I Am The Hero - Crazyant
Bug fixed:
1, Black Boss won't block any player's attack in workshop-fight.
2, "Press Up To Enter" tip won't show a blink glitch.

We added full Russian Localization support.
Special thanks to NADSAT For Russian Localization

Hope you enjoy the game.
I Am The Hero - Crazyant
Very sorry about this BUG,And if there is any problem about Workshop-Fighting mode,just let me konw,we will fix it ASAP.

Sorry again!
I Am The Hero - Crazyant

Hi Everyone

We are excited to release a new version, which includes:

1, Multiplayer Chaos-Fighting! Choose your favorite character to go fighting for the ladder leader-board !

2, Special Challenge: Fight one-on-one with an elite enemy. See how long it takes you to get him down.

3, More wider controller support, and improved the experience of the controller axis.

4, Fixes some online stability bugs.

I Am The Hero - Crazyant
First of all , everyone can cast Critical Attack now !

And some of them have learned a few more new moves , and there will be more in the future. Okay, enough introduction, Let's fight !

We have also improved the online mechanism, for the preparation of the up coming chaos-fighting mode.

I Am The Hero - Crazyant

All characters have EX-Skill now!!

Hope you like it.

We also add the PS4 controller support, as well as some minor improvements.

Next, we'll start working on a new online game mode. Coming soon~~
I Am The Hero - Crazyant
Happy New Year!

The holiday is over. Come back to work!

We have just released a patch version that fixes some of the current issues, as follows:

  • optimize the performance of the game, significantly reducing the memory footprint of the game. Now even in the very high waves of workshop-fight the game won't stuck.

  • Solved the issue that the sound will disappear after running for a period of time.

The content update is in development, can't wait to see you guys ~!

I Am The Hero - Crazyant
Thank you for all your supports and feedback ! We've just released a small patch which fixes:

  • Player became black when changing resolution in some cases.
  • In Linux/SteamOS , the game sometimes got stuck in loading screen or hero's guide.

We've also integrated some feedback from the community and made some discussions on the future features of <I Am The Hero>.

We'll release the new content patch in a period of time after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Thanks again for all your supports!
Happy Chinese New Year to you all !!ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː
新年快乐,鸡年大吉 !!!
Jan 23, 2017
I Am The Hero - Crazyant

  • Fixed the bug that player could not move after death in some cases.
  • Fixed the bug when you changing the language, some text are in Chinese instead English.
  • Fixed the bug when first using charge in the game, the direction is always →.

Thanks for all your support and tolerance !
Jan 20, 2017
I Am The Hero - Crazyant
  • Trying to fix some windows launching problem.
  • Improved die-checking logic of character so we may not see some "standing corpse" in the Online Workshop-Fighting.
  • The enemies will rush to the fight more quickly on Work-shop Fighting
  • Some inner improvements on program logic for the upcoming content update.

Thanks for all your support and feedback. Have a nice day!
Jan 19, 2017
I Am The Hero - Crazyant
BUG Fix:
  • Left/Right command is no longer reversed in control remapping panel.
  • The intensity of background music will change as wave goes on when you're joining others' Work-Shop Fight host.
  • Doing some code works on audio, to prevent them from disappearing.

  • Slightly adjusted the difficulty of some levels.

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