Apr 16
Hypatia - Tsaukpaetra
Hello Hypatians!

Check it out! a shiny new trading table in Centrum!
Finally solved the wobble (hopefully permanently!) in VR.
Mic sensitivity was turned way down on accident, so the game didn't think you were talking when you actually were.
All photos should now be pickup-able in Mouse and Keyboard.
3D art submissions fixed!
Packed down the ground in Sprite Park so it stops moving all around you.
Adjust some auto-spawning objects to avoid ghosts and de-sync (hopefully).
Other small quality-of-life improvements.
Mar 7
Hypatia - Arrod
Hello Hypatians!

Update 1.15 is out now! We've done several updates in a row now, so lets take a moment to go over all the things that have changed in the last few updates!

We fully support Mouse and Keyboard play! Hypata is a VR first title, which means that some features may require the manual dexterity of VR in order to get the most out of them, but that is no reason to miss out on all the other features of Hypatia, or to not be able to play with your friends!

So we've opened up Hypatia to all Steam users, regardless of having a VR headset or not. In order to do so, we've made a number of features more nonVR friendly, and added a HUD to display all the info you'll need, as well as helpful control reminders! Let us know what you think about these changes, we're always looking to improve it more.

VR users, don't worry! We haven't removed or changed any part from your experience to accommodate our new nonVR users, we just added some accessibility options to those without VR to simplify the controls.

We now support Windows Mixed Reality headsets! We're always excited to support the latest hardware, and bring Hypatia to as many people as we can.

Building your own property is one of the coolest parts of Hypatia! You can purchase a space using the in game currency, and then decorate it just the way you want, changing wallpapers, buying furniture, etc! There is personal property, where only you and people you invite can visit, and there are public property that you can decorate for anyone to come see!

We've recently added another purchasable hotel room, and made some updates to the commercial property, and the apartment to add some more space to both!

Missed the Lunar New Year event? That's okay! While the Spirit Hunt is no longer active, we've left the area open for exploration, and who knows what we'll put in there next!

Finally, in this latest update, we added in new magic items - potions, orbs, and staves! These fun consumable items are awarded from the daily login boxes, and provide things like speed boosts, extra bits (one of our in game currencies), or experience!

This new reward box will be awarded every day you login, and unlike previous temporary boxes, this box is not part of a timed event, and will continue to exist into the foreseeable future!
Hypatia - Arrod
Hello Hypatians!

The year of the pig has arrived! Come welcome in the Lunar New Year with all your friends in Hypatia!

Make sure you login soon to get a daily bonus gift containing new items to unlock, and fresh in-game treats to snack on!

Be on the lookout for our post about Update 1.13 which will be dropping Feb. 12th, with details about the upcoming Lantern Lighting Festival, the Firecracker Spirit Hunt, and a special Valentine's Day celebration!
Jan 23
Hypatia - Arrod
Hello Hypatians!

Its that time again - Lets talk about the latest update to Hypatia!

New user advertisements are available. You can put up our own artwork in various spots throughout the city. Use this to show off your amazing painting skills, photography skills, or even upcoming events you are hosting!

We've also added a new area - Hotel Centrum. It now has a lobby and a brand new sign outside!

Although it is still under construction, and the elevators are offline, it is a nice place to hang out and relax with friends. The "Hotel Room" property has been moved inside this new area, just head up the staircase on your left!

Love photography? Check out the new selfie sticks - it has never been easier to get that perfect shot of yourself.

Property gets a bunch of new features as well. You can make your own signs with 3D letters, numbers, and symbols. Try using the new scaffolding items complete with built-in staircases and ladders to help you decorate those hard to reach spots. Forget what you look like? Check out the new mirrors, to reflect on your awesome property choices.

Keep an eye out for our next update where we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year, and as always, come say hi to the developers on Discord!

Full Patch notes:
  • A new area has appeared, and is under construction - Hotel Centrum!
  • User Ads exist! Made a cool painting or photo you want to show off? Put it on an ad!
  • Have an awesome event coming up? Make an ad!
  • Mirrors have been added as furniture items for property!
  • Trying to take that perfect selfie? Try out new Selfie sticks from the mall!
  • Make your own signs with new 3D letters, numbers, and symbols!
  • Own a large property? New scaffolding items can help you build it!
  • Too many items? Always on the go? Buy a pack of consumable inventory kiosks!
  • Fixed bugs with present cat, photo hand in, photo develop, and photo projection dailies.
  • A bunch of improvements and fixes to the property editing tool!
  • Various sound tweaks and improvements throughout Hypatia
  • Many mouse and keyboard control updates! Check our out Discord for full details: https://discord.gg/DFGat9E
Jan 8
Hypatia - Arrod
Hello Hypatians!

This update launches the long awaited User Events! You can find event creation kiosks in every major area, and event display boards in Centrum and Centrum South! This will allow you to create an organize events within the world for you and other players!

We are also featuring a huge new furniture pack, focusing on a Black & White color scheme. Head over to Hykea to check out the display! We didn't forget all color though, as we have also added a handful of simple color changeable primitives, as well as enabling color editing on the Climbing Handholds!

Update version 1.10.244
  • New Black & White furniture & painting collection
  • New colorable primitives for property
  • Spring is coming! Waterfront boat training is now active again!
  • Users can now use the event board and kiosk to create and organize their own events!
  • Nearby players will now include all players in the same map as you.
  • Daily activities now reset at a static time, rather than 24 hours after the last completion
  • Climbing handholds now have the proper name
  • Climbing handholds can now have their colors changes
  • Hats and food effects will now follow the player's head properly
  • You can no longer explore the same are twice
  • Fix the secret sound not playing on the Cogwheel Garden Rabbit
  • Increased the grab distance when pointing downward
  • Fixed 3D paint brush energy not showing up when freshly spawned
  • Action figures have been given sound effects!
  • Added checkout counters in the Mango Shopping Center
Hypatia - Arrod
Hello Hypatians!

That's right, the long awaited property update is here! Find a place to call your own in Centrum, or Centrum South, but act fast as there are a limited number of spaces available!

Once you own a space, you can customize it to build your own unique level for everyone to check out! All of the new properties, with the exception of the Hotel rooms, can be purchased only once. That's right, that door across from the Creative Studio could belong to you and only you! But only if you get there first!

Don't forget to stop by Centrum South to check out the brand new HY-KEA store to buy yourself some furniture to decorate with - we've added over 150 new items in this store alone! In the spirit of shopping, the Mango Shopping Mall has also had its displays completely updated for 2019! Come check out all the newest items and avatars on display!
Nov 20, 2018
Hypatia - Arrod
Greetings Hypatians

Update 1.7 is live!

Featured is a new avatar set from LilStevers - The Tree!

Enjoy the Tree in "Classic", "Enchanted," or "Nebula!"

We're also debuting some MAJOR upcoming features in the beta level.

Events will allow you to create and organize player driven events, and then advertise for them!

To access the new beta features purchase a "Travel Ticket - Testing Area" from the mall! Its only 10 Bits!

Property is split into two categories, Public, and Private! Private Property is inivitaiton only, so only you and your friends can visit, while Public Property allows you to make new levels for all Hypatians to enjoy!

You can decorate your new property with any items you already own, but make sure you check out the furnature as well! There are some exciting new options for interaction!
Nov 8, 2018
Hypatia - Arrod
Greetings Hypatians!

This update features a number of exciting new styles for existing avatars!
Unlock them by leveling up, or purchasing them directly from the Mango Shopping Mall!

Don't forget to join us on Discord to connect and plan with other Hypatians regardless of platform! https://discord.gg/DFGat9E

Full Update Notes v1.6
  • New styles added!
  • Spray can indicator upgraded
  • Fixed a few avatar part issues
  • Fixed locking a hat on someone else's head!
  • Metallic spray paint on inventory items should work consistently now
  • Fixed collision in Cogwheel Gardens
  • Fixed collision in Du Nul
Hypatia - Arrod
Hypatia's Haunted Halloween Update 1.5 is in full swing!

Start Trick-or-Treating now, or stop by next week to earn exclusive awards available during Halloween only!
  • Gargoyle avatar set
  • Paintable pumpkins
  • Candy
  • Exclusive costume
  • New Halloween faces
  • Haunted Halloween records!

Oct 15, 2018
Hypatia - Arrod

Hello Hypatians!

Join us this Saturday, October 20 at the Du Nul Theater for Hypatia's first Battle of the Bands showdown!

Compete either solo or with a band to put on the best musical performance. Basic instruments can be found in the prop room, but players are welcome to bring their own instruments on stage as well. Judging will occur via Timefire developers, and prizes shall be awarded to the best solo and group act!

Want to start a band? Head over to our Discord {LINK REMOVED} to get organized, or just show up and make friends live!

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