Jan 26, 2016
Mu Complex - Cime
Step into the darkness of an ultra-secret company and find out the truth about stories you would have never wanted to hear. This new update features a demo of Mu Complex, including the first 4 levels of the complete version. It will introduce you to the original game world and make you a confirmed hacker. You will have to hack your way in the computers of the complex through an immersive gameplay and new way to think.

To search, decode and progress through the game, you will have to change your habits, and think by yourself.
Rediscover your environment and your workspace: the logic will be your best ally in the Mu Complex.
Oct 25, 2015
Mu Complex - Cime
We've just received some news from Arianne.

She's now a little more precise and will give more informations when you're on the good way.
Oct 24, 2015
Mu Complex - Cime
We've just fixed a major bug that slipped into the release version.

It would prevent the player from opening a critial file in bobby's computer, the game would crash.

It you encounter this bug, please ensure that your game is fully up-to-date before posting a bug report.

We sincerly apologies about the inconvenience.

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