Firefight - Sean O
I've made the map editor for Firefight freely available, and you can download it from:

It's a Windows app, and I'll work on some instructions for it which I'll post soon.

At the moment you wouldn't be able to use a map you created from scratch in the game itself unless you name it the same 4 letter code as an existing one. If there's a lot of demand for creating and playing custom made maps I'll figure out an interface in the game for selecting custom maps.
Aug 23, 2016
Firefight - Sean O
I've just uploaded the first update to Firefight. The big change is that at the end of a mission you get a summary dialog box appearing which lets you know your performance and you get a rating of how well you did from zero to three stars.

There are lots of other new features too like you can click on a radio message and the screen will jump to where that action occurred, the mouse cursor shows the height of the terrain underneath it, when you tell a squad to fire the mouse cursor shows the distance to the target and mortars show where they are currently doing a fire mission at.

There was also a bad bug which meant that enemy tanks and anti-tank guns sometimes could know where your tanks were if you tried sneaking around their flanks, and could turn to face you. It should be much easier now to sneak around the enemy and catch them unawares.
Train Simulator 2019 - (Tim Stone)

In the alphabetical news round-up waiting like a pre-pounce puma beyond the break ‘A’ is more likely to be for ‘airship’ or ‘angry house’ than ‘apple’. Stripy ungulates probably won’t feature in the entry for ‘Z’ but simulated Bf 110s or Mitsubishi A5Ms might. If you’ve an eye for a shapely engine nacelle or a finely chiselled turret if you’ve an interest in the bloodier bits of history – I guarantee your curiosity will be piqued by something> in the 26-compartment specimen drawer below. … [visit site to read more]

Firefight - (Tim Stone)

Firefight at its best: You’ve moved Squad 4’s stretchable/rotatable destination bar to the house at the end of the road and now you’re zoomed in, studying them intently as they advance towards their goal. Without prompting, your men shun the centre of the street, opting to hug walls and shelter in doorways as they move. When an undetected MG34 opens up, the only casualty is Sgt Pierce. Shot in the right foot he yells for a medic. Almost immediately a tiny khaki soldier sprite diverts, rushing to the wounded man’s aid…> … [visit site to read more]


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