My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios
As promised with our last update, we've implemented online leaderboards for the recent My Name is Mayo Cupcake Update.

Just hit Right Click until the game starts; then, when you lose, you can check out the leaderboards by pressing L (L stands for leaderboards)! And BOOM, you’ll see who’s the fly-killing master.

Those of you who feel like a hardcore cupcake, can now duke it out with the highest fly-swatting scores you can possibly muster.

And once again, thanks for reading. We wish y’all have fun!

- Sean Callaghan
The one and only PR Manager
My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios
Hello y’all!

First of all, thank you for reading this, it will be a wild ride!

Ok, for starters, I wanted to clear up a li’l bit what the team meant to do with the update.

So, we made a small update to My Name is Mayo in the day we launched Mr. Massagy: You could use the disembodied finger from that game. We made it in order to celebrate that launch as a fun gig, no achievements were added and Mayo was a dateable character inside Mr. Massagy.

Similarly, with the launch of Birdcakes, we wanted to put a little, meaningful reference by adding Mayo as an in-game item (actually, it’s a very important item). And viceversa, do a little mini-game inside My Name is Mayo, and add a brand new achievement along with it.

But we ultimately miscalculated by adding a hard, shooter-like achievement inside a clicker game; and if you think about it, that’s just not cool. We apologize for that tasteless achievement, we honestly didn't see it. We’re happy some of you liked it, but it just wasn’t the greatest of decisions. And as a result, the achievement is now removed.

Green Lava Studios wishes to improve their development capabilities and maybe someday, create something bigger than our own Fenix Rage (Fenix Furia). But hey, life gets in the way, like with everyone else, and Green Lava just don’t want to self-fund future work with “My Name is Mustard” or something.

To Recap:
The little cupcake minigame in My Name is Mayo was just meant to be a fun distraction, but it didn’t quite land; and we gladly accept that. The big question here is (and this is where *you* guys come in): what should be done with this mini-game? Now that the new achievement is gone, it’s a little bit pointless. The devs are thinking about linking it to a leaderboard or something, but we want to take your suggestions.

We thought the minigame would be fitting, it wasn’t really. Sorry about that. We wanna make something else out of it with your suggestions.

To end this:
Birdcakes took a while to make and it wouldn't have been possible without the attention all of you gave to My Name is Mayo. We are very thankful to this community, and it gives us motivation to keep making more stuff and things.

Sean Callaghan
The PR manager that Green Lava needs, but not the one they need right now... or however it goes.

May 28, 2018
My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios
“One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention” - Jim Rohn

Guys, of behalf of Green Lava Studios, we will always be grateful with y’all. Tomorrow (May 29th), the team will deliver a new game: Birdcakes. This wouldn't be even remotely possible without all of you. Thank you for supporting our work!

But ok, let’s keep it real, without too much cheesiness. Let’s talk about the update!

The team decided to make an update with a tiny mini game, straight out of Birdcakes, so that y’all can give it a try! To activate it, you simply right click until you see the mini game. The cool stuff is that you will be able to feel Birdcakes’ gameplay! AAAAND! You can unlock a new achievement! Just kill 42 flies and that’s it! Have your keyboards ready.

I hope y’all like it!!

EDIT: We read your thoughts and we took immediate actions. The extra achievement was removed, we thought it was going to be a good idea for you guys but we were definitely wrong. Our apologies for the confusion! We are extremely grateful for your support.

Sean Callaghan
PR Manager or summin’...
My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios

Hello everybody!

The team made their first Steam Bundle ever!!! (It was my idea actually...)

“What’s this fresh hell all about?”, I hear you say. Well, now you can now buy Mr. Massagy and My Name is Mayo with a -20% discount, that means that the mayo will be kinda FREE!

The bundle is called Mr. Massagy High-Calorie Edition Bundle and you can check it out here:

Have a slippery, uncomfortably comfortable, pleasurable massage, ya’ll!

Sean Callaghan

PS: BTW, we haven’t forgotten about new UP-Dates. Just stay tuned in the future!
My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios
We did it! We made a new game! And to celebrate it, we made an update in My Name is Mayo! You can now use Johnny's finger to tap the Mayo! Who the heck is Johnny, I hear you say? Find it out in Mr. Massagy!

PS: Right click to switch hand.

My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios
You should totally add this game to your wishlist for no particular reason... Touching time is over!

Oct 28, 2016
My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios
Happy Halloween! We made an update for My Name is Mayo! A Skeleton Hand!!

If the skeleton hand is too spooky for you, you can switch with right click.

My Name is Mayo - Green Lava Studios
We are working in a MAYOr update for the game, be patient and open yourself.

While you wait though, why not take a looksee at a little summin’ we’ve prepared, just for you! My Name is Mayo - Hyper Sexy Swag Double Trouble Late Winter 2016 Collection is available now! Go wild and get a T-Shirt, maybe they will cheer you up?

Click here to visit the Store!

Whether you find meaning in the game, or more reasons to hate humanity, we are proud that you chose the mayo way.

The Green Lava Team

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