May 26, 2016
Yon Paradox - Gounemond
Hello time travellers!

Our trading cards set are finally completed, along with badges / backgrounds!
Hope you'll enjoy it :)

In the meanwhile, we have some open discussion about easy / traning mode here
We'll really appreciate your opinion, that will help us to prepare a "training mode / easy mode" good enough to respect previous players who played the full game in normal mode, but also making more accessible the game to others.

Bug notes: we're currently aware of a bug on the tower of hanoi that happens sometimes, which freezes the puzzle. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're working on that :)

Yon Paradox - Gounemond
Hi there fellow time travelers!
We've uploaded a "Major fix update" thanks to the feedback from the community!
  • Optimized culling and graphic, resulting in more fps. This should've fixed camera snapping problems happening sometimes (thx Local)
  • Hanoi puzzle now is more consistent (thx Local)
  • Pink Gem stucking problem solved (thx Local)
  • Object movement improved (now it's definitely less sluggish and shaking) (thx Azralynn)
  • Now you can't move while you're time-rewinding (thx Azralynn)
  • Fixed some black magic that no one noticed yet ;)

Again, thanks for the honest and great reviews, and thanks for you contribution for spotting bugs and helping us polish further this game.

We're planning some major updates, after seeing how a lot of players enjoyed this game, and seeing also what we're still lacking.
We'll now work on:
  • Trading cards: they're already submitted, expect soon to have trading cards for YonParadox :)
  • Leaderboard system: we liked how players want to speedrun the game, since that's how it should be "replayed". We'll work to support steam leaderboards and points for normal, hard and impossible modes.
  • Achievements: going together with leaderboards there will be achievements. Nothing more to say, just a little topping for your scores.
  • Settings menu: we're actually lacking of full settings menu. We want to make a gorgeous menu VR friendly (like the start and pause menu), to let you set audio, sensitivity and rebind controls. We'll work on that ;)

That's all.
Have a safe time-travel!
May 7, 2016
Yon Paradox - Gounemond
Hello everyone!
Yon Paradox has been released, and so far it seems no problems were found on monitor, oculus and vive versions!

We'd like to hear your opinion from you, check out the community and, if you liked the game, leaving a review will greatly help us!

I've also opened a strawpoll here (click) if you want to share how far have you gone in the game!

Have fun ;)
- Digital Mantis team
Yon Paradox - Gounemond
Hi everyone!
Thanks everyone for the interest in the game so far! We've had some questions and I wanted to point out few details for VR Support which may come useful to you

1- YonParadox is not VR only! You can play normally the game on your PC without any headset!

2- HTC Vive support is still in beta. Sometimes, you will need to check out things on your end to make it work correctly: make sure to set the play area on "Standing position"!

3- Using Oculus, we had some people who have some issues with windows not opening the game. If you're wearing the headset and the loading takes forever, check if you have confirmet the quality settings window on PC. Meanwhile, we're investigating those issues.

Thanks for your patience!

- Digital Mantis team

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