Community Announcements - Az
An early build of the a mission has been released to gather feedback from players.

Guide a cargoship on a dangerous mission from Earth to Saturn through asteroid fields and past enemy weapon platforms.
Manage your ship's shields, weapons and engine power and keep your cargo intact.

Tips and instructions on how to play the mission:
  • When the ship is ready after leaving the shipyard, push your controller's trackpad to engage engines.
  • Swipe your thumb across the trackpad to shift power between shields, weapons and engines.
  • To aim a turret at an enemy, select the turret with the trigger. Hold the trigger down and move your controller to point towards an enemy. When you feel the controller rumble, you can release the trigger. The turret will lock on and automatically fire when in range. Once you have selected a turret, you do not need to keep your hand over the turret. Move your hand as you like to target enemies. (known bug: sometimes the laser pointer will not display. This is a known UE4 issue and is a high priority)
  • Turrets are blue when inactive, yellow when currently selected and green when locked on to a target
  • If a turret or shield is disabled, diverting power to that system will speed up repairs
  • Asteroids permanently disable turrets and shields, so watch out for them

As this is an early build so I can gather feedback so you will likely encounter bugs along the way. Please report any issues on the PlanetFate website or in the community forum.

Thank you to everybody who has supported PlanetFate in these early days! There is a lot more to come and your positive feedback makes this all worthwhile.
Community Announcements - Aaron Matthies
A minor update now adds an Easy mode for new players to get a feel for the game before tackling the more challenging modes.

In Easy mode asteroids spawn much further away which gives you far more time to plan and respond. As you play the difficulty increases but at a much slower rate than the other modes. If you have difficulty in the Normal mode, give the new Easy mode a try.

Other improvements in this update:
  • Improved haptics
  • Improved textures
  • Minor bug fixes

If you experience any issues or would like to share your thoughts on the game, please fill out this short survey. Your feedback will be used to improve PlanetFate.

Thank you to everybody for providing feedback and leaving thoughtful reviews. Keep an eye out for updates for the an upcoming mission that will put your skills to the test.
Community Announcements - Aaron Matthies
The current game modes in PlanetFate are only a small slice of the vision for the final game.

Here's a glimpse of an upcoming mission to show that there's a lot more to come.

Jun 7, 2016
Community Announcements - Aaron Matthies
A very small update has just been released for some minor bug fixes and improvements.

Changes worth mentioning:
  • Better asteroid spawning: asteroids should no longer pop in at close distance from planet.
  • Interaction with planet fragments: if the planet is destroyed, take out your frustration on the remaining planet fragments with your controllers :)

Thanks to user 'UnReasonAble' and everybody else for providing feedback so far.
Community Announcements - Aaron Matthies
PlanetFate will start it's life in Early Access with a focus on two arcade game modes: Endless and Time Challenge.

Over the next few months the game will grow as more game modes are added as well as general improvements.

The game as released today is only a small part of the end goal of PlanetFate. I'm working hard on creating missions and longer game modes and will share progress along the way.

Thank you in advance to everybody who supports PlanetFate while it is in Early Access. Your support will help shape and grow this game.


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