Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
It looks like Wacky Wheels has a bug with Windows 10, 64-bit. It won't start unless you do the following:

Right click on the EXE, click on the Compatibility tab, and check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", and select Windows 8.

I will get a patch out for this as soon as I can. More news about the next update will be posted on the forum soon.

Apologies about this and thank you for your patience.
Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
Hey everyone,

Here's the list of changes found in update 1.0.1:

  • Fixed mouse kart selection for local multiplayer games
  • Fixed Grand Prix trophy screen
  • Added d-pad support for 360 controllers
  • Softened the impact sound effect for karts
  • Fixed rank / lap bug
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments

What didn't make it in yet:

  • Gamepad support for Steam Link
  • 21:9 monitor full-screen support

To switch from analog stick to d-pad controls, be sure to change the controller setup in the settings panel.

Here are a couple of issues are common and should be fixable by you:
  • Problem: Camera too high / game doesn't fill screen
  • Fix: Disable DPi scaling in the EXE's Win10 properties
  • Problem: Can't play online
  • Fix: On your router, enable port-forwarding for UDP ports 28000-28002 and 1031-1053. Also make sure your firewall isn't blocking the game.

If Steam doesn't update your app, right click on the game's name in the Steam app and select properties.Then select the local files tab, and verify the cache integrity. That will force the game to re-download with this update.

Thank you to everyone who reported issues in the Discussions forum. The game will receive updates periodically to address these issues as they appear.
Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
Hey everyone,

We've officially exited Early Access with our 1.0 launch today! Here's the list of what has been updated since the last build:

  • Added input labels (ie keyboard 1, keyboard 2, gamepad) to kart selection
  • Fixed shoot out online multiplayer client camera sweep
  • Fixed local multiplayer kart selection bug
  • Fixed several small bugs related to local game modes
  • Improved AI

With that said, there will still be regular updates in the future to address any bugs or add any new features desired by the community.

Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
Hey, how about that? A fast update!

Everything is on track for Wacky Wheels HD to officially launch out of Early Access on October 26th. As such, from here on out these updates should be more frequent but have fewer changes.

Here's the list of changes for 0.9.6:

  • Drift no longer so extreme on water
  • Smoother drift in general
  • Various bug fixes

I still haven't figured out the correct way to push out updates. (That's on the to-do list before launch!) So until then, right click only this game's name in the Steam app and select properties.Then select the local files tab, and verify the cache integrity. That will force the game to re-download with this update.

Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to the launch!
Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
Who's ready for an update? Version 0.9.5 is here and it has a number of important updates, including:
  • Online multiplayer support!
  • Tighter steering with new manual drift button*
  • Boost after drift! The longer you drift, the bigger the boost
  • Three game speeds (aka difficulty) available in Settings
  • Higher contrast railings
  • New mappable keys including shift, control, command and more
  • Minor track revisions
  • Various bug fixes

** To drift, hold the brake and gas keys simultaneously.

Online Multiplayer

Two game modes now support online multiplayer: Practice and Shoot Out. This is very much barebones multiplayer. You can host a game, join a random game, or join someone by their IP address. Once the race is over, you need to start or join a new race. While eventually the plan is to build up features around multiplayer, for now we simply need to see if this mode works out in the real world!

Just as an FYI, when in an online match, AI players will show up as semi-transparent.

Next Steps

The goal is to get to 1.0 this month! So please report any issues that come up with this build.

Thank you again to everyone who has participated in beta and Early Access!

Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
It's here! It's finally here!

It has been almost 3 months since I've uploaded a new Wacky Wheels update. I can't believe it has taken this long... it was definitely not my plan!

This 0.9.4 update is a massive one. It includes:

  • Optimizations across the board
  • Higher, stabler framerate
  • Adjusted higher camera angle
  • Adjusted kart physics
  • Adjusted power-up balancing
  • Multiple power-ups and hedgehogs can be carried
  • AI improvements
  • New settings panel with input customization
  • New red bomb power-up
  • Two players on one keyboard; i.e. local multiplayer doesn't need a gamepad
  • Updated mini map with bigger, more helpful indicators
  • Exploding karts in Shoot Out
  • New podium and mirror mode graphics added
  • Jumps and boosts are now green instead of red
  • Many, many, many other fixes

My hope is that we're finally in a place where we can focus on online multiplayer (sadly, not ready yet) and track adjustments. It's possible (ok, probable) that new bugs will be found, but this update is a huge step forward.

THANK YOU for your patience on this one. The plan from hereon is to push out updates much more quickly.

Let me know if any old issues are resolved or if any new issues come up in the Discussion Forum.
Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
Hey everyone,

I'm going to back off any promises for the exact delivery date of 0.9.4. But just so folks know where progress on 0.9.4 is thus far:

  • Optimized image usage
  • Medium / low graphics modes are even faster
  • New podium and mirror mode graphics added
  • Adjusted camera angle
  • AI improvements
  • Other various fixes

Here's what I want in it before I release it:

  • New settings panel with input customization
  • Allow multiple hedgehogs to be carried
  • Updated mini map
  • Duck hunt bug fix (they aren't resetting properly between matches)
  • Red bomb power up

And then here's the stuff that I want in by (or before) 0.9.5:

  • Online multiplayer (beta)
  • Two players on one keyboard

There are some minor fixes as well that are on this list, but this is the list of big things remaining.

My apologies that things are moving so slow. I am listening to all of the feedback, genuinely appreciate it, and want to make sure that the next update is a good one.

More news soon!
Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
Hey everyone,

Earlier today we posted update 0.9.3, which should be available to download right now. The main menu screen should show 0.9.3 instead of 0.9.2 under the big Wacky Wheels logo. If you don't see it, you can try verifying your cache integrity to force the update to apply immediately.

The updates included are almost the same as listed here:

  • Much bigger differences between Low / Med / High graphics modes
  • Several changes made to help with the mysterious framerate drops*
  • Adjustments to physics / controls to help tighten things up
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments

* There still appears to be, at least on Windows, some FPS hiccups. On Mac, these issues aren't appearing. It has been elusive for sure, but we'll continue to work on it with each update.

Coming up in version 0.9.4:

  • Ability to hold multiple hedgehogs
  • A new settings modal
  • Ability to customize controls
  • Improved mirror mode icon
  • Red bombs
  • More fixes and adjustments

Thank you everyone for the support (and patience)! We'll make sure there's less time in between updates from here on.
Wacky Wheels HD - Ferocity 2D
Hey everyone,

Wow, what a response! Thanks to everyone who has shared our soft "launch" on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere.

Early Access

First things first. We don't consider this the "official" launch of Wacky Wheels HD. This is simply our next step in producing a great reboot of the shareware classic. When we have added the online multiplayer feature and tested it with Early Access users, we'll exit Early Access and have the "official" launch.

This means that, for the moment, we're not planning on handing out codes to YouTube streamers. Nor our we planning on heavy promotion. This is truly meant as a chance for the community to get involved and help us keep working on the game.

The Manual

If you are curious about controls, please see the manual in the game's install folder in the documentation subfolder. Or you can simply find the manual online here: The Manual v 0.9.2

Thanks Again!

Thank you everyone who has purchased a copy, beta tested, or provided any other supported. It has not gone unnoticed and is definitely appreciated!

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