Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
Good news everybody! From today until October 31st you can find epic Halloween items! Moreover, the Battle Mage is available on all worlds now, there´s an update for our STEAM version and finally an update for Android that adds the Battle Mage and fixes a notification bug!

If you experience problems anyway, please don´t hesitate to write our support team:

Have fun!
Sep 25
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
As the new Assassin class has been highly popular we have developed yet another class: the Battle Mage with a Warrior weapon but spells instead of a shield!

W27 International will be launched on Friday, September 28 at 16 CEST, an excellent opportunity to try out the Battle Mage in a new world. We will also present the long-awaited Shakes & Fidget Remastered Open Beta exclusively on that server!

Moreover, our famous Oktoberfest begins on Saturday, September 29! This means free beer in the Tavern, 20% more Mushrooms from the Mushroom Dealer and every event at the same time (Epic Event from level 50 on)! The Oktoberfest will end at the close of Wednesday, October 3.

Your Shakes & Fidget team

Sep 21
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
There´s a *GOLD* event this weekend!
Sep 13
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
"The Witch" from Shakes & Fidget Remastered!
Open Beta starting at 28th of September!

By the way: There will be an *EPIC* event this weekend (level 50 required).

Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
Today we want to show you the new stable in "Shakes & Fidget Remastered"!
By the way: The pets are behind the door... :-)
Aug 30
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
Starting with September 1st you will have the chance to find autumn pets:

Shellzy (Water, Erogenion at night)
Blaxta (Light, Flooded Caldwel at day)
Apstick (Earth, Blackwater Swamps at day)
Mykon (Shadow, Northrunt at day)
Pyroplant (Fire, Moldy Forest at night)

Good luck!
Aug 24
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
gamescom has been taking place this week and we had a great time showing "Shakes & Fidget Remastered" and our upcoming Shakes & Fidget strategy game "Clash of Empires" (Release: Q4 2018) to press and partners! We are thrilled to announce that S&F Remastered is now in Closed Beta phase and Open Beta phase is just arround the corner! Today we want to show everybody who couldn´t be at gamescom the first screenshot of the new character screen - we hope you like it as much as we do!

By the way: There will be a *GOLD* event and 20% discount on mushrooms this weekend!

Have fun!
Your Shakes & Fidget team
Aug 16
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
There will be an *EPIC* event this weekend!
(Level 50 required)
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
This Friday at 4 p.m. CEST, the gates of international world 26 ( will open! Be there from the beginning and secure a top spot in the Hall of Fame. In addition it's experience weekend. Don't miss it!

By the way: Look out for exclusive pictures from the "Remastered Version" at!
Jul 16
Shakes and Fidget - Playa Games
There'll be an update with lots of tiny improvements this week!

* new daily missions (level 10 required): look for a wanted poster in the tavern
* new item: quicksand glass 10-pack
* gold mine produces twice as much gold now
* warriors, scouts and mages get a twice as high bonus for gems in weapons now (to compensate for the assassin’s extra gem in the second weapon)
* fixed a rare problem that didn’t let you watch certain guild fights
* group fights no longer show anything that reveals the outcome of the next fight
* fortress attacks: fixed a display bug of expectable gains
* the top players in a server now gain full honor and souls for fortress and underworld fights
* now deleted players disappear from friend lists after 24 hours at the latest
* player levels in friend list are refreshed once a day now
* special characters for new players and guilds no longer work
* new loading screen for all apps

Have fun!

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