Hairy Little Buggers - 2&30 Software

Today, Hairy Little Buggers is a game. A hairy game. A little game. But a game we love.

We’ve been in early access nearly two years. There are a few bugs to patch & some encounters to balance, but the game is a full game, at this point, not an Early Access prototype. So we feel that going Gold is the correct thing to do.

We’ll keep updating it, releasing bug patches as needed. But as for the game, it’s done.
It’s filled with adorable dwarven babies, cute animations, goblin-smashing combat & 10-15 hours of incredibly, brutally, soul-crushingly hard Dwarven city simulation.

Anyway, we have plans for updates, including balance tweaks, new achievements, new challenge levels, etc. But for now, the core game is done. Thanks to everyone who’s bought the game in Early Access & supported us on this 2-year journey. <3

- Michael & Elliot

I’m pretty sure no one but me is ever going to retrieve the Arkenstones in all the challenge modes. :)
- Michael

May 12, 2017
Hairy Little Buggers - esk
Hello Folks, another patch going live today. Changes include:
  • Janitors now prioritize poop over dirt (should help with managing early plagues)
  • Dirt piles now prevent rooms from operating
  • More helpful menu descriptions for various objects and rooms
  • Minor bug fixes

Until next time, send feedback/bug reports/abuse to

May 4, 2017
Hairy Little Buggers - esk
Hello All,
Just a couple of minor changes in this update:

  • Dwarven Forest has been made easier
  • New map, "Fort on the Borderlands"
  • Alerts when enemy attacks occur
  • Stockpiles made more efficient
  • Fixed some problems with loading save games with surface waves
  • Minor interface changes: text displays when game is paused, display combat strength of units, similar small things

As always, let us know about problems or suggestions on the steam forum or by email at
That's all for now!

Hairy Little Buggers - 2&30 Software

Queen Under The Mountain will now be known as: Hairy Little Buggers

We feel that this name change makes it more clear what the game is, rather than what it was when it started in Early Access, over a year ago.

We still have a bunch of stuff to fix, before we leave Early Access, but the new adult humor, and the age gate/warning screen/trailer that allows that to be in the game, is a major step forward.

There is also a new trailer, which I, personally, just love. Check it out!

NSFW Trailer
PG Trailer

- Michael
Hairy Little Buggers - 2&30 Software
Hey all,

As Queen Under The Mountain has changed over the past year of early access, the vibe of the game has changed. Such is early access! :)

So, in order to better represent what the game is to gamers, and to make sure that people buying the game have a good idea of what they're getting into, we're going to change the name of the game.

We'll be changing it (in 2 weeks) from Queen Under The Mountain, to Hairy Little Buggers

We have a new trailer which we'll unveil at some point soon, that also better highlights what the game is.

- Michael
Feb 21, 2017
Hairy Little Buggers - esk

Update #31

The end-of-the-month Update is here! We’ve added Sex, Pooping & Toilets, The Plague, Jewels & the Jeweller,

Reproduction now requires that any two dwarves have sex. If PG mode is on, they will simply kiss each other, but if it’s off, they’ll do it in several different positions, while moaning various dirty things.

Pooping & Toilets, Sickness & the Plague:
Dwarves poop. They prefer to walk to the nearest toilet & use that, but if there isn’t one available, they’ll poop on the floor.

Stone toilets can now be built in the Privy rooms, which should be scattered across your fortress to create easy access for colon-laden dwarves.

Poop lying around on the floor adds to the Sickness variable. If it gets over 100, there will be an outbreak of the plague. This will kill 20 percentage of your dwarves.

Treasure swap-out:
We’ve swapped out all the goblin treasure with giant gemstones! We’ve also added the Jeweller & the Bijouterie, along with several different levels of Gems mounted with Gold & Marble. This gives the treasure system more depth than simply capturing Goblin Treasure.

Reaching the 3rd age now requires building a Nunnery & promoting 3 nuns.

- Revamped the Options menu to include individual volume bars & a PG mode.
- Babies growing up now play an animation (They rip off their diaper & stand up)
- Treasure, Goblin Treasure has been replaced with Giant Gemstones.
- Craftdwarves no longer carry objects that aren’t meant for their room.
- More sliding bugs fixed. Dwarves are less likely to slide around on their butts.
- Gold Ore & Gold Bars, Marble Ore & Marble Blocks are back in. Gold Bars are made by the smelter, and Marble Blocks are made by the Stonecutter.
- Lots of new sound effects this month!
- Buttons on the launcher are now sliced correctly. They don’t look stretched.
- Save system improved, several bugs fixed.

Coming up:
Next month, we have a new trailer & some title changes. We also still want to play with adding food, farming, hunger,and new things in that vein. We’d also love add more achievements!

- Michael Todd & Elliot Snow-Kropla
Jan 30, 2017
Hairy Little Buggers - 2&30 Software

Update #30

The end-of-the-month update is here! We’ve added 2 new maps & fixed a bunch of bugs, including the Itchy Butt Bug.

New level: Nordberg
Nordberg is a snowy winter map, with Snow-Covered Trees, which can be chopped down to create logs, but can’t be replanted with saplings. You’ll have to dig down & find underground springs to have a renewable wood source.

This level has both Goblins & Demons, who attack in ever-increasing waves. It also features a huge amount of undiggable rock, making this level twisted & hard to layout your fortress around. I love undiggable rock, so this is my new favorite level (-Michael)

New level: Ördög-árok
Ördög-árok is an ash-covered wasteland, filled with blasted rocks & lava pools. This map centers around the Demons, who attack you after 2000 seconds. You’ll have to tech all the way up to Knights in order to defeat them.

Very little lumber in this map, so you’ll have to dig down & find the underground springs to build wooden objects.

Bug fixes:
- Knights stuff cost steel properly. This increases their cost effectively, as your new steel pipeline will have to bear the full burden of the Knight’s cost.

- Huscarle’s don’t require cloth anymore. This makes them accessible early in Age 2, which makes them faster to deploy.

- Dwarves sliding around on their butts is mostly fixed. Although I’m sure there are still a few dwarves with itchy butts.

- Blacksmiths now build all their objects while standing correctly near their anvils.

- ‘Center’ switched to ‘Centre’

- Forge with Iron Ore on top of it, doesn’t flicker anymore.

- Dead Trees are now harvestable to create logs, but can’t be replanted with saplings.

Coming up:
Next month, we want to focus on a lot of bugs & polishing. We have a long list of things that should be polished up, from the launcher menu to sound effects. As for new features, we’ve been playing with a hunger/starvation system & a few new rooms. Should be good fun! :)

Best wishes!
- Michael Todd & Elliot Snow-Kropla
Dec 16, 2016
Hairy Little Buggers - 2&30 Software

Update #29

A brand new update is here! We’ve introduced a new mechanic, a new monster, a few new rooms and a new level!

The Update:
We’ve added the Greed mechanic. In some levels, Dwarves are greedy. Their greed slowly increases, and when it’s higher than the amount of treasure you have, they suffer from Gold Lust; They stop what they’re doing & think about treasure.

But if you can capture treasure, and put it in your Treasuries (a new room type), this will satisfy the Dwarves ever-growing lust for gold, at least for a while. :)

New level: Koboldvár
Koboldvár is a level all about the Greed/Treasure mechanic. The map has tons of caves, filled with monsters & treasure. Dig down to the very bottom level & dig out the Arkenstone to win the level, but beware! This time, it’s guarded by Demons.

New monster: Demon
This new monster is very strong. Only Knights have a chance to defeat them. Make sure to tech all the way to the 3rd age, before fighting Demons.

Other changes:
We removed the old crappy feasting system & now you build Rooms to upgrade to the new age. We’ve added the Hall of Ancestors & the Library, which tech you up to the 2nd & 3rd Ages, respectively.

Happy holidays! Don’t forget to buy waaaay too many steam games in the upcoming sales!

- Michael & Elliot
Nov 16, 2016
Hairy Little Buggers - 2&30 Software

Queen Under The Mountain
Update #28 - Nov 16th 2016
And we’re back! There is a *huge* update for QUTM, out now! Also, a price drop to $14.99 USD!

The Update:
We’ve spent nearly six months working on this one (weekends & evenings, around contract work & other jobs). We’ve revamped the underlying gameplay, rewritten how Dwarves handle jobs (they can now drop a job half-way through & do something that is more urgent), and just a bunch of polish for art,

We also cut a bunch of stuff. We edited out a bunch of cruft, so the core game is fun, hard and interesting to play. We’ll add stuff back as we design interesting ways to use it.

The Price Drop:
Through the process of Early Access we decided that the price of $14.99 USD better fit the game. So, thanks to your feedback, we’ve lowered the price.

If you have already bought the game, then you’ve been given the Early Supporter title in the game, and will get a free copy of the Deluxe Edition when we make it (which will include the soundtrack, art, dwarven sex animations & a bunch of cool things).

Road map to the FUTURE:
- Monthly updates. This should give us enough time to make really cool things.
- Levels. We’re aiming for 10 levels, each of which is about an hour of gameplay.
- Random play. We really want to combine the key features of the each of the levels, into a large random map generator.

Back at the start of 2016, we had to do contract work to keep the studio lights burning. But now we’re back! We’ve got a little office in the west end of Toronto, & we’re chomping at the bit to make new stuff! :)

- Michael & Elliot

Mar 31, 2016
Hairy Little Buggers - esk
Greetings and Salutations!

Today marks the last of our weekly updates. Mike and I've talked it over, and we think we've got close enough to gold that's it's time to go head down and push for it. After twenty seven (!) weeks of updates, we've got a small backlog of features that really need more time and care put into them then a weekly update schedule allows. There still might be an update here or there before the gold launch, but we'll have to see if there are any nice bite size chunks for us to present to you fine folks.

Without further ado, here is the list of new content:

  • Random level generation! No more will the placement of goblin caves be the same every game. The procedural cave placement system is actually pretty cool, we'll have lots of cool caves in the future. Also caves fully moddable, as usual.
  • Expanded happiness system: now dwarrow can be made unhappy by standing on unpleasant things; things like poop, blood, or Hawthorn Guernseys.
  • Expanded happiness system part deux: your colony's overall happiness can now be affected by public works, not just luxuries in individual homes
  • Undiggable rocks now automatch, also redrawn to be visible in darkness
  • Can no longer dig into undiggable rock from above or below
  • Minor fixes and game balance tweaks

You know what we crave, in our heart of hearts; delicious, delicious bug reports! Send 'em in, along with limericks, poems, silly songs and all other feedback to

Toodle Pip,

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