Quarantine - Darqflame
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Quarantine - Darqflame
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Quarantine - Darqflame
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Quarantine - Darqflame
Find the cure and save the world for 50% off today!


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Quarantine - Quarantine

Our community and what they do in Quarantine means the world to us. Make sure you hit up our Steam Workshop Wiki to find out how you can make Quarantine even more unique than it is now. Be sure to hit us up with any questions or your creations!
Quarantine - Quarantine

Have you taken to Quarantine to create new scenarios that are ripe to be tackled? Let us know what you've come up with! Share your screenshots and we might feature them on our social media channels!
Quarantine - Quarantine

To celebrate coming out of Early Access, we're putting Quarantine on sale for a limited time! Take 40% off now!
Quarantine - Quarantine


505 Games and Sproing Games are happy to announce that Quarantine, the real-time strategy game that pits you against global outbreaks of disease, has exited Early Access and is available NOW on Steam! With a host of new features, the time is right to take the Director’s chair and get to work!

Our community has played an integral role in shaping what Quarantine has become during the Early Access period. We said from the outset that we were focused on moving the genre forward and, with your support and input, have been able to shape a truly unique experience.

For new Directors, your time to take the lead in the battle against global outbreaks is now! Be sure to visit our forums to talk with other Directors and share strategies! For those that have been here since day 1, we thank you for your input and dedication, and are happy to share the following new features with you.

- New scenario: Fungus – this scenario will see our Directors take a whole new approach to battling an unknown disease.

- Steam Workshop - Name your disease and events!

- Operative base spawning: Choose where you start battling the disease after the outbreak has made its first move.

Directions for the Steam Workshop support can be found on the official Quarantine Wiki.

May 23, 2017
Quarantine - Quarantine

Get ready to take on Quarantine in new, challenging ways soon! We'll be adding new content and implementing Steam Workshop to make sure you get the most out of Quarantine!
Quarantine - Quarantine

Directors! It's our biggest week yet as Quarantine moves into an exciting realm with a host of new features! Looking for more content and a creative outlet we know you'll love? Be sure to keep your eyes on our announcement board and forums this week!

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