Azulgar Star Commanders - Lusorion Creatives
Everything is taking longer than expected, but we are still here and working.

Azulgar Star Commanders - Lusorion Cratives
Fellow Star Commanders !

This is brief status update on Azulgar : Star Commanders development and its future. We now realize that the game was released on early access a little too soon.

Our software design just wasn't prepared for alot of the content we were trying to push into the game. Most of it is based on old code that was not designed with the final vision in mind. We were running into more and more obstructions and hurdles in the development process because of that. You might have noticed that multiplayer was at first part of the game and then was removed after couple of weeks. But there were and still are some others. We have to recode our core game architecture and it is better to do this kind of thing sooner rather than later. So we decided to do it now. This means that the next update will come no sooner than in 3-4 months. But we are determined and unyielding to bring back the multiplayer and increase the scale of the universe to play in. We also need to rework and redesign some gameplay elements to make creating and flying your own ship designs more fun and purposeful. Azulgar is a long term project with great plans, therefore we need to step into right direction at the beginning. Thank you for your patience, we will keep you posted !

Azulgar Development Team
Azulgar Star Commanders - Lusorion Creatives
Dear players,

Another yeas passed, and we are here again with you. This year, we managed to fulfill many of the plans we have set, a year full of great people, both creation and ideas. Our team has improved as far as it has ever been. We would like to thank you for standing behind us and believing in our work. By next year we are planning new updates to Azulgar but also other attractions that you can look forward to.

Wishing all the best for Lusorion Creatives and Azulgar - Alexandr Szeiner and Tomáš Pšenička
Azulgar Star Commanders - Bc.hajnisjebuch VŠB
Christmas time has come and you will soon be unpacking your presents. We have one for you. We have carefully listened to your views and suggestions, which eventually crystallized our new update. Let's look at it in more detail.

Let’s get bigger!

0.209 is the first of a series of major updates that will increase over the next year and will fundamentally change your Azulgar game experience. As we have already outlined, your suggestions have created a new ship control that will completely change your flying and dueling experience. And where else can you enjoy a new way of flying than in a new and larger map of the star system. This map will contain new locations, nebulae or hidden places and it is up to you to explore it.

Do you wanna build?

We are also pleased to introduce our own station construction system where you can build modules and build your future fleet. This system of construction is the first iteration that, in time allow for the automatic construction of the internal areas of the stations.

Better visuals

And as programmers and graphic artists do not crave and prepare for you new, fully-textured models of stations, asteroids and other features that will again improve the overall impression of the game. See it for yourself.


Because we have large czech and chinese fanbase, we decided to add a new languages, so beside English you can now enjoy the Czech and Chinese translation.

Update list
Build 0.209 Release notes + fixes
- 4K resolution fixed
- All modules resized
- Added new ship structures
- Singleplayer map redesigned
- Added new asteroid models
- Inventory tooltip for items
- Enemy spawn zones added
- Shield don’t bounce other ships on collision
- Added ship collection in Main Menu
- Network synchronization fixed
- File Stream security updated
- Every Azulgar file is monitored and contains version number
- New spawn system with spawn points!
- New danger zones
- New dynamic ship handling

Our team has a lot of work ahead of us, we are already working on further improvements and additions.
We hope you enjoy the new update and Azulgar will make your holidays even more enjoyable.

Merry Christmas to You

Your Azulgar team

Azulgar Star Commanders - Tomas Psenicka

1) Go EVA out of your ship
2) Enter enemy ship or station and take it by brute force
3) Kill its crew or incapacitate them
4) Interrogate them for information and gain research points
5) Loot the ship
6) Make the ship a part of your fleet or destroy it
7) Choose between lethal and non lethal weapons
8) Get some melee weapons to get close and personal
9) Choose multiple ways to enter the ship
10) Blow its doors
11) Hack the doorways
12) Sneak through ventilators
13) Explore derelict stations and find out what happened on them
14) Battle the morrid infected crew and steal its secrets

Azulgar Star Commanders - Tomas Psenicka

Hello guys,

we have been holding this information for some time because we did not know whether it would really work in our game / code. No we are sure. We are working on and EVA First person mode where you will be able to walk on stations, ships, exit your ships and use just your space armour to fly around. You wil be able to board enemy vessels and engage with the crew in order to overtake control of the vessels thus giving you some good loot. You will have a choice of either kiling the enemy crew or take them hostage for interogation and possible slavery. Same goes with Stations. You will be able to fully customize the interiors of your stations and do some cosmetic additiions to your ship interiors. The FPS mode will be handled in classsical point and shoot style. There will be a variety of ways how to capture enemy ships be it hacking and obtaining valuable research data, using the vents on stations for a sneaky approach or just blast your way through airlocks and bring mayhem. Much more information will come soon with videos of the fps mode, shooting mechanics etc. We are so proud that we will be able to bring you this into the game. We think it will give it a completely different level! :)
Here is a WIP picture of a gunship interior.

Your Azulgar Team

Azulgar Star Commanders - Xavier Wulf
Let us first give you a huge thanks for supporting us! The sales of the game are going really well and people are already starting to talk about LOA and giving us tips for improvements!

We have added the first iteration of crafting into the game. Along with that we have added a basic survival progression and ingame ship editing. Now you will be able to craft various parts for your ships and upgrade them to face the harsh space, repair your ships and significantly change your ships appearance and functionality.

Crafting parts in your base is now handled by farming for asteroids and breaking them down to materials in the base. From these materials you will choose which components to craft and distribute them to machinery in your base. Upgrading your base with factories specialising in making different components is coming too.

Anything in the game will be craftable and everything that you will see will be salvageable. If you choose not to craft there will always be the possibility of just looting, pillaging or doing missions for money that can be used to buy everything up to ships and whole bases.

We have added a base inventory where you will store the items that you have crafted and where your materials will be stored. In the next few updates we will also create a ship inventory where you will be able to store loot that you will find in space.

Additionally when you press "R" you will target your enemy and teh convergence will set for you automatically dramatically improving your aiming.

Please remember that this is the very first iteration of both of our crafting and survival systems. It still has many features unfinished and others might still be bugged. In the near future you will be able to upgrade and build your bases anywhere you want and you will have to defend them against hordes of incoming enemies attacking you in special world events such as Plague of Azulgar. You will also begin with nothing and build everything from scratch. This will be the time when a different dimension is blending into ours and many horrors are coming out of the chasm.

Traders and trade routes are coming. In the next few weeks/ days we will also significantly upgrade the map and give you more areas to explore. Earth and moon is coming, Jupiter and Saturn together with more hostile and friendly bases are to be implemented.

Base management with Crew assignments is coming too. Food distribution, water and waste disposal are things that you will have to take care of too should your base run smoothly.

For the moment we have temporarily disabled online coop mode because of some technical issues that rendered the game unplayable in many circumstances. We will re-enable it in one of the upcoming builds once the technical issues will be resolved. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Many more features are coming. We have already written some things about the upcoming features in the development roadmap. Its a long read but if you are interested its here:

  • Crafting system added - press “i” when you are in hangar
  • Base inventory added
  • Mineable asteroids added
  • Ingame ship editor added - press “G” when you are in hangar or access it
  • from hangar menu by pressing “i”
  • Starting ships added choose which ship class you want on the beginning of the game
  • A lot of new sounds added
  • New areas added to world
  • Logbook added
  • Quest branching added
  • Tutorial tasks added to coop
  • New models added to world
  • Key Binding fully supported for current game controls
  • Automatic aiming convergence added by default
  • Targeting now works by pressing R on any ship by default

  • Naval gun dispersion decreased
  • Updated ship editor
  • Fixed many bugs in both editors
  • Camera smoothing implemented
  • Fixed sync in MP
  • Morrid movement fix
  • Sounds of weapons and engines updated
  • Starting base now looks better

Your “LOA” Team
Azulgar Star Commanders - Tomas Psenicka
Hello guys!

We would like to thank you for your support!! A sound number of copies of the game have been bought and distributed. In this update we have added a hook that will be one of the core features of the game. You can access the hook by pressing the “F” button. You can drag some asteroids and in the future you will use the hook to drag mineable asteroids to your base. You can also use to hook to connect yourself to other ships and any objects in the game :). Another reason why we implemented the hook is that in the future you will be able to drag just about anything that you will find in space. Be it scrap, crashed ships or parts of old bases. In the meantime we are hard at work on bringing you the crafting and strategic resource distribution part of the game. Crew both on stations and on ships will play a very important role in your success. I will release some notes on crafting and crew management in the following days. Please stay tuned for a new cool weapon!

Mines activation radius changed from 300 to 500 units
Grappling Hook [basics]
Grappling Hook is able to catch any Entity
Grappling Hook is able to catch asteroids
Grappling Hook Sync in MP
Added basic Trader Entity
Map updated with new environmentals and enemies
Updated Quests & Tasks
Hookable asteroids added
Azulgar Star Commanders - Tomas Psenicka
Hello guys!

Here are some more additions and fixes for you. As always we are hard at work here and really appreciating your support and positive reviews!! We added a new area to the map and by popular demand we also added some basic keybinding options. Quests are updated and we added a boss to the first area.

- Weapon icons definitely fixed & API optimalized
- Morrid movement fixed
- AI jerky movement & rotation updated
- Missile is no longer one shot kill
- Partial key-binding implemented
- Singleplayer/coop new location added
- Singleplayer/coop main mission subtask added
- Options menu style updated

We are holding off our space hook and travelling traders for now because we encountered some unexpected issues and they will hopefully come in the next update. Travelling traders will be added because we want to make the universe a lot more lively. They will go around and trade in bases around the sector. You will be able to either choose to help them, become of them or just plain rob them, in which case you will be flagged a pirate. Stay tuned for more updates!

We will soon hit you guys with some more news on crafting and game progression.

Your "LOA Team"
Azulgar Star Commanders - Tomas Psenicka
Here is another update for Legends of Azulgar that features some fixes and is a preparation for a bigger update that is coming tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will hit you with some more exciting new features a bigger map, more missions and enemies and a hook that you can use to drag asteroids with. All that in preparation for what is coming in the persistent and big survival campaign.

Please stay tuned and as always thank you millions for your support!

List of fixes and additions:

Updated Quest System
Updated Menu Style
Updated Matchmaking
Updated Editors Logic
Updated Editors GUI Style
Added New Tasks
Fixed Networking Sync
Fixed issue with Dedicated servers not running
Quest log updated
Missiles no longer aim for the Ship Base Module
Duplicating ammo after death fixed
Destroyed weapons indicated by the red weapon icon
New Mine field added to singleplayer
Respawn position is now dynamic
Lootbox size increased for better looting
Miniguns and Machine guns damage 2x increased

Morrids to come fixed tomorrow...
And much more.....

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