Message Quest - Masha Kochakova

For those who wait and believe!

We're making it. That's the proof. Game menu.

Spoilers and teasers. But - you know - the plot is not important. Atmosphere matters. ;)
Message Quest - Masha Kochakova

Message Quest is NOW on iOS!

Guys, we're soooo slowpokes, like Feste...


We made it eventually. Like Feste.

Message Quest is released on iOS, App Store!

And really really soon it'll get to Google Play.
(in a slightly different monetization model so don't be surprise, we're experimenting with formats)

So now you finally can share this experience with your friends and famaly not only on PC - welcome to try our mobile version!

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these heralds from the swift completion of their appointed quests.


Message Quest НАКОНЕЦ-ТО доступен на iOS!

Мы строили, строили и наконец построили! Со скоростью Фесте, ага.

Игра вышла на App Store и очень скоро станет доступна на Google Play.
(На последнем в немножко другом формате монетизации, не пугайтесь, мы экспериментируем с форматами)

Ура же! Теперь вы сможете поделиться историей Фесте с друзьями и семьей не только на ПК - приглашаем вас попробовать мобильную версию!

Ни снег, ни дождь, ни жара, ни мгла не помешают вестникам доставить послание!
Jul 19, 2016
Community Announcements - Masha Kochakova

Today is Message Quest's Day! Our tiny little game sold 10k copies! And that's marvelouse news.

For the dream-project of ours, without money ambitions - 10k people, plaing in our fairy tale - is a real miracle. We didn't expect such a good results.

Thank you, our dear players!

Thank you so much for beeing with us!

Sorry for little activity, but we are now at the new project - Avarange. And hope to make it bigger, more adult, more dramatic that MQ. Wish us luck!

And beams of Happiness to you!
Community Announcements - Masha Kochakova
Maybe you would be interested :3

That's the magic of making game logos. Crafting, and casting spells, and creating new worlds... Anyway for us it's the first experience of such stuff. We thought that logos usually appear from a giant toad's tears or some fairies make it from stardust and colibry feathers...

But that's how it happens in reality!

Apr 19, 2016
Community Announcements - Masha Kochakova
Hey! How's your doings?

We are pretty well too here :3 Sold 6k copies - nice results for our tiny first play, isn't it?

What are we doing? A few things:

1 - We prepare MQ Mobile release, now we're testimg our game in iOS, and soon will start testing on Android. We really want to make it real in Spring. Wish us luck!

2 - We are thinking and thinking and making a preproduction phase of our new project Avarange. We want it to be a bit more seriouse, dark and sad. We love dark fairy tales. Do you like them too?

3 - We are making a site of our studio and want to share with you a piece of our future logo. It's not ready yet, but we are eager to share. WE LOVE IT!

What do you think? Do you recognize these characters? Hope, you are ;)

Beams of love and inspiration to you, guys!
Let's play and act and make magical games!
Community Announcements - Maria Kravtsova
Guys, we need your help with one tiny lazy issue - Mobile Testing of Message Quest! Yeah, it's finally happening. Please join us and help us to prepare a proper release of our beloved stained-glass fairy tale!

Try Mobile Message Quest earlier than anybody!

The link leads to a small questionaire about your devices and favourite games - please fullfill it if you want to join mobile testing of Message Quest. And yeah, it's totally for free!
Community Announcements - Maria Kravtsova

So, it happend that the majority of Royal Troupe are women. So we're celebrating and wish you to celebrate this wonderful day!

Graz, our sisters-players, and also brothers-players - you are lucky today because you have us, and we have you!

Beams of love and spring, everybody~
Feb 27, 2016
Community Announcements - Maria Kravtsova

Today's update contains small fixes:
- We fixed the bug with side-panels in 16:10 screen ratio.
- Fixed some minor bugs in localization.
- And updated the credits with some new awesome guys who helped us.

So it goes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Feb 24, 2016
Community Announcements - Maria Kravtsova
Guys. Girls. Ladies and gentlemen. Everyone.

We love you soooooo much! I don't know how to describe this feeling - when you create something, and you are really afraid of how people will take it, and then you see that your game (or your book, or comics, or dance, or song, or picture, anything - your work, part of you) is doing well. And that there are thousands, thousands of people who saw it and maybe even enjoyed it. *sob-sob*

We really love our tiny small game, we've made it from our hearts - so this achievement - 5 000 copies sold - is a real joy for us. Thank you for being with us, for your support!

And so as you are so kind, we will make a little coming-out:

We start (just start!) a new game :3

Now it lives only in our heads and some documents - so we can show you just a small teaser.


Thank you again! We'll keep you posted about Avarange and our future plans. There will be a surprise soon. But shhhhhhh!

Community Announcements - Maria Kravtsova
First of all let me thank you, guys, for support of our game!

Only 3 months from release - and we've already sold 4 000 copies! That's really, really good for such a small indie game as ours. Thanks!

And here is the next lore drop. :3


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