Apr 19, 2017
Maximum Archery The Game - maxappsllc
Singleplayer Updates:

- Increased Bait lure range by 12%.
- Increased Scent Wafer scent reduction by 10%.
- Rewrote Path finding mechanics to allow animals to better track bait and decoys.
- Increased score values for 8 point and higher bucks.
- Fixed mesh texture clipping issues on bucks Frankenstein and Hanger while in line of sight.
- Reduced motion blur range

Multiplayer Updates:
- 2 additional New Multiplayer episodes (Episodes are chosen randomly of the 4 episodes on multiplayer game start)
- Increased multiplayer level episode sizes by 50%
- Increased spawn weight multipliers for all animals by 10% (Animals should spawn faster and allow for quicker games)

- Upcoming -

- All new interactive leader boards with challenge mode.
- Multiple new animals
- New Multiplayer game modes - Co-Op hunting, Ranked Hunting and more.
Feb 6, 2017
Maximum Archery The Game - maxappsllc

-Remastered all levels.
-Increased episode terrain sizes and added more tree stands / ground blinds to the larger episodes (Bears will spawn in an increased amount in these larger episodes).
-New Terrain Environments
-Higher quality mesh textures
-Updated post processing effects

Upcoming V1.0.8
Multiplayer Hunting (Hunt with your friends)
More Animals and episodes to hunt
Dec 24, 2016
Community Announcements - maxappsllc

Bears are here!

- Bears are now in the game, land a large Grizzly Bear for a higher point score. You will not end the round for killing a bear you will still get to land a Buck or Doe.

- Additional Episodes

- Reduced Buck and Doe alert levels by 25%. If you miss completely or shoot a small game animal or Bear you will not scare the Deer immediately anymore.

-Reduced Buck and Doe noise alert levels by 15% while in a ground blind or tree stand.

- Increased Hunter run speed and added ability to jump (space bar), this should help with navigating through the episodes while searching for Shed or setting up.

- Optimization of all model LOD for an approximate 10% performance increase
Nov 23, 2016
Community Announcements - maxappsllc
We have released an emergency update to fix with network connectivity issues.

We apologize for the issues with new users logging in for the first time, all users will receive 250 MaxBux to spend on items/levels/licenses in game for the inconvenience. Everyone should be able to connect to the game once again.

- 3 Network Connectivity fixes
- Network timeout and performance optimization
Nov 6, 2016
Community Announcements - maxappsllc
Version 1.0.4

- Graphic bug fixes from reports - (GPS alignment, Waypoint Location Grid, deer appearing inside trees or the earth)

- Redid the path finding mechanics to better attract to baits and decoys.

- 5 Additional Levels

- In Game Currency Price reduction of key items and licenses (There are still no real cash micro transactions and there never will be)

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