Aug 10
Racket: Nx - Mynd
We have a new patch out addressing most of the bugs and issues we've been aware of.

Here's what's in it:

  • In Arcade mode there is now more Wave variety when reaching Wave 50 and beyond. The game will draw from a larger Wave pool when reaching these high difficulties.
  • In Multiplayer, the Sling (Tractor Beam) is now limited to 2 seconds (instead of 5) before the ball switches to the opponent. This is to avoid abuse and keep the game pace high. It also the mitigates advantage players had of having the first shot in a new Wave containing a Powerup, where by abusing the Sling players could line up their shot perfectly and take the Powerup.

  • Fixed ball losing Powershot on Oculus when touching the trigger immediately after the hit.
  • Fixed Oculus playspace center when chaperon is not setup.
  • Fixed Wrecking ball stuck in floor bug.
  • Fixed Nuke Powerup heat marker staying when game is over.
  • Fixed streaming camera that could be placed inside the wall.
  • Fixed Splash damage pellet scale bug.
  • Fixed problem playing read-only mp3 files.
  • Fixed a few UI bugs where certain menus would wrongly persist.
  • Fixed a bunch of other small bugs.

Other stuff
  • Added option to force SteamVR or Oculus through the config (VR SDK: force_openvr & force_oculusvr).
  • Added option to switch network port through config.

We still have one open bug concerning the Star rating given in Solo Insane stage Sets. For some players, 3 Stars are given even when not finishing the set in the required time.
If you have any information about this bug, please contact us here or on Discord.

That's it for now!
Jul 22
Racket: Nx - Mynd
Since launch a few days ago, we've discovered a few bugs that slipped under our radar, hunted them down, and made them see the error of their ways.

  • Fixed bug where My Music would sometimes skip track or behave erratically.
  • Fixed a mistake where Arcade was disabled until completing a solo set.
  • Fixed bug where declining a found multiplayer match wouldn't actually decline it.
  • Optimized sun surface performance in Solo game over screen.
  • Fixed a few visual UI bugs in main menu.
  • Fixed main menu profile "RP earned this session" calculation.
  • Fixed bug where if an Oculus Home player had no player Avatar, game wouldn't sync with servers.
  • Made announcer say the name of taken Powerups in Zen mode.
  • Fixed bug where Splash Damage pellets wouldn't spiral.
  • Tweaked "Clutch Saves" statistic to include slightly less critical situations.
  • Fixed bug where sliders would remain visible after multiplayer round was over.
  • Fixed bug where blue opponent handle was red.

We fixed about a dozen additional tiny things that aren't worth noting.

Please let us know if you run into any bugs or issues!
Jul 17
Racket: Nx - Mynd
Today, we are incredibly happy and proud to bring Racket: Nx out of Early Access!

Developing this game, the first One Hamsa release, has been a life changing experience for us.

We had many challenges along the way, and we can honestly say we would not have been able to withstand them if it wasn't for our Early Access players.

The love, enthusiasm, feedback and companionship you guys offered throughout made all the difference.
Thank you all so much!

If you haven't played since EA2, here are a few highlight of what's new:
  • Powerups!
  • A whole lot of new content + a completely new Solo campaign.
  • Much improved Multiplayer. It works better and is more fun than ever!
  • You can now play your own music (through the Settings panel).
  • A bunch of new visuals and visual improvements.
  • Player statistics.
  • And lots of small improvements, polish, and bug fixes...

So welcome to Racket: Nx!

From the dudes @ One Hamsa

Racket: Nx - Mynd
They're everywhere.
But who are these Powerups and what can they do for you?

This short guide will teach you all there is to know about the different types of Powerups; How do they work? What are they called? What are they good for?

But first, here are a few general rules:
  • Powerups appear at the start of a wave, and disappear when it's over if they weren't taken.
  • In Multiplayer, taking a Powerup will return the ball to the player who took it rather than changing side - so double shot!
  • In Arcade and Multiplayer, Powerups appear randomly. In Solo, they are all predetermined.
Now let's go over them.

  • Splash Damage
    For the next 5 shots, your racket will release little pellets that will damage the area around where the ball hits. This is really good for big or elusive targets.

  • God Mode
    Fully charges your energy and keeps it there for 30 seconds. During this time, all downers turn blue and behave like boosters!

  • Blaster Maze
    Randomly generates a maze of golden Blaster walls for the duration of the wave. Sliding into a Blaster will give the ball a kick, and do damage to the tile on the other side of the Blaster. CHAOS!

  • Hyperspace
    Time speeds up by 30% for 30 seconds. Your energy won't drain faster, though.

  • NUKE
    Does a s%#t ton of damage to everything in the red zone behind it. Use this one carefully, if you hit a bunch of downers you'll insta-die.

  • Super Flow
    Flattens the entire arena for the duration of the wave and greatly increases the ball's sliding distance.

  • Wrecking Ball
    Fortifies the ball with extra mass for 30 seconds. During this time, the ball does 13 damage anywhere it hits, and an additional 1 damage to all adjacent tiles. A Wrecking Ball can't be charged in the gutters or given Powershots.

  • Jackpot
    Give you points! Note that the jackpot decreases with time, so the sooner you get it, the more you get.
Thus concludes our guide.
We hope that this has shed some light on the mysterious workings of the Powerup, and that the next time you come across one, you see it in a slightly different light.

Good day, good game.
Racket: Nx - Mynd

The new and improved Multiplayer is now LIVE in our Beta branch!

If you own the game and haven't yet joined our final Beta, come to Discord and join in, we could use your feedback.

Go kick each other's asses.
Racket: Nx - Mynd

I'm happy to announce our Closed Beta is now LIVE!

The Beta is available to anyone owning the game, and those of you who have been accepted to the Beta program should be getting your keys in the mail any moment.

Installation instructions are pinned to the Beta channel right on our Discord.

Please be sure to go over our Beta Testing Pointers here:

Happy playing!
Racket: Nx - Mynd
UPDATE: We got more registrations than we know what to do with, and have subsequently closed the form. Thanks a lot to all the participants.

Hey guys!

It's beta season.
We're getting close to launch, and we've been adding a lot of new content that needs testing.

That's why we're looking for beta testers who haven't played RNX before, and who can give us fresh and unbiased feedback.

We're giving away 100 RNX keys to willing beta testers who don't already own the game.

To participate in the beta, fill in this form.

Racket: Nx - Mynd
Hey everyone.

This has been an extreme year!

Since releasing Early Access 2 last summer, the studio's been through a lot. We've been working very hard trying to build up the time and resource margin necessary to for us to complete Racket: Nx and release it a deserving fashion.

I'm very proud to say that we've succeeded in that.
The full version of Racket: Nx will launch in mid July 2018!

Here's what you can expect:

Lots of new content!
New Solo and Multiplayer sets, and a richer Arcade wave pool. We're also making the difficulty curve smoother and more gradual.

We've added a bunch of new powerups, some do some crazy ass shit. Powerups are also acquired in a new and cool way now. These really mix up the game and add strategy.

Visual Improvements!
New Arena look for the Arcade Arena, new ball visuals, and two new space backgrounds.

Lots and lots of bug fixes!
Including performance improvements, and final polishing.

Some of you may notice that we haven't included a level editor in this list. Though we really wanted to make it happen, we've had no choice but to decide not to include a level editor in the final release. Our sincere apologies to anyone who was hoping for it.

We'll be updating with more information in the coming weeks.

Thanks a lot to all of you!
Racket: Nx - Mynd

We're gonna be showing Racket: Nx at SXSW in Austin TX, where we are nominated for the Player's Voice VR award.
Wish us luck, and come say hi if you're in the neighborhood!
Feb 15
Racket: Nx - Mynd

Hey everyone!
Dave, from One Hamsa.

It's been a while since we've updated the build, so we thought we should reassure everyone that we have definitely not forgotten RNX!

We've been watching responses to Racket with pride and eagerness - everywhere it's mentioned it's been getting tons of much love.
We really want to finish implementing the things we've been working on, and launch the game officially!

It is taking some time, though :)

We need to split our attention between finishing Racket, working projects that bring us more business, and nurturing future business opportunities.
See, our partners and us aim at making more games. Lots more games. Bigger and better games. For VR, and then for AR.
And we need to work on all fronts to secure our way towards that.

Next time we talk, I'll have a date for you :)

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