Arelite Core - Dragon Slumber

We've just released HORSE ARMOR DLC, bringing new found security to the heroes of ARELITE CORE, by providing exactly what it promises: horse armor. Become more than a man (or a woman, or a madox, or a holarii), become a half-horse hero as you don the legendary garment. None shall dare even question your heroism once you have taken (half) the form of a mighty steed.
Arelite Core - Dragon Slumber

Hey everyone!

Today I'm proud to announce a new chapter in the Arelite Core saga with "Lleana's Journey", a free update available now.

Lleana's journey is set during the main campaign, showcasing Lleana's travels while away from Karden. Discover, new locations, characters and monsters as the spacii must find her way back to her friends. Facing numerous challenges on her own, it's up to you to help her rise against adversity.

And as a bonus, this update also includes "grind mode", which can be selected when starting a new game, for either the main campaign or Lleana's journey. Grind mode increases the difficulty of the game by making monsters stronger and increasing their numbers.

  • A whole new adventure starring Lleana the spacii
  • New ally joining Lleana in battle
  • Conquer over a dozen new monsters
  • Overcome three new terrifying bosses
  • Forge your legacy with grind mode

It's been a longer road getting this together than expected, but I hope you will all enjoy Lleana's Journey! And as always please let me know what you think either through reviews or directly by Twitter, Facebook or Twitch.
Jul 15, 2017
Arelite Core - Dragon Slumber
Hey everyone!

After the summer sale, a number of you have reported some bugs with the game, so I'm happy to announce that v1.05 is now alive which addresses most of these. That includes:

  • Problematic location when returning to Peletier's cavern
  • Problematic location when returning to Oda Castle.
  • Naming errors in the script
  • Description error in the bestiary
  • Problem when teleporting from Upper Lahriah using the spacii there
  • Issues with some dynamite placements
  • Rieper healing a dead Jean

Other issues may have been solved as well, but if you guys encounter more issues, please let me know, I am ever vigilant.

I'm also sorry to announce that the free DLC I had planned for Arelite Core will likely be delayed to October. Progress has been moving forward though and I'm confident the extra bit of story as well as the colosseum mode will be really fun.

In the meantime, hope you're enjoying Arelite Core, and I look forward to seeing someone defeat the secret boss!
Arelite Core - Dragon Slumber
Following reports that some users were losing save data, a new update has been posted which should address this issue. I am very sorry for everyone who lost their games as a result of the previous patch, please let me know about it and I will be able to provide a new save game which will put you back up to speed.

Thank you.
Arelite Core - Dragon Slumber
Hey everyone, I hope you've been enjoying Arelite Core. I got news that you guys encountered a few bugs, I'm very sorry about that and I hope that this patch will cover everything:

Patch notes

  • Solved a crash when trying to save after navigating the menu
  • Solved a piece of ore that crashes the game when forged
  • Solved a break in the second desert town where you could roam out of bounds and crash the game
  • Various grammar and spelling mistakes

Free DLC news
Work has started on the free DLC I'm working on. I'm hoping to launch it this summer and will include quite a few additions to the game. this includes:

Hard mode
I felt that the game was a little too easy, so I decided to add a more difficult hard mode, which will increase health and damage from enemies, and increase the probability of stronger moves. There may be other changes as well, that's to be determined.

Colosseum mode
Colosseum mode contains two sub modes. In challenge, you try to overcome a series of preset combat challenges with some modifiers. For instance, one challenge pits Aurek against Rakniff, but only combo crash moves deal damage.

An additional piece of story will be added to the game, as a separate entry so you will not have to replay through the game to reach it. It will follow Lleana and Baeme and should be about 2-3 hours of gameplay.

As a reminder, a good amount of Arelite Core's development is being done while streaming on Twitch, if you want to join in and say hello:

Stay tuned, Arelite Core is not done yet!
Community Announcements - Dragon Slumber
To celebrate the release of Arelite Core, Hugh Holton, the composer for the game, has made the soundtrack available on Bandcamp! This includes over 30 tracks created specifically for the game. If you are a fan of the 16-bit era, you will not want to miss this.

You can check it out today by going to

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