Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
We're very happy to announce that Discovering Colors is now available on Linux!
We've also fixed an issue when playing DCA on windows with a multiple screen setup.

Today is also the release of our new game, Farabel!

Farabel is a turn based strategy game in which you start at the end of the story. But that’s not all. In Farabel, the whole gaming experience is turned around.
You start out the adventure with a hero at maximum power, and with each jump into the past, your character is left with a slightly weaker body. At the same time, the game become more and more complexe. Develop your cleverness, your strategic prowess, and your inventive capabilities!

Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames

Our new game, Farabel releases on PC, Mac, and Linux October 14.
As usual, it's a refreshing and fun to play game. But it's also the most innovative game we ever made: Farabel is a turn-based strategy game that starts out at the end!

Stay tuned, watch the new trailer, add the game to your Whislist and learn more on
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
DCA 1.5

This update brings an option to learn the name of the colors.

This is an opt-in option as we prefer it not to be activated by default for first time players.

We also made tons of very little tweaks concerning colors, the free painting tool and the UI. We truly hope you'll like this update and your kids too.

DCA on iOS devices

Discovering Colors is also available on iOS devices, after its first release a few years back we're bringing the iOS version up-to-date with the Mac/PC one.
You can grab it at unfortunately there's no way for us to transfer your purchase on Steam to the AppStore, sorry about that :(


Discovering Colors is discounted, 35% off, for the first time since his release.

Wall of fame

"I'm sooooo good at my own game"

"Never hide your true self"


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