• Fixed bug with flare
  • Fixed bugs with AI Bigfoot
  • Fixed a bug with the network part and the lobby creation
  • Fixed bug with saving
  • Fixed a bug with inventory
  • Fixed bugs with the interface
  • Fixed bug with video before the game
  • Fixed bug with sounds after loading
  • Fixed bug with statistics
  • Landscape correction
  • Reduced Bigfoot speed
  • Reduced trap damage for players
  • Track duration increased
  • Bigfoot damage correction
  • Drone charge increased
  • Fixed bug with video sounds before the game
  • Fixed bug with the sounds of the environment
  • Fixed bug with saving
  • Fixed bug with spawn animals
  • Fixed bug with interaction with objects under water
  • Fixed tree collisions
  • Fixed bugs with Interface
  • Fixed bug with displaying icons on the map after loading
  • Increased the duration of the camp fire
  • Camp fire temperature increased
  • Spawn loot correction
  • Removed ragdoll on mouse wheel
  • Reduced deceleration from water
  • Wolves nerf
  • Bears nerf
  • Bigfoot nerf
  • Added pause in single player
  • Removed holes in the landscape near the cave on Glacier Bay
  • Fixed trajectory of the signal gun rocket
  • Fixed crash and perpetual loading due to shadow settings
  • Fixed Glaser Bay minimap
  • Fixed incorrect temperature calculation
Apr 28

  • Added new map of Ross Lake
  • Added new detalization models
  • Added new item and weapon models
  • Added dynamic weather change
  • Improving vegetation models
  • Improving AI of animals and bigfoot
  • Added cutscenes and backstory
  • Improved system of interaction with objects
  • Added many new sounds
  • Added random events (lightning and falling tree)
  • Statistics at the end of the game
  • Backpacks with loot
  • Search for missing tourists
  • Improved aiming system
  • Added wolves
  • Added bears
  • Effects optimization
  • Texture and material optimization
  • Logic optimization
  • AI optimization
  • Improved game stability
  • Improved graphics settings
  • Fixed crash bugs
  • Fixed bugs with items
  • Fixed bugs with AI
  • Fixed bugs with loading and saving

Please remove the game completely before installing update 3.0.

Dec 31, 2018
Happy holidays to all and thank you for being a part of our Bigfoot community!
Throughout 2018, we felt your support, and also thank you for the positive feedback and constructive criticism. Everyday we are getting tips on improving gameplay, map design and graphics. In our turn, we try to release updates as often as possible and plan to greatly improve the quality of the game.

Our main changes will concern:

Code reliability and reduced network requirements
Creating new maps, improving the design of the winter map
Improving graphics quality and optimization
Improving weather effects
Improving AI and adding predators

A lot of these things have already been implemented and waiting for you in the next big update!


Hi guys.

  • Fixed drone taking bug
  • Network optimization
  • Material optimization
  • AO improved
  • Graphics correction

Here are some screenshots of the next map which is currently at the stage of development.

Thanks for your support and happy halloween!

Oct 15, 2018
  • Fixed bigfoot movement bug.
  • Fixed Camera signal bug.
  • Reworked map in the central lake area.
  • Optimization of materials and vegetation lods.
  • Fixed sound effects sync.
  • Fixed falling under the map bug.
  • Improved combat system Bigfoot.
  • Fixed displaying resolution bug.
  • Fixed bug displaying incorrect icons on the map.
  • Improved map lighting and weather effects.
  • Improved camera freeze effect
  • Now you can charge the desired type of cartridges by clicking on the icon in the inventory
Oct 8, 2018
  • Added the ability to resurrect teammates.
  • Added tracking bullets.
  • Animal movement zones have been added
  • Improved vegetation models.
  • Increased number of loot.
  • Added new locations.
  • Added underwater sound effects.
  • A new model of the house has been added.
  • Added the ability Bigfoot to attack the house.
  • Added the ability Bigfoot to swim.
  • Added a random tree fall event.
  • The animation of the Bigfoot movement is changed.
  • The map was changed, it became more compact and interesting.
  • A stroke of text is added.
  • Gamma setting is added.
  • Motion blur setting is added.
  • Improved signal rocket.
  • Fire damage reduced.
  • Fall damage reduced.
  • Recharging the gun was accelerated.
  • The mini-map has been changed, it has become more practical and
  • Added a pause in a single player game.
  • Added new items
  • - Battery for night vision.
  • - Battery for drone.
  • Changed the model of rocks (there are no problems with stucking)
  • Added pathways for better orientation.
  • 3d person view when character ragdoll.
  • Fixed bugs with a campfire.
  • Fixed bugs with Bigfoot AI.
  • Fixed bugs with animals AI.
  • Fixed bugs interface.
  • Fixed many other bugs)
  • Optimization of AI.
  • Optimization of Lenscap material.
  • Optimization of vegetation.
  • Optimization of water material.
  • Optimization graphics on all settings.
Thank you for supporting our game.
Waiting for your feedback!
Aug 4, 2018
  • Added the ability to search for friends servers.
  • Fixed a bug with a black screen (Start game).
  • Fixed bugs with optimization (The game became more stable).
Aug 3, 2018
  • Game loading fix.
  • Translation fix.
  • Transfer of rifle cartridges fix.
  • Added length limit for the name of the lobby.
  • Fixed bugs with a drone charge.
  • Increased the charge of the drone.
  • Increased the charge of the night vision.
  • Fixed bugs with stones.
  • Fixed bugs with campfire.

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