GraveRun - Vlad Dae

We participate in Steam Summer Sale!

50% discount!

We will be very grateful if you add your review on Steam. This will significantly help the project in development.

Also, there will be our own items soon! Collection cards, backgrounds, badges, and emojis.

Meanwhile in the game:
  • Default weapon will not be dropped upon picking up a weapon crate. You don’t have to give your knife to others.
  • Added scrolling to the leaderboard. Now you can find your friend there.
  • Fixed scenario getting stuck at the beginning of 3rd level. There was a chance for NPC to not get to the objective site.
  • Now you can choose levels with a mouse cursor at the scenario menu. Replaying your favorite levels with friends become easier.
  • There will be a notification at the start of a level, if saving your record is not possible for some reason. It was very frustrating to realise that you can’t save your record after long sweaty gameplay.
  • Fixed acceptance of incorrect values for player.FaceTo. Now turning around won’t bug if the value is set to 0.
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

Hi everyone! In preparing this patch, we wanted to focus on fixes and cosmetic corrections, but we could not resist and added something new!

Meet version 20180412!

Main changes:
  • Weapons will now drop to the ground after being swapped, instead of disappearing in the void. Now you can share your guns with a teammate or just swap weapons back, along with resetting the upgrade points.
  • Stunned zombies now continue to chase the player. But slowly and sadly. The good news is that after the explosion, they will now continue to follow you, and do not scatter on the map where they can (uhhuh, noone wants to go and search for them).
  • "Dragon's Breath" upgrade now sets all enemies ablaze on its path. With it, your sawed-off will be on fire for real! Burning crowds of enemies away with each single shot - it's better than ice cream on a hot summer day!
  • The duration of invulnerability after receiving damage is increased from 100 to 200 milliseconds. Now sudden dog from behind can't eat the player for a single bite, but for two. Don't thank us.
  • When the game is minimized, all sounds and music are now muted. Your mom will no longer be afraid to come closer to your computer.
  • Now you can take the weapon box only after stopping. You won't be able to carry heavy containers "on the run" anymore.
  • The speed of toggling slowmo on/off is is doubled.

  • Boxes can no longer spawn outside the map, the maplock, and in impassable places.
  • Fixed a ride on a motorcycle for NPC - they will longer ride away southwards when there is an enemy nearby. All alarmists and cowards who committed such a mistake were given to be eaten by zombies.
  • NPCs can no longer control themselves in flight. Gravity, you are heartless bastard!
  • Fixed mobs bleeding after taking damage in melee combat. Now they bleed as they should - see for yourself!
  • Fixed a bug when NPC could not understand script commands after leaving a vehicle.
  • Fixed calculation with negative numbers. Don't even ask what is it, just be glad that THIS is fixed.
  • Fixed helicopter pushing all objects away.
  • Fixed the work of tasks with a comma in the title. Another bug that you didn't even know about.
  • Fixed bug with WaitForKillAll getting stuck on the 4th level. Spawners kept spawning enemies while they were far behind the map. Well, they won't do that anymore!
  • Fixed a scripted deletion of all objects behind the maplock.
  • Fixed incorrect removal of NPCs, barrels, and player when cleaning the game.
  • Mobs with a speed of zero now stand still for real. Fixed shoting targets creeping towards you at the 2nd level. They... hmm... creep.
  • NPCs at the 2nd level don't now shoot your shooting targets. Shoot them yourself, don't be lazy!
  • The physical objects bouncing after falling has been fixed. The first Boss will no longer jump forever, after he jumped somehow, by some miracle maybe.
  • Fixed critical damage zone for Boss-Mayor.
  • The engine sound will not longer stay after vehicle deletion. It will be removed with the vehicle too.
  • Fixed shooting sound with ShootBullet script command.

For modders:
  • Now, if the transport does not have a sprite for some turn direction, it will use the same sprite that was used before the turn.
  • “SxNorm” for enemies was renamed to “Speed”.
  • Now you can set parameters for all zombies using "Enemy, All, Speed = 0" line.
  • Zombies and NPCs now share global AI. Advanced settings will be included in a manual we're working on, stay tuned.
  • Added comment system for .opt files. A line starting with a single quote (') or tab will be considered commented out.
  • Debug mode now shows empty script lines.
  • Added the ability to set parameters for entities from the spawner - "ApplyToSpawned, AI AttentionDistance = 50".
  • Now the spawner can't spawn more creatures at start than the allowed number in SpawnsBeforeDestroy.
  • New "BulletAirResistMultiplier" parameter for weapons - how much the air resistance affects the bullet.
  • WaitInZone now work with calculations.
  • Now you can remove any NPC, an enemy or vehicle with "Remove" script command.
  • Now you can set the camera following other object, different from the player. It will also be described in a manual.
  • "Player, All, Go, 0, 0" command was simplified to "Player, Go, 0, 0".
  • Added ability to add text bubbles and tooltips to the player and other objects.
  • Players now have names from 1 to 4. The first player, regardless of the color will be the number 1. Fixed the "Player 1" in the script.
  • Vehicle HP will no longer be visible with HUD disabled.
  • Bullet radius is now visible in debug mode. It's useful when experimenting with bullet morphing, if you want to know how does it work.
  • Now there will be super-slowmo when opening debug menu. It's a low slower than normal player's slowmo.
That's all Folks!
And while you will enjoy the changes of this patch, we will start preparing the next one. And again we will please you with something new!
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

Great news, everyone!

We started to work hard on GraveRun, and can’t wait to please you with great updates!

Every two weeks we will release new patches - more content, more bug fixes, more zombies! The game gets a complete look, and this year we expect it to be released! And of course we want to say a huge "thank you" to all those who have been with us all this time. This is very valuable for the team. For sure. So, play GraveRun, make mods, share them with the community, and always remember: "What's dead – can be killed again!"

And here is our first great patch:

New Content:

  • Added 5th level of campaign - "Neighbor Village". Time to visit your neighbors!
  • Added 6th level of campaign - "Treasure Hunt". Expect a new boss in the end of this – Forester! Trust me, he is not very happy with the fact that you came into his forest!
  • Added 7th level of campaign - "Homecoming". Beware of a military helicopter, which will appear on this level - rockets and bombs make no difference between zombies and civilians!
  • Another original boss – The Bear-Berserker! He can always improve his health by eating a couple of zombies. Do not let him get close to the food!
  • Innovation: Factions! All game characters now belong to one or another gaming faction, whose representatives are ambiguous about each other. How exactly - you will understand when you meet them!
  • A new general AI system for NPCs and zombies:
    • Bypassing obstacles is improved. Now zombies moves smarter – maybe they got some brains finally?
    • Chickens and cows are now running away in fear of the enemy. And they can not be blamed for this!
    • NPCs now correctly unfold during the movement - face in direction. However, those of them who fight against zombies continue to back off looking straight to the enemies.

In-game changes:
  • "Characteristics" in the pause menu are renamed to "Weapon Characteristics".
  • "Mass" is replaced by "Weight" everywhere. From the point of view of physics - a significant change!  
  • The "Cheater!" inscription is changed.. Now it is made in a popup style, and the display time is reduced from 12 to 3 seconds.
  • Improved system of objects interaction with walls (and other zones of zero patency).
  • The system of interaction between objects has been changed.

Bug fixes:
  • The motorcycle NPC is no longer gets stuck in the walls and does not go sitting backwards. SDA - this is important, even if the is a zombie apocalypse!
  • Now NPCs and zombies will move all around the map, instead of huddle at its edges.
  • Zombies now do not push NPCs through corners. Although it looked extremely funny!
  • Fixed the problem with objects that previously could be outside the map for some reason. This could lead to a "hang" scenario, but now we have fixed everything. (Note to modders: if you need an object to be "outside the edge" of the map, use the MapLock command).
  • Now if the zombie does not move, the walking animation is not shown. There's no reason to use the moonwalk!
  • Fixes players waiting areas in the first level.

Modders only:

  • New option for weapons "HideEmptyWeapon" - display weapon.png with 0 shells or not.
  • Mass change of AI from the scenario files.
  • The "Hide interface" button is added to the cheat menu – it turns on the mode for beautiful screenshots.
  • Added a general parameter "Fraction" - the fraction to which the edited object belongs.
  • Debug vectors are now drawn with a circle at the beginning.
  • Added a new parameter for the AI ​​"WalkAroundChance" - the chance in percentage to change the place where the object stands when walking from idleness. Caution: when setting the parameter to 100, the object starts to rush from side to side like a real choleric!
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

In this update there’s a lot of new things and changes, which will allow us to release three new level scenarios next week - 5, 6 and 7.

Reworked AI and pathfinding systems for NPCs and enemies. This change made the game much more pleasurable to play. Allied NPCs became really helpful and valuable companions in a difficult task of survival.

New stuff
  • New game objects:
    • Helicopter!
    • Shooting targets. Second level was reworked for them.
    • Enemy - “Fire”. Not an enemy at all, just an infinite burning fire.
    • Boss-woodsman.
  • New parameters and commands for NPC:
    • New parameter "FollowDistance" - how far NPC should stay from the target they are following.
    • New commands "Marker Add" and "Marker Remove". NPCs, which should be defended, now can be marked.
    • New parameter for NPC "MaxRetreatDistance" - maximal distance from the objective target where NPC can run to avoid enemies.
  • New parameters and commands for enemies:
    • New parameter “InfiniteFire” - if set to 1, then the enemy will burn forever.
    • New parameter “FireDamageMultiplier” - damage multiplier from burning.
    • New parameter “Ignite” - ignites the enemy..
    • New parameter “NoClipForBullets” - if set to 1, bullets and explosions will ignore the enemy.
    • New parameter “DeathSound” - sets a custom death sound. Box death sound have changed.
    • New command for Enemies.opt file and parameter "Weapon" - allows to set parameters of enemy weapons, for example: “Last enemy, Weapon Damage = 500”.
    • New ability "Aim" - allows enemies to aim their weapons instead of shooting straight forward.
  • Added new parameters for vehicles:
    • RenderSeated - renders seated characters inside the vehicle.
    • AnimationFrameDelay - sets the delay in milliseconds between animation frames.
    • AnimateAlways - plays vehicle animation regardless of whether it moves or not.
    • PlayerCanGetIn - can the player get inside.
    • MinZ - minimal height of the (flight altitude) vehicle.
    • SkewSound - engine sound distortion based on vehicle speed.
  • New command line parameter "NoHUD" - starts the game in a “beautiful screenshots” mode.
  • Added scenario command "ShootBullet" - creates a bullet/projectile.
  • Added parameter for ScriptObject, "SpawnsBeforeDestroy" - how many creatures an object can spawn before self destruction. If set to -1 function will be disabled.
  • Reworked path finding system. Significantly improved obstacle bypassing for enemies and NPC.
  • Updated AI for NPC. Now they shoot sharper and better evade enemies.
  • Changed the background game balance in main menu. Max zombie count increased 4 times and added zombie-catapults.
  • Removed parameter "ShootAngle" for NPC as they can now shoot at any direction.
  • Projectiles become more transparent when losing their HP.
  • Line between player and a crosshair became more perceptible.
  • Now you don’t have to put “Field” in “------- Players” scenario section to set parameters for players.
  • Now parameters Left\Right for “AddEnemy” command will work relatively to the maplock.
  • Fixed throwing for zombie-catapult. Now throwing animation won’t play without reason.
  • Slowing effect after being bitten cannot be stronger than max value now.
  • Triggers will be released when entering cinematic mode.
  • Fixed loading of map images. Some image formats caused blood not staying on the map.
  • When an enemy spawns another enemy, it cannot appear in impassable places. There was a bug when GodDog was able to spawn dogs behind passability zones.
  • Upgrade star icons won’t get out of borders when there’s too many of them.
  • Objects with NoClip=1 will now interact correctly with each other.
  • Fixed smoke effect for vehicles which are not on the ground.
  • If an object flies up higher than 25 pixels, it will be rendered over FG.
  • Fixed automatic distance calculation from which player can get inside the vehicle.
  • Fixed rendering for objects which are located below the screen but flied up high so they become visible on the screen.
  • Fixed loading of local mods when Steam doesn’t receive list of mods subscribed by the player.
  • Fixed obstacle avoidance for objects with NoClip enabled.
  • Fixed errors caused by loading vehicles with incomplete list of sounds and sprites.
  • Fixed game freeze when trying to fail non existing objective.
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

This update is aimed at improving quality of life and making this game more fun to play. Now you can dash through enemies. Enemies will slow down under your bullet hell, or even get knocked back after that juicy sawed-off shot at point-blank range. Also there won’t be annoying medpack drops from bosses when you have 99% HP. It will drop only when it’s really needed 😄

The next update will be released at March 5th and will contain three new levels for main scenario!

New stuff:
  • Bullets and projectiles now have an impulse which can knock enemies back on hit. Also there’s a new parameter “BulletImpulseMultiplier” - it will allow you to modify this effect.
  • Added a new weapon parameter “Piercing” - how does bullet act when colliding with enemy.
  • Added new parameters for enemy spawning, which will allow you to spawn them at the top and the bottom of map.
  • Player can now dash through enemies.
  • Player will not longer get stunned after taking damage.
  • Level tasks will be sorted now. Completed - at the top, failed - at the bottom.
  • Window mode can now be toggled using Left Alt too.
  • Medpack will now drop only if some player is hurt for at least a third part of a medpack power. For example, if player has 90 HP of 100, then a Large Medpack (100 HP) won’t drop from a boss. It will drop only if some player has less than 66 HP.
  • Enemy spawning is now animated. Fading in from the black color.
  • Now bullet will become more transparent when losing its HP (after hitting enemies).
  • Enemies which should be spawned at the map sides will now spawn behind the map borders.
  • Added a sound when changing key bindings.
  • Gamepad image in the gamepad settings menu is more visible now.
  • Gamepad buttons are renamed to the format of XBox gamepads. Instead of "Joy 1" or "Joy X-" there will be "A" and "LStick Left". Unfortunately, controls on different (non-xbox) gamepads may not work correctly so we advice rebinding all your controls.
  • A new rendering driver was installed. This should fix the black stripes on the screen in fullscreen mode for some users.
  • Fixed a bug, where leaderboards for a level were empty if the player didn’t submit their score yet.
  • “Scores” button in scenario menu will become disabled, if leaderboards is unavailable for some reason.
  • Enemies won’t turn back and forth when colliding with an obstacle anymore.
  • AK-47 won’t pierce enemies when using incendiary ammo anymore.
  • Fixed a bug, which caused the game to use 25 times more memory to load the level.
  • Very long names of mods and maps will get narrowed if they do not fit in the list window.
  • If some player changes or upgrades a weapon, a help tip won’t disappear for other players.
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

Leaderboards are now enabled! Also they can save your scores from added levels by mods and even levels with many enabled mods! In that case a player will challenge other players, who used the same mod list.

What’s new:
  • Steam Leaderboards are now enabled!
  • Now picked-up bonuses affect the player instead of the weapon in player’s hands. All weapons you find will have the same bonuses.
  • Added new parameter line for enemies - "HandPosition". It sets theirs hand position where a weapon should be. Now Security-zombie (also referred as Gopnik) will hold his pistol correctly.
  • Added new parameter line for NPC - "InvulnerabilityTimeOnHit", sets the time between hits NPC can take. It fixed a sound getting stuck when zombies damage a cow on the first level, now they’ll take damage only once per second.
  • New parameter line for thrower-type enemies - "ThrowPlayer", should the enemy throw a player or not. Zombie-catapults can now throw the player away if they get too close.
  • Updated link for the “Online manual” button.
  • Added warning text about scenario levels that are not added yet.
  • Reduced unused upgrade point score bonus to 1% per point.
  • Skipping in cutscenes now skips the part where player needs to press a button.
  • Enemies can no longer kick the player if the player still has invulnerability-after-hit buff.
  • Fixed hitbox of “Next” and “Previous” buttons in scenario menu.
  • Fixed unnecessary change of music on levels.
  • Text hitboxes in menu can now be “shot through” with a mouse.
  • Settings icons are merged with settings buttons and can now be clicked.
  • Audio settings can now be changed with Left and Right arrow buttons.
  • Pressing “R” when entering your name won’t trigger the “Back” button anymore.
  • Incorrect symbols used in player’s name will be changed to “_”.
  • Bullet damage can no longer be less than 1.
  • Fixed the difference between final score and the high score in the table.
  • Fixed the text shadow distance. It made it look better and easier to read.
  • Fixed third scenario level image.
  • Zombie death animation and its dead sprite will now be turned to the correct side.
  • Triggers will now be unheld when changing weapons.
GraveRun - Vlad Dae
Here's the last release in this year. 
But there will be a first 2018's release very soon so cheer up! 😁

Сongratulations to everyone with coming New 2018 Year! 🎉🎄

Barrels spin:
  • Now if there’s files like “WeaponName_SpinUp”, then they will be used automatically. Parameters "SpinUpSound", "SpinLoopSound", and "SpinStopSound" should be set manually only if spin sounds have an unusual name.
  • Fixed: An error message was shown if there was SpinUp file without SpinLoop file for a weapon.
  • Added a new parameter “SpinLoopEmpty = 0/1” - it allows to continue spinning barrels even if you emptied your ammo pool. If set to 0, barrels will be forcibly stopped.

Shooting animation spray:
  • Standart shooting spray file was renamed from "PistolFire.png" to "Default_Fire.png".
  • Added a new weapon parameter "Effect_Fire Delay" - sets a delay between frames in milliseconds for shooting animation.
  • Fixed a bug, where shooting spray was vertically mirrored when shooting at top-right.

Cheat-menu (F4) and scenario debug mode:
  • Fixed the wait for input (PauseFor) in debug mode when unpausing scenario.
  • Cheat-menu won’t close itself anymore when using any cheat command.
  • Fixed scroll bar height in cheat-menu.
  • The “Level up” button was renamed to “+1 upgrade point”.
  • Fixed weapon list in cheat-menu. Now all weapons, which were added with by mods, will appear at the end of the list without requiring game restart.

New stuff:
  • Added task system for levels. Can be managed with a new “Task” command group. Wait for details in manual. Updated main scenario levels.
  • Updated [GetOut] movement control image - now shows dismount keybind. Updated vehicle dismount tooltip. Now player controls tooltip will show keybindings for all players, separated by commas.

  • Picking Underbarrel perk now adds +1 ammo in the mag.
  • Reworked menu hotkey system. Now text will be displayed correctly.
  • Updated auto-reload system, when player is not shooting. Now its visuals are more noticeable.
  • Mod icon was moved to the left corner.
  • Language select icons were moved to the right corner.
  • Bonuses and penalties for score points will be displayed under the score now.

  • Fixed turnskin animation.
  • Clip will be dropped even when weapon was reloaded automatically.
  • Fixed “Stationary reloader” perk. Now works for automatic reload too.
  • Fixed rounding of values for “Reload time” and “Fire rate” in pause menu.
  • Fixed an issue when weapon swap sound was affected by bullet time effect in pause menu.
  • When playing alone, two perk buttons won’t be highlighted at once in pause menu
  • Reworked menu button outlines and their helptips. Now choosing perks feels better when one of the players is using mouse controls.
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

Changes in “Zombie PacMan” level:
  • Added new animations for “Cherry” enemy.
  • Added new enemy: “Red_Ghost”.

New stuff:
  • Enemies can leap directly on the player.
  • Finished the 4th level in the main campaign.
  • When fast forwarding a cinematic mode, there will be a special icon displayed.
  • Each year, from December 10 to January 15 player will have a Christmas hat.

  • Vehicles slow down when ramming a wall (any impassable zones).
  • Updated animation for a big arrow that shows the way where to move.
  • Player speed is affected by both weapons at the same time. Previously the speed was more affected by the weapon in a main slot.
  • Removed FPS check for entity collision and blood spray.
  • Added thousands separators in the score.
  • Updated text style in “Survival” level.

  • Fixed black stripes on maps.
  • Mouse cursor will be unlocked when the game screen loses focus.
  • Fixed automatic weapon shooting gets stuck when used with “Dual wield” perk.
  • Fixed barrel spin sound getting stuck.
  • Text bubbles will fade out instead of disappearing instantly when deleted by “KillAllTexts” command.
  • Fixed characters “wobbling” on a vehicles when moving up or down.
  • Exiting 4th level (and some other big ones) will be twice as fast now. But still it’s pretty slow, will work on it.
  • Fixed player disappearing when spawning too far away from point origin (0,0 coordinates).
  • Small fixes were made in 4th map scenario. The waiting area for players taking a motorbike was increased.
  • Fixed a bug that was removing a player model if touching the screen border.
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

Level changes:
  • Updated first three levels of the main game scenario and added the fourth one.
  • Updated visual style of hint windows in levels.
  • Reworked “Moto-survival” map and scenario.
  • “Road 1” level removed.
  • Test map updated.
  • “Zombie PacMan” level changes:
    • Fixed level freeze.
    • Level height increased. Now it has enough space for 4 players.
    • New enemy added - “Cherry”. Drops weapons.
    • Balanced Pacman waves and Pacmans themselves.
    • Fixed Banana-Boss animation.

Changes in map scenario editor:
  • Fixed scenario debug visuals.
  • Added “Camera, Move” command that enables cinematic mode and moves the camera to the object or set coordiantes.
  • Added “Cinematic ON” and “Cinematic OFF” commands to control the cinematic mode.
  • Added “PauseFor, Continue” scenario command that works in “Press any Key to continue” way.
  • Added “Player, All, Go” scenario command that makes players run to set coordiantes in cinematic mode. Player speed can be changed too.
  • Added “WaitForPlayersGoing” scenario command that pauses/unpauses scenario till players are running after “Player, All, Go” command.
  • “TextBubble position” command got a new “Bottom” parameter.
  • “LastVehicle” and “AddVehicle” commands are changed to “Vehicle, Last” and “Vehicle, Add”.
  • “Vehicle” command group can now use a second parameter to set a name. The changes will be applied to all vehicles with a set name.
  • NPCs can now be placed inside or outside the vehicle with new commands: "NPC, NPC_Name, GetIn, Vehicle_Name" и "Vehicle, Vehicle_Name, GetOut, NPC_Name"
  • Added “AddMultiLangTooltip” scenario command that adds a text bubble in a hint style.
  • New “Tooltip” and “Bubble” commands in “Vehicle” group will move the text window with the vehicle.
  • NPCs, enemies and vehicles can now use separate death scenario with “NPC, NPC_Name, Set DeathScenario” command.
  • Now you can cause a defeat with a scenario command - “GameOver, Defeat”. The default “GameOver” command causes a victory.
  • Vehicle can now use Dash using a scenario command - “Vehicle, Vehicle_Name, Dash”.
  • Text bubbles won’t become semitransparent in scenario pauses even if there’s something behind them.
  • Added new “Map, Lock, X, Y, W, H” and “Map, Unlock” scenario commands that block player and camera movement. Also you can use the “-” symbol instead of numeric data to set the coordinate to the map end.
  • You can use “Map, DeleteAllObjects, OutsideLock” command to delete everything behind locked zone. Useful when working with big maps to reduce lags.
  • “WaitInZone” command can now work with a set object name too.
  • Added new scenario command group “Enemy”. New commands for this group:
    • "Enemy, Tooltip" - Adds a hint under the enemy.
    • "Enemy, Bubble" - Adds a text bubble over the enemy.
    • "Enemy, Parameter_Name" - Changes parameter to a set value.
    • "Enemy, Target, NPC, NPC_Name" - Forces the enemy to attack targeted NPC. After NPC deaths the enemy will change its AI back to its default.
A better explanation will be in a future manuals.

Game object changes:
  • Enemies can now have a custom blood color - "BloodColor = 168, 129, 69".
  • Added “NoClip” parameter for all objects - if it’s set to 1, then it can move through zero passability zones. Default is 0.
  • If Kick (melee damage parameter) is set to 0, then the enemy won’t kick players.
  • Added “NotEnemyForNPC” enemy parameter. If it’s set to 1, then NPCs won’t react to them.
  • Added a “Box” enemy. Just a box. Not really an enemy.
  • NPCs can now use vehicles.
  • Balanced some motorcycle parameters.
  • Small changes were made to player invulnerability.
  • NPCs can now be invulnerable. They are invulnerable for a short time after taking damage.

Small changes:
  • Empty scenario lines (no command line) are ignored without delay.
  • Removed instant win (F9) and cinematic mode (F5) hotkeys.
  • Cinematic mode visual changes. Removed unnecessary elements. Lines are visible even when paused.
GraveRun - Vlad Dae

New stuff:
  • Scenario menu now has a game region map. The map will be updated when new levels are added.
  • Added scenario command RemoveScriptObject which allows script-object deletion.
  • Temporarily added cinematic mode for F5 button. Later this function will be used in scenarios.
  • Added hint images in gamepad settings menu.
  • New weapon parameters: SpinUpTime; SpinUpSound. They allow weapon to start shooting with a set delay instead of shooting instantly.
  • New weapon parameter: HeatDamageMultiplier - adds damage scaling with overheating.

  • Updated first scenario levels.
  • Reduced bullet time slow effect.
  • Camera doesn’t focus on bleeding out players anymore, you can just ignore them now.
  • Updated Incendiary Grenade picture.
  • Updated sounds for some weapons.
  • Save record button is temporarily disabled till we make them work again.
  • Gatling:
    • Now spins up before shooting.
    • Reduced weight.
  • Vehicles:
    • Now vehicles use absolute movement controls. Move in the same way like your character does - pressing W moves vehicle up and D to the right side of the screen instead of moving forward and turning.
    • Improved collision system. Now motorbike turns away slightly after ramming. The turn speed and degree is affected by motorbike and object mass you are ramming.
    • Added ramming damage multiplier.
    • Motorbike doesn’t knock objects away when standing still anymore.
    • Vehicles can now move and turn even without running engine. Added speed parameter with engine stopped.
    • Med packs now repair vehicles when you run them over.

  • Fixed an error that closes the game when opening custom levels menu
  • Fixed “Village Defense” level. Now you have to kill all bosses when playing hotseat.
  • Fixed ‘Zombie PacMan” level freezing. Scenario was waiting for boxes disappear but they were able to only when visible on the screen.
  • Fixed the “Press P to upgrade” screen message. Now shows custom binding.
  • Made some corrections in Russian and English texts.
  • Fixed mob and NPC spawn in impassable places when spawned by spawner script-object.
  • Fixed bullet and grenade bounce in bullet time mode.
  • Fixed extreme slow and screen darkening when taking heavy damage.
  • Fixed ability to use weapons in bleeding out state.
  • Fixed level and mod description texts going outside textbox borders.
  • Fixed names of binds in gamepad settings menu.
  • Now you can bind “Dismount” key for your gamepad.
  • If the name or a description of a perk is not translated in your language, then said name or description will use different language.
  • Now your secondary weapon sprite won’t disappear in 1 second after shooting.
  • Fixed cursor jumping over one button in the menu when using WSAD controls.
  • Removed white dots on the first scenario level image.
  • Removed unused weapon files.
  • Removed CAPS from some hotkey names.
  • Fixed secondary weapon wasn’t visible when used in a vehicle.
  • Fixed a game closing error when catapult-mob tried to throw something but there was no player alive to target them.
  • Fixed “Dacron” bowstring perk duplicate.

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