Reveal The Deep - Lazy Monday Games
Hey guys!

I just pushed the latest update for Reveal the Deep - let me know if anything is wrong, as there may be some teething problems.

  • Updated the game's ending (should be less confusing now!)
  • Achievements have been added
  • Keymapping support has been added (you should be able to use this to make the game natively support controllers)
  • Fixes to the way the game handles full-screen
  • Various minor bug fixes

Many of you have requested save-functionality, and I'm in the process of developing it but it won't be included in this patch - apologies for this.

Thanks for your patience and being such an awesome community, we really appreciate ya'.


Lazy Monday Games

Reveal The Deep - Lazy Monday Games
Hi guys,

We've received reports about Reveal the Deep not running correctly on a variety of systems - a patch that is expected to fix the majority of these issues should be live within a week or so. In the mean-time I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused to users unable to run the game.

Controller support will also be added in the upcoming update, as well as some other bug fixes and user interface updates.

I felt it important to offer an official update and timescale regarding solving the issues with running the game, and my apologies for failing to be adequately active in the forums.

Thanks for trying our game. We never imagined the volume of users we have received, and for each one we are immensely grateful.

Lazy Monday Games
Reveal The Deep - Lazy Monday Games
Technical Notes
-Reveal the Deep should now run correctly on most OSX systems: 10.7 or higher.
-WASD + E support added.
-Fullscreen can now be enabled/disabled from the main menu.
-Defaults to windowed mode.

Bug Fixes
-Chapter 2 beginning bug resolved.
-Perma-death spike bug resolved.
-No more flying monsters in chapter 2.
-Parallax visual bugs fixed in chapter 2.

-More encounters added.
-More notes added.
Reveal The Deep - Lazy Monday Games
Hi guys,

I've pushed an update which will hopefully resolve issues with WinRAR interfering with the running of Reveal the Deep.

My sincere apologies for any frustration I caused.

Thanks for giving our game a shot.
Reveal The Deep - Lazy Monday Games
Hi Guys,

First I want to extend my sincere apologies to anyone who has been frustrated trying to run the game. I will endeavour to properly patch this in the future, but for now there is a workaround:

Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Reveal The Deep\

Right click "rtd.jar" and select "Open with" > Java(TM) Platform SE Binary.

The game should now run as intended.

I appreciate this isn't an adequate solution and I'm working on a patch to stop WinRAR interfering with the game running.


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