Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H
Our apologies for the launch issues currently affecting both US and non-US players; we are working diligently to fix the issue. Patch notes about the new update will be discussed soon!

Best regards,

Michael L. "hamtaro-1H" Fiorentino Gutierrez
Founder & Lead Game Designer, Lorenzo Games ( http://LorenzoEnt.com )
Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H

* Select 'Play Online' to play in our new dedicated server with friends and foes!

* Various gameplay fixes

* New volumetric fog implemented

* Various lighting fixes

* New graphics options available (from main menu)

* Several additional basebuilding pieces implemented
Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H
* Base building introduced (working better on single player than multiplayer - addressing this issue currently)

- Drag your base building pieces onto the hotbar, then numerically select which item you need to use and left click to begin placement

* Weather, rain and other particle effects adjusted

* Additional enemies introduced to various areas

* Additional sound effects implemented

* Various other gameplay bug fixes

- Idle state, multiplayer glitches and other errors will be addressed ASAP

Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H

* Stamina increased notably in order to properly explore

* Default movement speed increased

* Default sprint speed increased

* Auto sprint introduced and bound to =

* Live character loadout introduced
(press I to bring up inventory menu and then click equipment to view live loadout)

* Several lootable AI re-introduced to the apartment complexes near the Trazgore desert

* Armor ratings fixed

* Frame rate improvements

* Graphics options fixes

* Please note that Steam achievements are temporarily disabled and will be back online soon with new objectives.
Jul 27, 2017
Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H

News regarding patch 0.1.6 coming soon.



Jul 6, 2017
Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H

* Fixed various gameplay issues

* Major environment additions and fixes

* Environmental audio additions

* Collision / looting fixes

* Fire rate increased for certain weapons
Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H


* Various gameplay / bug fixes

* DAWN-GE introduced for testing

* MP5 + skins introduced for testing

* P90 + skins introduced for testing

* Main menu optimization

Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H
Have a safe and fun 4th of July everyone!


* Major frame rate improvements and environment optimization (60+ FPS depending on your setup)

* First person camera disabled while in development (all third person cameras still available)

* Re-introduced AK47 with multiple skin variants (Default, Golden Arrow, Red Army - can be looted in Drumgore)

* Re-introduced Hammerfall AR (can be looted in Drumgore)

* Added new pickups for ammunition

* Made item highlight easier to see

* Improved performance with cloud overdraw

* Fixed water rendering glitches with fog

* Fixed sunlight shadow quality

* Graphics options now correctly save / load on startup

* Night & day system fixed

* Player tweaks to make the game more realistic; food / thirst deteriorate slower to match the time of day speed better
Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H
Wrath of Anna - hamtaro-1H
Today's patch includes:

*Graphics options added to main menu
* Resolution options now available:

*Other graphic settings available:
- Windowed, Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen
- View Distance
- Anti-Aliasing
- Post Processing
- Shadow Quality
- Texture Quality
- Effects Quality
- Detail Mode
- Godrays

* Major environment changes and urban steampunk additions

* Fixes to picking up hammers

* Loot spawning fixes

- Bread
- Drumfish
- Meat Dumplings

* New effects added to the Trazgore Cave zone

* Other various environment changes

* Crows and fish introduced into the environment

* Various gameplay bug fixes


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