time.

Ey yo, where them dragon cheeks at tho?

Nothing witty, it is just pretty. Lyrical mastermind.


Ya'll also here for them leeks?

"What is a French castle doing in Croatia?" "Mind your own business"

Careful of the pitchfork. It killed someone named Beralt... Deralt... Can't remember.

This is, without a doubt, the weirdest AA meeting I ever saw.

Live footage from the office toilet just leaked.

And now for the Q&A. Where my answers are apparently not funny and give no information what so ever. So you know what to expect.

  • Welcome to the party pal!

  • So those people that actually requested it are Russian bots? Or is their opinion less worth than yours? Also only my mom can call me disappointment sir!

  • Yup, weapon and all equipment maintenance is planned in the future.

  • Yeah you could say we are *brings mic closer to the mouth* taking it step by step. *badumtss*

  • Now hold on, the poll for the wipe is to see the general public opinion. We don't execute Order 66 unless it is absolutely unnecessary.

  • Yeah we promised and we are still standing by that promise. But like awkward standing, like that one guy that is not sure if he should be at the party so he is constantly going back and forward should he let go or go home. Yeah that's me. Where was I again?

  • Yeah, as soon as I figure it out IRL I'll let you know about ingame.

  • Yes

  • Spawning BP_Prisoner shouldn't have been allowed in the first place. It is something reserved just for development testing and could break something in the public. So we finally removed that option.

  • Currently there are no such settings in place but we are working on that.

That is it, feel free to yell at me in the comments. I'm running out of content.

"Not drunk not sober" Beda.

SCUM - Sippy
The weekend is here, so we have a patch for you guys. But before we get into the patch notes. Here is a poll that concerns wiping the servers!

Due to recent feedback from the community we have decided to make a poll in order to ask everyone if they would like a wipe. We have fixed all known duplication methods so raiding bases with duped grenades shouldn't be possible after this patch. So vote here if you want, or don't want a wipe

P.S This includes only official servers, NOT private ones.

No, this is not a music competition, but a new way to rob other players!
  • We've added the ability to access the inventory of a captured prisoner. After a player ties the hands of another, they will now have a new option when they right click on them while in interaction mode (inventory open) or after holding F while aiming at them when they are nearby. This option will enable the captor to see what the other player is hiding in their inventory and will allow them to take stuff out, or put stuff in. They can even equip the clothes directly on their victim, so if making your hostages wear weird outfits is your thing, you are free to do so. The captured prisoner's inventory is displayed in the same way as your regular inventory, except the background is tinted slightly red and the hostage's name will be displayed at the top. If you close the inventory screen, or become separated from you victim, the inventory will be switched back to your equipment.

New base build element, so you can climb faster to anything you use stairs for. This is what you need to craft it:
  • Wooden Log - 4 pieces

  • Wooden Plank - 10 pieces

  • Toolbox - 10 uses

And last but not least, we've reworked the admin commands, mostly related to teleportation.

Parameters in <> brackets are mandatory.
Parameters in [] brackets are optional.


  • #teleport <x><y><z> [Player] (if you want to teleport yourself just do #teleport and location)

  • #teleportto <TargetPlayer> [Player]

  • #teleportto3pm [Player]

  • #teleporttome <Player>

  • #teleporttovehicle <ID> [Player]

If you type in any command followed by a "?" it will give you a short description of what the command does.

  • Item in hands now doesn't disappear when picking up a log.

  • Tripled the interval between Drone visits on players.

  • Bound prisoners can no longer vault through windows.

  • Criminal record now shows correct skills percentage.

  • Fix for being able to use admin commands only when containing a bracket beside the user id in admin config.

  • Fixed the issue with non-exploding frag grenades after being thrown.

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't shoot in FP while strafing left or right.

  • Fixed the bug where players could interact with event weapons and cause exploits.

  • Possible fix for health disappearing before oxygen when drowning.

  • Fixed the bug where you could place base elements in enemy flag areas with blueprints being yellow.

  • Fixed the bug where caramel soda had just 1 use instead of 20.

  • Fixed blueprint placement sometimes not working.

  • Fixed crash when killing spawned prisoners.

  • Chest text shouldn't block mouse clicks any more.

  • Fixed the camera offset in FP while climbing ladders.

  • Fixed the bug where you could build palisades on top of base tower roofs.

  • Fixed the bug where equipped weapons being visible while prisoner is invisible.

  • Fixed client crashing when quickly pressing tab after eating from a container.

  • Fixed camera passing through walls when resting on ground.

  • Fix possible crashing when element for sitting is destroyed while someone is sitting on that same element.

  • Possible fix for being able to build base walls on top of each other.

  • Possible fix for snapping base element when floating.

  • Fixed the exploit where burying chest would cause item duping.

  • Fixed the bug where some items wouldn't be properly removed from hands when executing certain actions (e.g. having an apple in hands and trying to carry a log would cause the apple to be in a corrupted state and crash the game)

  • Possible fix for items stacking on each other on the ground when searching zombie corpses instead of being scattered around the searching prisoner.

  • Awareness issues are slowly being fixed, guns shouldn't be visible floating on a player if they are not in viewing range, rework of the quiver is needed for the quiver not being able to be seen.

  • Laying and sitting in rivers and ponds is not possible anymore.

  • Increased durability of shovels. (Not the one that needs to be crafted)

  • Increased durability of shovels. (Only the ones that can't be crafted)

  • Holstered items are now dropped when hands are bound.

  • Prisoners can no longer do gestures when their hands are bound.

  • Increased spawn chance for sewing kits.

  • This round we just have some small optimizations from both the client and server side.
SCUM - Beda
Hey hey everyone, it is Monday and these are starting to be a Monday tradition I guess. So here we go good pictures, bad captions, great questions and horrible answers! As is tradition.

Don't worry Misha, where we are going we don't need roads.

This is Dobrilas rabbit. It will kill you. This was your weekly PSA.

When you finally score a girl but momma always said use protection.

Note to self: don't buy bootlegged Brokeback mountain. Actually do.

Yeah the name... fits.

This little piggy never made it home.

Feeling cute, might jump later, idk.

Must've been a hell of a party.

Charlie Sheen wonderland.

"No really guys bear with me here."(the day I stop making bear puns is the day you can freely shot me in the head.)

Now for the Q&A! As you already know we had an AmA on reddit on Friday. Now we mostly covered them all yet a few slipped through the cracks so lemme answer them real quick. Let's go!

  • Good question. It's a balancing act really. Each suggestion we get first we look at the feedback from the community. Then we discuss among ourselves if we think it fits in what we want the game to be if it fits and it is good we put it on the map if not we discard it. Thankfully most of our community gives back constructive feedback on which we can build and see what is good and what is not.

  • It takes a single plastic bottle 450 years to degrade and what is a bullet compared to the force of mother nature? Alright joking aside this is planned, you can probably expect it around the time weapon maintenance is finished as well. When that is exactly? Yes.

  • 1. Currently no such plans are in order, 64 is the current player count we can have with the best stability. That being said as optimization goes further who knows what the future holds? Keanu Reeves. Keanu knows, won't tell us tho.

  • No and most likely no. As for the first one think of it as having an antivirus on your PC. Installing another one will just make each other hinder themselves and you are left with an infected PC not even that geek you knew from 2nd grade that always dabbed in older computers would touch. As for the second question it is hard to implement. We would have to find people crazy enough to be online on SCUM for 24/7 yet not crazy enough to avoid admin abuse. Mix that up with them being outside of the company and with that hard to control it has written a bad idea all over it.

  • Thanks man! As for the answer, yeah. At one point SP will get it's much needed love.

  • Well there is a mandatory wipe every time you poop my dude. Or don't. Live your life. I'm not your mother.

  • Nothing wrong with learning another language. Might even come useful once WW3 starts. This is a difficult answer since the situation is not that simple. There are legitimate players, players with bad connection that play as well. Those players have lag spikes and are then kicked out of the servers immediately and might loose their progress or even get banned by EAC if we lower it now. But we are constantly monitoring this situation and will see what happens.

  • I'll do you one better. Hear me out: boxes that carry vehicles.

That is all for now folks. As always stay SCUM out there.

"Soon to be old" Beda.
SCUM - Sippy
Before we go into the comic, one huge thanks to everyone who was on our AmA today on our subreddit.

Here you can check out how it was, and maybe you find some of your questions answered!

We are happy to present you the end of our comic...FOR NOW!
Jokes aside, we are taking a break from comics, but we will be back at one point with some new fresh comics!

If you missed any pages you can find a full list here:

And the #28!

SCUM - Sippy
Our Ask me Anything is live!

Drop in and ask questions

SCUM - Sippy

Hello, lovelies!

Tomorrow we won't have a patch as we are getting the next round of optimizations ready. But to compensate (yes we know, it's not even close to a patch) we're gonna have a little AmA with the SCUM dev crew.

So, do you have any questions regarding the game, Gamepires or my aloe vera?
This is your chance!

Tomorrow from 12-2pm GMT+2
SCUM - Sippy

Few changes regarding the drone:

  • Admin drone doesn't have any collision while flying in silent mode. This prevents any random collision with players when teleporting to them.

  • You can now fly through objects (buildings, trees, terrain etc..) with the admin drone.

  • We reworked the admin drone teleports to a player. You should be able to teleport to all players now, not just the ones in 1km radius.

  • Drone visit times have been cut in half. They will visit you less often now.

  • Drone destroyed particle and sound effects should play on all clients now.

  • We also did some overall optimizations of the drones, because lag is history!

  • Fixed the bug with chests disappearing after getting buried.

  • Fixed the bug with sight not disabling zero range change when on rail.

  • Fixed the bug where hair cutting resets hair length.

  • Fixed the bug where blueprint recipes didn't take into account tool needed to finish the blueprint.

  • Improvised tool box doesn't stay in inventory anymore once the usage drops to 0. It gets removed.

  • Fixed the bug where rubber item would not appear in vicinity once dropped on the ground.

  • Fixed the bug where sitting on the floor could cause glitching through the floor.

  • Fixed the bug where MP5 rail would not appear in vicinity once dropped on the ground.

  • Fixed the bug where the metal spear was not visible in vicinity after crafting.

  • Fixed wrong icon for the shovel.

  • Fixed the bug where WW2 bunkers environment produced wrong sounds on interaction.

  • Blueprints that require a tool now can't be finished without it

  • Criminal record now loads skills and attributes better and much more precise.

  • Added .45 cal bullets to crafting list.

  • You can see the compass now over the mini map.

  • Added voice chat loudness slider in menu.

  • You can now disable snapping while placing base elements by holding the left SHIFT key.

  • Some smaller optimizations on both server and client side.
SCUM - Beda
Hello hello everyone, it is Monday and I hope you all had a great weekend. Heard a lot of positive feedback from last patch which is a nice break before we break everything again. Circle of life people! To celebrate this peace time and soften the blow of a Monday we have prepared our world renown Community showcase & QA post for you.(by we I mean Sippy ordered me to)

So without further lollygagging here we go!

Damn those Power Puff Girls

Never thought someone would dress up as me for Halloween. Tnx buddy.

Some sources say you can still hear the band playing.

The person on the other side holds a crossbow. inb4 where crossbows.

Alright this is impressive so this is a 2 for 1 special. The spirit of Travis Pastrana is strong with these guys.

Create a graphic of myself inspired by those Gallic females.

Ride together, die together. Bad boys for life

What part of "he knows when you're awake" did you not understand?

Night of fire!!!!

Rare footage of the Area 51 raid. This is what they don't want you to see.

Alright time for some Questions and my semi-useless answers.

  • I'm sorry but that 12 page essay is very important feedback required for further optimization.

  • It's possible. Now you can name your chest whatever pronoun you desire.

  • I like cheese.

  • Thank you! The team worked hard to get this optimization out glad it worked out. As for the suggestions keep them coming in the forum.

  • I ask myself the same question.

  • Extra thicc.

  • Last update was focused on optimization and the feedback is good. Give it a go and let us know.

  • You didn't say please! No, seriously. The command is now "#destroyallvehicles please" to reduce accidental removals.

  • Well when you have unpacked ammo it's supposed to represent like a messy pile of bullets, while in a magazine they are stacked so it takes less space.

That is all from us for now, stay tuned for future updates.

"I swear I'm not an alcoholic" Beda.

P.S. Due to recent optimizations I made yall this meme and a leek spoiler of what's to come wink wink.

SCUM - Sippy

So in our last development update this is what we said regarding optimizations.
  • We had a bit deeper look into prisoners (your character that you play with) and vehicles. High populated servers should feel the biggest impact as the server will handle bigger player numbers much better now. We saw much fewer FPS drops and big lag spikes. Vehicle physics are lighter now and driving more vehicles at the same time should not present any problems anymore. this is just the start of optimizations as we got still a lot of tricks up our sleeves.

And here are some of the results.
  • The first results of optimizations is reflected on the client and server. From the client side the gameplay experience should be much smoother with more players on the server. From the server side we managed to gain a FPS boost that should result with less lag on servers with more players.

    This is just the first round of optimizations, and you can expect more of those in the future updates. We are not stopping until lag is history. Optimizations priority all the way!

    Keep in mind that results will vary depending on your PC hardware.

    P.S People with slower CPUs and better GPUs should get the biggest FPS bost today.

Hide your spoils! Now you can safely store your chests underground, just don't forget where you put them!

Here a little video that shows how it works!

Also you can name your chests anyway you like!

You wanted more navigation tools, so we started to add them. Welcome your new best friend the compass!

So this is how they work:
  • There are 4 levels of compass items in game. They differ from the amount of information you can read of them.

  • Depending on your survival skill and the type of compass you have will determine how much information you get from them.

  • Just with your survival skill you can have the orientation info that you get from the compass. If your survival skill is lvl 1 you will have the level 1 compass indicator up to level 2, that's the maximum level of information you get without an compass item regardless if your survival skill is above 2.

  • "Then we kinda don't need the compass level 1 and 2 items right?" Well, yes and no. Compass level adds to the survival level.

  • If your survival level is 1 and you have a compass level 1 your compass UI information that you get is level 2. And with this you can go up to level 3 compass information. For level 4 information you need a level 4 compass.

  • Level 1 - You can see just the north (N)
  • Level 2 - You see all 4 sides of the world (N,E,S,W)
  • Level 3 - You see 8 sides of the world (N,E,S,W,NE,SE,SW,NW)
  • Level 4 - You see 8 sides with degrees between them.

A look how the level 4 compass UI looks like.

While we are at navigation we changed the player indicator on the map from the triangle to a red point.

Wouldn't you love to invite your friends to your "Fort Fluff"? Well, now you can put a name on it!

  • We finished up the underground part of the new military base in D4

We did some little rework on our armor vests. Now you have only 3 tiers of vests(gonna add more with time).

Previously vests had varying levels of protection they gave you, they were recognizable by colour, now we have evened out the protection benefit and split them into three categories.

Level 1 - Stabproof Vests (Visual those stayed the same as before)

Level 2 - Military/Police Vests (All the vests that looked them same but had different values)

Level 3 - Armored Vests (Those are new and you can check them out on the pics bellow)

We added 2 more languages to our game!

  • Turkish

  • Korean

  • Fixed the bug where players would become invisible.
  • Fixed the bug where pistols did more damage to armour than rifles.
  • Fixed the bug where killing birds would crash the server.
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit.
  • Fixed improvised bow stand draw animation.
  • Disabled placing base elements on items (fixing placement on barbecue issues)
  • Fixed the bug when sometimes your gear would not disappear after reviving.
  • Fixed the bug where you could autowalk while resting.
  • Fixed the bug when you tried to get up from a toilet in a stall you would get stuck.
  • Fixed the bug where right clicking on an item while resting wouldn't pop up the item menu.
  • Fixed the bug when you would go into prone beside a base wall and you could stand up on the other side of the base wall.
  • Fixed the where screen was not faded when teleporting other players. (Admin related)

  • Improved player teleportation (entering/exiting events, respawning etc..)
  • Improved player corpses
  • Add heavy breathing and heartbeat sounds when burying.
  • Added a camera blend movement between different prisoner height states, it should now make a smooth transition when changing stances that influence camera height.
  • Reduced damage that arrows do to base building elements.
  • Disabled fame point gains from throwing. (Until throwing is fully functional)
  • Blood drop icon will now appear at physical injury phase 2 or higher.
  • Lowered time need to finish urinating.
  • Added command for admins to #destroyallvehicles

Comic time! Number 27 today! That is a nice number, someone give Ivona her raise.

If you missed any pages you can find a full list here:

And the #27!

Sippy "Iggy's future brother-in-law" Sippycup


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