Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
Hello everyone! This patch has been a long time coming due to me starting work on a new project. Apologies for this, and thank you for waiting. This patch brings with it a new localization, some much-needed fixes to the native Mac version, campaign difficulty balances, and cross-platform save games between pc & mac. Finally, I've also weakened Rick's invert card. Due to changes in game balance, the Steam leaderboards have been reset.

The game's base price has also now been lowered to $6.99 or regional equivalent.

If you play on both PC and Mac, Steam will only keep one instance of your save game in the cloud. It will usually prompt you for a choice and tell you which is the most recent. Make sure to launch the game on the platform with the save game you intend to keep and play a level or change an option, then quit and let the save sync. This should now be the most recent save game.

The full changelog is below- if there are any issues please get in touch here.


New Features & Changes:
-New German translation available!
-Cross platform cloud saving between Windows & MacOS.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a potential scenario that could result in game-breaking points.
-Some corrections for RU translation.
-Fixes with displaying long usernames in the highscores list.
-Micro-stutter/general smoothness should be improved with a slightly increased frame buffer.
-Mac Native Version: Dialog sound clipping issues

Card & Skill Balances:
-Rick's 'Invert' card now adds a 'Red Tape' card to his pick-ups, while the economy is now -4 instead of -8.
-Early camapign missions have been made easier by adjusting the player's starting life count and purchase points.
Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
The mac version is finally here on Steam!

Previously only available on through a wine wrapper, the new Steam version features both a native port and a new wine wrapper version! Steam will ask which version you want to run on launch.

Both versions are functional minus some Steam API features: Leaderboards and achievements are unavailable for the time being, although cloud saves are working. The save game directory for both osx versions are the same so you can play either and not lose progress.

I don't think Steam cloud syncs save games between PC and Mac, only between PC to PC or mac to mac. The file formatting is the same though so you can copy files across, the save game directory for the platforms are as follows:

PC: Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/ConcreteJungle
Mac: :/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/ConcreteJungle

There are also a few additions to last weeks patch, as follows:

New Features & Changes:
-Mac version now available!

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a bug that caused completed campaign levels to record the most recent score as the personal best score.
-'Medical School' was distributing +6 points instead of +5 as listed on the card.

Card & Skill Balances:
-1st Level 3 star threshold changed to 100.
-Made Rick's easy AI a little easier.
-Adjusted difficulty curve of early versus campaign levels.

Please report any bugs or issues at:
Mar 21, 2017
Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
Hello everybody!

This update has been a long time coming, but it's finally here! I'm currently prepping the mac version for release on Steam next week, along with some long-lingering bug fixes.

The mac version on Steam contains both a native version and a wine version- it'll ask you which one you want to play on launch. The Wine version has been available for a while on storefronts like, but I've been waiting for a functional native version to be ready before releasing on Steam. Both versions share the same save game directory, so you can play either one without losing progress.

Because of some bug fixes relating to possible exploits, the Steam leaderboards will be reset next week.

Concrete Jungle 1.1.8 is live now on Steam, and coming to other storefronts shortly.


New Features & Changes:
-English dialog now plays even when a different language is selected (to turn off, lower the voice volume to 0).

Bug Fixes:
-AI bugs with placing towers (would sometimes try an illegal move)
-Fixed a bug where the display of the unlocked card faded before you could read it.
-Fixed a bug where the game would not maximize its window on startup.
-Missing link icon from the 'Welfare Office' card.
-Missing link icon from the 'Farmers' Market' card.
-Missing star icon from the 'Sculpture' card.
-Fixed some dialog errors on levels 7, 11 and 14 when using languages other than English.
-'Parking' building's extend max block size ability was being applied incorrectly, resulting in only a +1 size increase.
-The level name introduction text now scales properly with the game window.
-Some remaining text and grammatical errors.

Card & Skill Balances:
-'Museum' no longer duplicates cards that can duplicate other cards.
-'Newspaper HQ' ability now only applies to empty land or point-collecting buildings and is capped at +32 economy.
Sep 24, 2016
Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
Hello everybody!

Once again I have a new patch for you- this fixes some remaining issues from the last one and adds some AI optimization. I'm also going to be doing the high score reset I mentioned last time after I post this. Following a few bug reports with the last patch I chose to postpone the reset until this one was ready.

Here are the update notes for 1.1.6.

New Features & Changes:
-AI 'thinking' speed has been optimized, AI will now arrive at decisions faster.
-Added a 'Text Size' slider to the main menu's graphic options (only use this if text is not displaying properly due to your OS text sizing config).
-Newly unlocked cards will now stay on screen until a mouse click or accept button input.
-On AI turns: Messages displaying what the AI has chosen to spend its purchases on.
-Reduced volume of the Barn's moooo sound as it was really loud!

Bug Fixes:
-The Orphanage was missing a link symbol on the card.
-While in-game, changing the configuration of the 'back' button resulted in the menu being closed upon pressing a new key.
-In Laney's skill tree, the 'Tenements' card was refered to in text as 'Residential Tower'. Corrected to avoid confusion.
-The 'accept' button now confirms build list changes.
-Using the 'accept' button to place a building with a selectable buff would result in the placement imediately being cancelled.
-The achievement for unlocking all cards was unlocking at level 20.
-Yves' 'particular' skill was not enabled in the immediate card shop card cycle after continuing/loading a game.
-Using Horace's 'Trading Block' skill while owning a deck of 12 cards caused you to gain paperwork before receiving a card from your opponent.
-The 'Cards Discovered' stat in the stats screen was being reported incorrectly in some cases.
-The block bonus tip text stated the player recieved +1 economy point for a block of 4, when it was changed to +2 in patch 1.1.1.
-Fixed a bug with Horace's steal tech skill, where it was possible for the tech to be stolen from a non-existant player.
-The 'Postal Depot' economy bonus was not calculated properly in relation to blocks that had been extended beyond their default capacity of 4.
-When the tech tree was completed to gold level, saving and loading could give the player an extra turn in VS.

Card & Skill Balances:
-The level 'Chester' has been reduced in length by 2 columns, with 2 & 3 star requirements adjusted accordingly.
-The level 'South Bourbon' has been reduced in length by 4 columns, with 2 & 3 star requirements adjusted accordingly.
-The level 'Tesla Hill' has been reduced in length by 3 columns, with 2 & 3 star requirements adjusted accordingly.
-The 'Newspaper HQ' ability now works for all negative points on the board, instead of just point-collecting buildings.
-'Steal points' now only works on buildings as suggested on the card. Description updated accordingly.

As always, send any bug reports my way by using:

It's a big week for Concrete Jungle! The game is going to launch on both iOS and Android later this week, so look out for that if you want to play on your phone or tablet. There's also some exciting news for folks who may not own the game yet, although the chances of you reading this if you don't must be quite slim.

Regarding the long awaited mac version- I'm thinking of bringing the wine version to Steam until the native version gets here. Unfortunately, the software used to make Concrete Jungle was supposed to have a working mac exporter by now, but due to delays with that beyond my control it hasn't materialized. I have been assured development on that will resume soon, so a native mac version is still on the horizon! In the meantime though, the wineskin version works just fine on any half-modern mac and is identical to the Windows version in every way, expect that to land on steam in the not too distance future.
Jul 21, 2016
Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
Hello all, I hope you are enjoying the summer! I'm positing today to announce the release of Concrete Jungle 1.1.5. This one has been a long time coming, due to some unfortunate real life stuff delaying my progress.

The good news is though, there's a whole bunch of fixes, both little and large- see the change log at the bottom for more detail. The main addition this patch is additional language support; French and Spanish.

I've been testing this patch for about a week myself, but as usual I'm paranoid that I've broken something somehow, so I'll be monitoring bug reports closely during the next few days and issuing hotfixes if needed. If you catch something in need of fixing immediately, the best way to let me know is through:

When I'm sure everything is working as it should, I'll also issue a steam high score board reset. There are some exploit fixes in this release, and a reset is the only real way to level the playing field. The non-steam versions of the game will also be updated at this point.

Change log since last update:

New Features & Changes:
-Added new language support: French & Spanish (requires game restart).
-The story mode unlocks levels sooner to give a greater variety of game modes to play as you progress.
-Re-designed elements of cards and deck icons for greater legibility.
-Added a link icon to cards with linking abilities.
-Rewording of a lot of card text for clarity and consistency.
-Card selection area given blue tint.
-When using a controller, the selected card is fully visible (displayed infront of all others).
-The amount of XP required for levels above 13 is clamped to greatly reduce grind to unlock cards.
-Removed 'Dormitory' buildings from the pre-made city in 'South Bourbon' level- their card rules could lead to confusion when interacting with various special abilities.
-Redesigned 'Butterworth Farm' level.
-Unlock Level now capped at 100.
-You now get 50% of the XP you would from winning if your loose/draw but complete the level (this was previously none).

Bug Fixes:
-Resizing game window while in skill screen caused skill icons to disappear.
-Jeon's 'Ray of Confusion' was causing issues with some specific buildings (eg. Microbrewery), for both players and AI.
-Right clicking in the deck list area when not over a deck entry would result in the card underneath displaying its card info.
-A bug with the game registering the traffic count- was causing the wrong amount of traffic in some cases.
-Enabling 'view previous city' while on Column #2 would cause the vertical ground graphic to be renderd along the incorrect column.
-With the building point counters turned off, placing a new building would remove counters on empty tiles.
-With the building point counters turned off, placing a point-collecting building on an empty tile with a point value would cause the points counter to stay.
-Game would not check for scenarios where large buildings could not be built, possibly resulting in a stalemate.
-Bug that could result in a Theme Park giving a point to the wrong player's building.
-Skipping turns in vs mode would result in extra/subtracted turns not being recorded properly for your next go.
-An exploit in versus mode to do with the Embassy's land stealing ability.
-Jeon's antlers were overlapping the 'Character Select' text in the main menu!
-The 'language', 'AI speed' and 'Confirmation Step' options were inaccessible when using a controller.
-The green level xp bar in the card database was not displaying progress correctly.
-The text description when the 'Freight Train Yard' card was right clicked was incorrect.
-A small chance the game would crash when resizing the window with shaders enabled.
-Miranda's 'Patent Troll' ability was not working correctly.
-Abilities that steal cards have been greatly improved (they were not as random as they could of been before, and in worse cases prone to error).
-The 'Intel HQ' ability was bugged, resulting in it infrequently cloning 3 cards, and sometimes the wrong 2nd or 3rd cards. It should now work as stated on the card.
-A small visual glitch that could result in a few pixels of empty space between entries in the deck list when cards were added to it.
-Un-maximizing the game in the options no longer results in the game window being positioned half off the top left of the screen (in Win 10 at least!)
-Visual glitch with 'Intel HQ' building, resulting in a transparent line between the two halfs of the building graphic.
-Adjusting the game's window size while on the card database screen, then switching back to the solo mode/vs mode setup screen would result in UI elements being in the wrong position.
-When going to the in-game menu while on the card shop screen, upon switching back again the card text in the deck list would dissapear.
-Cancelling a link ability when placing a building would result in the game telling you it couldn't again be built at that position, until you moved the cursor.
-Weather changes in the first 2 campaign levels could cause the background colour to change incorrectly.
-The glowing up or down arrows corresponding to area effects could display over buildings in future columns that were not yet in the play area.
-In Rick's tech tree it was possible to purchase the 'Selfie Tower' without first buying the 'Theme Park'.
-Jeon's 'Concrete Caribou Jungle' skill wouldn't place a statue on the 0,0 tile.
-The deck list icon for the 'Tenements' card read 'Tenement Tower'.
-If you ended a game with a target in the double digits, the second digit would remain visible during the Game Over screen.

Card & Skill Balances:
-Giles' 'Gurt Lush' skill does not apply to landmark level building draws.
-Economy of 'Invert' card changed from -3 to -8.
-Economy of 'Debt' card changed from -1 to -2.
-3 Stars requirement for 'Randolph' has been changed from 1100 to 650.
Concrete Jungle - (Graham Smith)

Part of the fun of playing games for me is the conversations that happen around them, but that means that it can feel like you’ve missed out when you come to a game late. So let’s generate our own discussion by revisiting some of last year’s missed games together. For starters, I chose Concrete Jungle, a blend of city- and deck-building.>

I don’t like it as much as I thought I did.

… [visit site to read more]

Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
Hello citizens!

I'm pleased to say Concrete Jungle is kicking off the new year with a massive new update that features not only 20 new buildings, but a new night time mode!

I hope you'll agree, the night mode looks quite nice! I'll still likely add a few final touches to it in future patches- like some additional windows lighting up.

Night mode is enabled by default, will kick in after a few minutes and eventually cycle back to day again. it has no effect on gameplay and is cosmetic only (similar to the rain effects). If for whatever reason you'd prefer to play without it there's a new option to disable it in the options menu.

Here's the complete list of new buildings:
-Waste to Energy Plant
-Market Garden
-Outlet Store
-Retirement Home
-Convention Center
-Resident Parking
-Gas Power Plant
-Pumping Station
-Medical School
-Cedar Heights
-Freight Train Yard
-Callahan Building
-Vickers Gate
-Gardening Suppliers
-Drive-in Cinema

As a few of these are new starter class cards, the XP requirement to level up has also been reduced significantly. There are now 27 cards to unlock.

You can find a full changelog here.

I'm quite happy with the amount of content in the game now (that's not to say there won't be more in the future!) But my focus will now turn to language support and platform support. I hope to have some news for you on that front soon.
Nov 24, 2015
Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
Hello everybody!

I've just posted the latest update- quite a good one. There's 8 new buildings, including a new starting card.

I've also nerfed the 'museum' card, it will no longer replicate other museums or cards with a cloning ability. Although difficult, it was possible to achieve a crazy high score card cycle by using multiple museums to clone themselves and other high value buildings. As a result, I'll also be resetting the versus mode leaderboards towards the end of the week to keep things fair. I hope this will be the last reset I'll have to do.

I'll be monitoring the changes during the next few days as usual in case I've missed any small tweaks/glitches. Here are the patch notes:

New Cards:
-Bowling Alley
-Chocolate Factory
-Life electric Landmark
-Printing Press
-Religious Building
-Research Plant

-Fixed: Cursor button would be highlighted with a card selected unnecessarily.

Card/Skill Balances:
-Museum no longer clones other museums. Cost changed from 6 to 9, changed to purple tier.
-Cost of 'Radio Telescope' card changed from 7 to 10, effect only works if the opponent's threshold >60.
-Cost of 'Recycling Site' card changed from 4 to 5, economy changed from 3 to 1.
Oct 28, 2015
Concrete Jungle - The Cole Train
Hello everybody!

The 1.1.1 update just went live, there's some cool new things in this one, you can read the full patch notes here, but here's the good stuff:

New Buildings!
The first new building additions are included in this patch- 2 new landmark level buildings. These are just the first of many new buildings I have planned that will arrive with future patches.

New Options!
By popular demand, I've included some new options- a way to adjust AI play speed and an option to have a confirmation step before you play cards. Both can be found in the options > game menu. The AI speed option currently only effects the pauses between placements and menu selections and not it's actual 'thinking time'. I hope to expand upon this in the future.

Steam Stats!
In the card database you can now see how often you select cards from the card shop in the form of a %, as well as the global average for the card collected through Steam's statistics API. It will hopefully be interesting to some of you, and it should help me with balancing issues in the future.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Graham Smith)

Alice has been away this past week, and so I’d imagine is presumably playing the game of “If I swim to the other side of this loch and run away, perhaps I’ll not have to return to work on Monday.” The rest of us however remain on dry land and I’ve gathered the team to ask them what they’ll be playing this weekend. Leave your own response in the comments below.

… [visit site to read more]


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