iso-Sphere - 「tera」
I decided to release a free update for no reason what so ever ːDː

ːisoSphCube3ː Changelog ːisoSphCube3ː
  • New world with its theme, music, and mechanic.
  • 12 new levels with time records.
  • New factory block, which allows you to tactically place spheres on the level.
  • New pressure plate.
  • Camera now moves with the ball, so it allows for bigger levels in world 5.
  • Added graphic effects, which can be turned off in the menu.

I'd say its about 30 to 60 minutes of content depending on how good you are at this game. And also you will have to finish world 4 to get access to this one ^^;

Your game should be automatically updated soon.

ːisoSphCube3ːSale ːisoSphCube3ː

Also, there will be a weeklong sale from 8th of may till 15th 70% off.
iso-Sphere - tera
  • Fixed: Speed of ball with Alternative Controls didn't match normal speed.
iso-Sphere - tera
  • Added: Ingame options.
  • Added: Alternative controls. Very useful for gamepads. Check options.
  • Changed: Ingame menu colors.
  • Changed: Increased ball acceleration. Ball should be more responsive now. Also changed acceleration curve overall to make small movements easier.
  • Changed: Ball no longer preserves momentum after respawning.
  • Fixed: Finishing level with Time Badge slower than before, removes Time Badge.
  • Fixed: Star not showing up in finish screen.
iso-Sphere - tera
Some fixes and one new feature.
  • Added: Now you can see time required to get time medal for level (when hovering over its button in level selection menu).
  • Fixed: Unable to complete achievements related to Bonus levels.
  • Fixed: Now bonus levels correctly display medals for time records in menu.

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