Oct 28, 2016
The Impossible Travel Agency - John Scott Tynes
To celebrate our new Halloween update, The Impossible Travel Agency is now available for $2.99 through November 1st.

ITA is a great intro to VR for new users. If you know someone who just got a headset recently, $2.99 makes ITA a great gift!

And from all of us at Holospark, a very Happy Halloween to you all. BOO! ːsteamhappyː
Oct 17, 2016
The Impossible Travel Agency - John Scott Tynes
With the coming of autumn, things have changed in our favorite travel destination. Enjoy a special Halloween version of our experience with the free update now available for The Impossible Travel Agency!

This alternate experience features new music performed by a thrilling virtual orchestra producing the most immersive musical soundscape ever heard in virtual reality. Each instrument is positioned across the landscape, placing you directly in the heart of the orchestra for a sound only conductors and musicians ever get to hear. Enjoy our new arrangement of Rachmaninoff's “Isle of the Dead” as a spooky accompaniment to this diabolical journey.
The Impossible Travel Agency - John Scott Tynes
Hi folks,

We have a new release of ITA to share with you and it's live on Steam now. This update includes a lot of performance improvements so it works better on minspec VR rigs. We also fixed a lot of minor art bugs.

We are working on another ITA update with more content. It's pretty cool and we can't wait to share it with you. It's coming in October.

Thanks for checking out our project!

Happy Travels,

The Impossible Travel Agency - John Scott Tynes
We appreciate you checking out our project! And we hope that ITA becomes one of your go-to experiences for introducing friends and family to the worlds of VR.

The folks at UploadVR.com gave us a really great write-up. If you'd like to know more about where we're coming from with this project, please take a look. It's a good read.


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