Emily Wants To Play - Shawn


◾Much larger than the original

◾New characters

◾New games

◾Linear and timed sections

◾New stealth and strategy elements

I hope you like it! :)
Mar 14, 2017
Emily Wants To Play - Shawn

I have been working on the sequel to Emily Wants to Play. If anyone is interested please vote for it:

Thank you,
Emily Wants To Play - Shawn

The dolls pictured above really exist and they are sitting in someone's house right now. Hopefully they are sitting and not looking for their next victim. :)

Omar Sebali, a huge fan of Emily Wants to Play, created a really cool short film about the game. He actually had the dolls built and then filmed a short movie with a team of people. It came out really well and I wanted to share it with as many Emily Wants to Play fans as possible. If you like the game, I think you will really like his video.


===== Emily Wants to Play 2 Update =====

Also, I am still hard at work on Emily Wants to Play 2. It is coming together great. I don't want to say too much about it, because I would like as much as possible to be a surprise. There are new creepy entities, new environments and new gameplay. Here are a few screenshots of one of the new environments:

Thank You for playing and sharing Emily Wants to Play! You are all awesome!

Shawn Hitchcock
Emily Wants To Play - Shawn
Emily Wants to Play 2 Teaser Trailer


Emily Wants To Play - Shawn

Here's another Emily Wants to Play update.

First thing, I fixed the Fatal Error problem that some were having. The fix will cause you to lose your current video settings. When you start the new update, you will need to choose your quality and then go into settings and choose your resolution etc... But at least you can play the game again without any changes. This also means that people that are using the August 8th version should be able to use this new version. If for some reason you still can't open the game, you can go to BETAS, opt in to the EmilyAugust8 Beta and it will load the game before the VR stuff.

VR Changes
Removed the clock sequence, so you won't be teleported to the clock in between levels. You need to make sure you are listening for the clock. :)

Adjusted the default settings to double frame rate in most cases. You can still adjust your quality at anytime by pressing 6, 7, 8, or 9. 6 is the lowest quality and 9 is the highest.

Fixed the camera high up in the sky issue and several height problems. You can still press C or push in the Right Stick on your controller to manually adjust height yourself.

Oculus Rift users will now default to one screen preview output instead of stereo. You can scroll through the different modes by pressing Shift + M.

Teleporting is cleaned up and smoother on HTC Vive. In most cases aim at the floor. If you point at a wall it will not allow you to teleport. You must point at the floor in front of yourself or the wall.

Changed the instruction note in the beginning and the first picture on the wall for HTC Vive users.

Known issue:
When you pause the game in VR, bold text is supposed to appear showing you how to quit, but it has disappeared and I haven't figured out why yet. I didn't want to delay this update any longer.

In HTC Vive, pause the game with the top button above the thumb pad. Then to quit press both thumb pads and triggers at the same time.

On Oculus Rift, pause the game with P, ESC or the right button on the face of the controller. Then you can press both left and right triggers at the same time, or both left and right mouse buttons at the same time to quit to menu.

Thanks again for everything, I will keep trying to improve the VR version of the game for you and fix any bugs you find in the regular version. You are great!

-Shawn Hitchcock
Emily Wants To Play - Shawn

Hey guys,

I have been working and testing and working more to get the VR as polished as possible. I see your reviews and comments about the Vive and this update has all of the fixes.

The game now has full HTC Vive controller support. You have hands that can grab and you can teleport all over the place! Using the Vive makes Emily Wants to Play scarier than ever. During testing, I was literally trying to jump out of the way so that Chester couldn't get me. The dolls are more creepy when you feel like you are in the world with them.

Entering and exiting the game is much more user friendly in both Vive and Oculus. You can grab or interact with the menu options and it will send you into the game. Users shouldn't experience motion sickness, or at least not as much. The entrance and clock scenes still move on their own, I may remove them for VR users, but it is all working smoother and better.

Thanks again to everyone that plays or at least watches people play Emily Wants to Play! :)


Full update notes:

All VR Users
User friendly interface
VR Help menu on first screen
Better output for recording gameplay
Easy way to quit game in VR
ESC key will also quit if you are at the main menu
Smoother frames
Automatic calibration and height adjustment when game starts*
*C and Right Stick can still re-adjust in game if needed

HTC Vive users
Full Motion Controller support
Vive users now have hands
Use the triggers to grab objects like notes and interact with doors and lights
Use your thumb pads to blink / teleport around the house
Teleport back and forth away from Chester while laughing at him :)
Grip buttons turn your flashlight on and off
Quit the game by pausing it and then pressing both triggers and thumb pads at the same time.
Theres two little boxes you can throw around for absolutely no reason!

Oculus Rift users
Rift users highlight the menu by looking at the option you want and interacting
Interact with objects by pressing A or X, plus the old buttons still work
Push in the right stick to sprint
Quit game by pausing and pressing both Left and Right triggers or both Mouse buttons

Oh yeah, I fixed the X and Y axis not inverting properly for normal users!
Aug 26, 2016
Emily Wants To Play - Shawn
Made a few changes to VR

You should be able to see the game in your VR library and click Play in VR from the menu.

The C key, middle mouse button, or pressing in the right stick on a controller will calibrate your view and center it back to your current real world position.

Oculus Rift users
The Oculus likes to sense your forehead. So when you start the game if the headset is not on, the screen will be black because it is paused at the loading screen. Put your headset on before or quickly after you start the game.

You can change the VR Preview output mode by pressing SHIFT+M, each press will cycle through the 3 choices.

HTC Vive users
The Vive will load the game up correctly whether it is on your head or not, just as long as your sensors see the Vive and everything is loaded up.

Do not press SHIFT+M as this will cause your VR preview screen to become black. If you do by accident, close the game and delete the file Engine.ini from this folder:


Non VR Users
You do not have to play the game in VR. Without VR equipment plugged up the game will start normal, with it attached you can press V to exit VR mode.

Thanks for playing Emily Want to Play!
Emily Wants To Play - Shawn

Emily Wants to Play is now playable and the ending is achievable in virtual reality. You can use the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to play the game up close and personal with Emily and her friends.

I have no idea why you would want to play the game in VR! But people have asked for it and some have already managed to get into VR before now. I adjusted a few things to get it working much better in VR.

Remember that this game is already intense and in your face, and VR just intensifies it even more. I would suggest playing the game first without VR and getting used to it before entering the world in virtual reality. Because in virtual reality it feels like the dolls are really right next to you and it is scary when they jump in your face.

This update does not effect anyone without VR and it is only for Windows users. I have heard that HTC Vive works on Mac but I haven't tested it.

Update notes and tips for VR users.

-Added support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
-Adjusted menus to display in VR in a more readable way
-Menus only show up in the left eye in VR
-Adjusted on screen subtitles and Emily's timer to appear in VR
-Added special keys and buttons for VR only use
-Detect if using VR and override original graphics settings (high settings don't work well in VR)
-Mr Tatters will not get you if you move your head in VR or your mouse
-and a whole bunch of other things that you won't notice :)

Special Keys and buttons for VR users:

V - Toggle VR off and on
C - Calibrates the view to your real world position. Sit or stand in your preferred position and press C.

Middle mouse button calibrates the camera.

LB/L1 - Flashlight
RB/R1 - Interact with objects
Left Stick - Move forward backward etc...
Push in Left Stick - Sprint
Right Stick - Look left and right
Push in Right Stick - Calibrate the view
View/Share button - Toggle VR mode

Special keys for advanced users:
/ - Toggle FPS meter to help with tuning quality (60+ FPS recommended)
6- Set video to really low quality, some lighting will not work
7- Set video to Low quality (faster frames less quality but playable)
8- Set video to Medium Quality (default)
9- Set video to High Quality (slower frames better quality)

Oculus Rift Only Keys:
1 - Output Stereo preview with vignette
2 - Output Stereo preview no vignette
3 - Output Left Eye only (it is stretched for some reason)
HTC Vive users, pressing 1-3 will black out your preview screen.
Emily Wants To Play - Shawn

Hello to everyone reading this,

I am prepping the game for a VR update and possibly something new to keep you guys busy, while I work full time on the sequel. In this update, I optimized a lot and added a few subtleties. I am trying to get Emily Wants to Play to run smoothly on more computers. Also, you can now use a usb controller to run around in the house.

Update includes:

For Windows and Mac:
  • Upgraded the whole game to Unreal Engine 4.11.2
  • USB Controllers now work on menus and all gameplay
  • Lowered default graphic settings to lessen crashes on lesser computers
  • Game down in size under 1 gigabyte, same quality
  • Subtle particle effects added
  • Added a few other subtle effects
  • Chester misbehaves less in this update, but he is still fast and mean :)
  • Emily roams around the basement sometimes
  • Made something (that no one ever found) a little more noticeable
  • Requires 1GB less video ram, but more is always better
  • Game should handle saving fullscreen and windowed mode options correctly
  • You can easily read all notes in the game, even in the dark!
  • Tons of optimizations, textures, lighting, etc…

Windows Only:
  • On new install, option to choose quality before game starts
  • Flashlight beam a little different

Macs only:
  • Lowered the frame rate some to make the gameplay smoother
  • Slowed down the speed of looking around (less MLG!)

I think that is everything, I don't keep up with my changes very well.

Thanks again to all of the great Emily Wants to Play fans out there. You guys are great! I watch the Let's Plays on YouTube. I read the comments here and there and everywhere. Plus, I check out what you guys are saying on social media. It has been very positive and I am glad that so many of you have enjoyed playing and watching people play Emily Wants to Play!

Emily Wants To Play - Shawn

For those of you that do not have a computer and can't play the game through Steam, there is now Emily Wants to Play on PlayStation 4! Make sure you tell all of your friends and dare them to play! :)

After months of hard work and testing, I was finally able to get Emily Wants to Play onto the PS4. The Xbox One is still in the works and will be coming out soon. No ETA yet, but it should be soon.

Emily Wants to Play on PlayStation Store

Emily Wants to Play PS4 announcement and some info about working on the game

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