Community Announcements - Daniel Snd
After almost 1 year and a half of work it's great to see the game finally out there :) I hope you guys are enjoying it, a lot of love and effort went into this game.

I initially decided to release Online Multiplayer as a beta test in the initial release to test this cool feature now instead of release it at a later date after the game. Unfortunetely already on the first day players are running into many issues with people playing from distant locations. I'm working on it and I believe I should have the online multiplayer working more reliably by next week in an update.

I'm really happy with all the positivity and the kind words you have sent, thank you so much for being so understanding and patient. I'd love to hear more feedback about the game, and if you want to talk about it feel free to drop by the Stream :D

If you're having issues with online multiplayer please be patient and try the rest of the game while I work on it :) Next week a new update will come out that might solve your problem.


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