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Hey everybody this Saturday the 28th will be teaming up with Replay Lansing! We'll be there from 4-8 PM demoing Rogues and giving away some free shirts, tote bags, and running giveaways for the game! If you're in the Lansing area stop by and chat with us a bit or check us out on the live stream we'll be running during the event! See you there!

Facebook Event Page
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Hey Everybody!

We hope you've all been enjoying adventuring in Arventous so far! You may have noticed earlier today we pushed a small update. This update fixes bugs that we're discovered by the community.

Bug fixes include:
  • Personal Totem functions properly
  • Collider tweaks to make a mechanic in the final boss more clear
  • Fix for mashing recall and having coop player walk into room locking the players out of a room
  • Fixed a bug where player who sacrificed health would be invincible in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug where respawning player did not have iFrames and could be killed instantly
  • Fixed a bug where if P2 broke a breakable, it would turn into a puddle if P1 was far away (it would lack explosion force)

As always you can get in touch with us on our Discord server HERE or on the Steam forums.

Thanks for playing and if you've been enjoying the game so far please consider writing a positive review for Rogues here on Steam, they really help us out!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
The 1.0 version of Rogues Like Us has just launched!

With it comes local co-op, the final boss, and numerous other enhancements.

If you want to get in touch with us stop by the steam forums or check out our new Discord server!

Thank you all for joining us on this journy, we're so excited to see what you think of the game and we wish you luck on your adventure to save Recluse!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Hey everybody,

I wanted to give a small update on how things are going before we launch tomorrow. Currently we are hard at work fixing bugs and polishing the game as much as we can. The current plan is to release Rogues around 3:00 PM EST tomorrow.

We'll be monitoring how things go (personally I'll be checking out some Twitch streams) and making notes on any bugs or quirks that may have snuck through that we can fix or provide additional polish for in a post release patch.

You can get in touch with us over in the Steam forums, our Facebook, Twitter, and most recently our Discord.

And if you haven't seen it already, we released our launch trailer yesterday! You can check that out HERE

In addition to all of that, we've just been approved to add Steam Trading Cards to Rogues Like Us! Along with the cards Rogues will be recieving it's own set of Badges, Profile Backgrounds, and Emoticons!

We're very excited to see what you all think of the release version! It's been a wild few years bringing Rogues to life and we want to thank you all for sticking with us!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
The Release Date

Hello everybody,

All of us at oddByte are excited to announce that Rogues Like Us will be launching on May 11th, 2018. That’s right Rogues Like Us will have its 1.0 release next month! So get hyped and grab a friend because….

Local Co-op

By far the most requested feature we’ve had during the development of Rogues Like Us has been co-op. So today we’re happy to announce that you will be able to adventure with one other friend in couch co-op madness! Player 2 will have all of the abilities that Player 1 has, including being able to equip armor and customize it with dyes.

Patch Preview

In addition to those announcements we’d like to give you all a preview of some of the things you can expect in our 1.0 patch.

  • The final boss
  • 3 new enemies, 1 unique to each path
  • An intro cinematic
  • Discover how the Arventian Crisis began by collecting pages from a long lost journal
  • New music for the mountain path
  • Additional balance tweaks
  • The ability to purchase specific loot chests in Recluse with a new in-game currency
  • Updates to the southern part of Recluse to include the new loot chest salesman and to make it easier to navigate
  • The Weapon Wednesday lore being viewable in game at the weapon storeroom
  • Various typo corrections and bug fixes

I also need to mention that we must wipe everyone’s data on launch day. This has to be done to include co-op, rebalance aspects of the game, prevent bugs, preserve the game’s intended progression, and fix some other small issues.

As always, thank you for all of your support! We’re in the final stretch now and we can’t wait to see what you think of the final game!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
We now have a discord channel for Rogues Like Us! We have channels for feedback, speedrunning, screenshots and more. Stop by if you ever want to chat with other players or the devs!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
We now have a discord channel for Rogues Like Us! We have channels for feedback, speedrunning, screenshots and more. Stop by if you ever want to chat with other players or the devs!
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Hey Everybody,

Today we dropped a patch adding in the long requested feature to remap your controls!

You can find the remapper under Controls in the Settings menu.

Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
Balance updates

Construct Distribution
  • When starting the game you will now initially only encounter Normal (green) Constructs until you clear the forest zones. When the coastal portal has opened, Enhanced (blue) Constructs will begin to appear in the forest zones and beyond, the same will happen with Elite (red) Constructs when you clear the coastal zones. We think this will provide a better difficulty curve as well as keep the game fresh and more interesting the more new players progress. For players that have already unlocked both tracks you will notice a more varied mix of enemies earlier on in each run. You will also encounter more (quantity) Enhanced Constructs in the coastal zones and Elite Constructs in the mountain zones.

Enemy Changes
  • Rebalanced enemy health
  • Enhanced Slimes now fling their spike balls toward the player
  • Enhanced Chargers spawn less spike balls in their trail
  • Changed spike ball spread for Enhanced Automatons
  • Elite Slimes fire their bullets toward the player
  • Elite Slimes are now the same size as other slimes
  • Elite Chargers now fire their bullets before charging
  • Elite Floaters now fire 4 shots instead of 8, their shot angle changes each shot

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug preventing doors from opening after dying to “The Challenger” shrine
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a soft lock when speaking to Guardsman Ned
  • Fixed a bug preventing dungeon wanderer npc buffs from carrying over to the next zone.
  • Fixed a bug with the Colossal Deathbloom and Ghastly Lurker where they would become unkillable.

  • Lootboxes now take the number of items available into account when rolling for lootbox type when dropped.

  • The artwork for Recluse has been updated.
  • New attack animations for Normal and Enhanced Automatons
  • New art for Normal Automatons
  • New art for the loot station
  • Coastal and mountain plants appear around the starting portal when their respective areas have been unlocked

  • New temporary audio for the “Decrepit Foundry” Boss
  • Menu sound effects reimplemented

  • When defeating a boss or Challenger shrine without getting hit, you will receive a “Perfect!” notification in the top right of the screen.
  • Updated armor select tutorial to properly represent its new functionality
  • Updated art for burning effects
  • Various dialogue tweaks
  • Edited armor buff tooltips for cohesiveness
Rogues Like Us - MR TATERS
This week's trivia questions go live at 2:00 PM EST with another 3 chances to win Rogues for free! Check out our twitter for more details.

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