Flute Master - Insignio Labs
Players on Steam now have access to the Play 6 Music Pack!

These are 6 tracks made especially for Flute Master and included in the music education manual "Play - 6º Ano" (Play - 6th grade) by Porto Editora, a major publisher for education, literature, and media in Portugal. The track authors are Jonas Araújo and Tito Santos.

This pack is definitely easier to play than our previous packs "Epic Christmas" and "Trick or Treat", being mainly aimed at players who completed the main 9 levels and are looking for an intermediate step before level X.

Happy recorder playing! :)

PS: You might notice that we are now named Classplash inside our games, and not Insignio Labs. Don't worry, we're the exact same people, we just opened under a new name!
Flute Master - Canis Lupus
After many requests, Flute Master finally supports fingering for baroque recorders!

Oh, and we also added support for our Music Store DLC packs, starting with Epic Christmas and Trick or Treat.

Have fun!

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