Oct 10, 2016
CrapsVR - neo750a
Good news everyone! We have another update about to be released here tonight! We are very sorry for the delay. We spent the last four weeks fixing unexpected performance issues and migrated everything to a newer version of Unity. We also had a lot going on the side hindering us but we are happy to release this latest update! Keep in mind, there is only two of us working on this.

October 10th Patch Notes:

*This update was mainly a prelude to getting things ready for multiplayer.*

-We have added six positions to the table. We felt this was a good starting point for right now.
-You are now able to change your position around the table when dice are in. You can do this by selecting the "Change Location" button.
-Updated dice physics once more to give a better feel. This has been an uphill battle for us. We will soon have a way for the player to update the physics to their own liking as well as have other default options.
-Lots of performance and bug fixes.

Again, please let us know what you would like to see in the game and what more we could do to improve your experience. Post your feedback and your questions in the Community Hub.
Aug 28, 2016
CrapsVR - neo750a
August 28th Patch Notes (Released some time today!)

- Handling dice or other objects no longer cause jitter.
- You are able to blow out dice when they are on fire by moving them close to your face.
- We added a cigar and a drink to the table for interaction.
* If you shoot the ashtray, it will reset their positions.
* The cigar can be placed on your face.
- Slight adjustment to dice physics.

Please look forward to our future updates and let us know how you are enjoying the game!
Aug 20, 2016
CrapsVR - neo750a
August 20th Patch Notes:

- Added in detection that will deny the player from putting dice easily over the Throw Dice line. You cheater!
- Fixed the glitch of the backwards laser.
* Occurred when turning the controller on while the game is running.
- Other minor fixes.

We are currently working on updated physics and new table positions.

Again, please leave us any feedback about the overall feel of the game and what you would like to see added! Thank you!
Aug 15, 2016
CrapsVR - neo750a
(Release of patch should happen within a few hours.)
With this latest update, we looked into user feedback and added in a new feature for faster flow of the game. We are also excited about the new environment you will be playing in! No more lonely giant room! We worked on the dice physics more so that they should feel better then before. In the next patch to come, we are thinking of providing the user with more options so they can fine tune the experience to their liking.

Please let us know how this latest build feels along with options you would like us to add to better your experience. We are open to any and all feedback. We are aware of the big things to still add to the game (Multiplayer and other casino games). Right now we want the Craps experience to get to a good spot.

Patch Notes 8/15/2016:

- Updated dice physics.
* Dice feel a lot better then before and it is a constant work in progress.
- Table colliders have been updated.
* Dice should have less issues with not registering on some throws.
- Environment has been updated with new assets.
- "Stickman" quick buttons have been added.
* This will allow the user to quickly rebet/press bet locations.
* We have plans visually for the "Stickman", for now this is the beta.
* Unused "Stickman" buttons disappear after seven throws.
- Adjusted menu positions and sizes.
* We are still looking for a better looking menu system, it will not be like this forever.
- Other minor bug fixes.

Again, please leave us any feedback you can. We are still learning a lot about the Steam interface and other things throughout development of the game with our limited time. Thank you for your patience! It is very appreciated! Please use the games Community Hub-> Discussion page for leaving feedback. I will be checking it periodically.
CrapsVR - neo750a
(Assuming we properly released the latest build, if not let us know lol)

We have updated the game with numerous changes based on feedback from Steam and reddit.com/r/Vive. The patch notes below detail what was changed.

We would like to also say that since this is our first time on Steam, we planned for the release of the game as "Early Access". Some how we missed that on the initial release as we were surprised it did not say "Early Access" on the store page. We do care about your experience with our game and will fix/update to get it to a proper release build that is worth the cost. Again, we would like to thank those that have bought the game thus far and those who have left feedback.

Here are the following patch notes as of August 6, 2016.

- Dice physics have been updated.
- Adjusted lighting placement.
- Adjusted payouts that give proper amount of winnings.
- You are now able to set up your dice before the actual throw.
- Dice now glow when the controller is hovering over them.
- Added more audio voices for payouts and starting the game.
- Added the ability to toggle bets during the come out roll.
* Previously it was defaulted to be OFF.

Please let us know how the game feels with this latest update. Feedback is always appreciated no matter positive or negative.

In the works for later patches:
Visual update (Fuller room and table)
More Craps audio lingo
Tutorial/Tips interface

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