Steamroll - Anticto
Hi community,

Yes, we are still alive! It has been a long time since we last posted any update, but today we have pushed a new version of the game, so we wanted to talk about it.

It has been two years since the first release of Steamroll already. We have been very busy surviving and working for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but we decided that it was time to update the Steamroll engine to the latest version. That was a 4-version jump! We hope that now that we are using Unreal Engine 4.18, most of the technical glitches that some users were experiencing on AMD CPUs are gone.

We have also improved the support for high-resolutions (4K) that had an uncomfortable user interface, we have solved some level design issues and introduced new textures for the Scarabeus and some other details in level assets. We have also fixed some minor localisation and gameplay glitches as well. We hope you like it.

Thanks for playing our game!

The Steamroll team
Steamroll - Anticto
Dear community,

We have just pushed a new version of the game adding Korean language support (thanks to our community member Dollppin!) and several fixes like:
- cut text boxes in Russian and Ukrainian.
- Scarabeus stuck without control at the the start of the "Low Pressure" level.

Thanks for all who reported the issues and helped us resolve them!

Steamroll - Anticto
Dear community,

We recently pushed a new version of Steamroll with updated translations. There is French now, and we have update dthe Russian and Ukrainian translations. Thank you very much to all the community translators that helped us!

We also updated the engine to Unreal Engine version 4.12. This should improve performance a little bit. This update is also comming to Mac, since we couldn't provide the last one because of an engine issue that has been fixed since (thanks Epic).

Steam on!

Steamroll - Anticto
Dear community!

We have added a set of 5 music tracks as free DLC to Steamroll. Our musician has been working hard in putting together some of the game music in standalone tracks for you to listen. Moreover, we have added 2 bonus tracks, with music that was developed and evaluated during the audio concept stages of the game. Pay special attention to "Memories of an ancient steam machine"!

We have also added community-contributed translations for Ukrainian (thanks to Andrey Gusev!), and an initial partial translation to Russian (thanks Essencer!). These are still under development and will be completed/corrected in the following releases. Moreover we have updated the Unreal Engine version to 4.11, with some performance improvements. Unfortunately, this update is not ready for Mac yet, since we are still trying to solve some technical problems with Unreal Engine in that platform, we hope to have it ready soon.

Keep rolling!

The Steamroll Team
Steamroll - Anticto
Dear community,

We have setup the leaderboards for Steamroll in the Steam site! If you already solved a puzzle in Steamroll you can now see how your solution compares to the rest of players here.

We have prepared two leaderboards for each level:
  • time in seconds to complete the level
  • resources used to solve a level
Remember that each steamball is a resource, and each item you place inside a steamball is an extra resource. Here is an example of the time leaderboard for the Escher level:

We thought that our developer accounts would be at the top of most of the leaderboards, but we have already been beaten by some users... but we warned: we don't give up easily! ːsteamhappyː

Some users have posted speedrun videos in the Steam community, so if you need ideas to improve your times go watch them!


The Steamroll team
Steamroll - Anticto
Hi Steamrollers,

We have just uploaded a new version with some fixes to the game. The changes include:
- small dialogue hint at the beginning of level 12 reminding that you can control 2 Scarabeus.
- added water splashes in level 18.
- leaderboard fixes for players who tested the early access version that added them with a 0 value.
- Script fixes for English and Catalan, and clipped text in 720p version of the SteamLog.
- Cleaned up some collisions in level 18 that were make the route prediction very "randomy"
- fixed red mark flickering for bomb predictions.
- bombs with a timer will explode now if the steamball hits a crystal.

All these were urgent fixes based on player feedback. Thanks to all who reported!

The Steamroll Team
Steamroll - Anticto
Dear community!

We have just pressed the big green button on Steam! After working hard for 18 months, we think Steamroll is finally complete. Comapred to the last version in Early Access (#26) we have been optimising more, and we have added support for German. More languages, bugfixes and optimisations will come in the following days, but for now enjoy the game and take a look at the new release trailer in the Steam Store.

Thanks all for this support during this long journey!

The Steamroll Team
Feb 16, 2016
Steamroll - Anticto
Dear community,

We have just unlocked the version 26 of the game. It is still a beta but it may be the last version before we release the final one. We would love all the feedback that you can provide so that we can iron out all the critical issues before 1.0 release.

The changes include:

- The final level.
- Scarabeus animations for moving and charging pressure.
- Lots of new sound effects.
- Heavy video memory optimisation.
- Rework of most of the menus.
- SteamLog: the main character's personal journal with hints about what is going on.
- Many bugfixes!

Some Windows users have reported problems with the Visual Studio 2015 Runtime failing when starting the game. This is an issue common with other games using the same runtime and we are investigating it. If you had this problem and have any information related to this issue let us know!

We hope you like it!

The Steamroll Team
Steamroll - Anticto
Dear community,

From today we have the beta version available on Steam. It is the complete game, with many improvements compared to the current default version: the final level, more animations, sounds, optimisations, achievements, rankings, etc. But it hasn't been tested much so we don't want to set it as the default for everybody yet.

If you are one of those brave souls and want to test it, you can enable it following these steps:
- Go to your steam library and locate Steamroll in the list
- Right-click with your mouse on the list and select "Properties" from the popup menu.
- In the new window, go to the "Betas" tab.
- In the drop-down menu you should have the option to select the beta version.
- Close the properties window and wait for the game to update.

If you want go back to the main version, you can just follow the same procedure and unselect the beta version.

Warning: the beta version only supports English at the time of writing this announcement, any other language will show mixed messages. This will change soon and more languages will appear.

Leave us any feedback as usual. We are getting close to the completion of the project but we still have time for improvements!


The Steamroll Team
Steamroll - jordi

We have been working on the implementation of achievements, steam cards, and leaderboards for our game. If you see them in the game steam site, but they don't work for your current version, it's because they will be activated in the upcoming full release!

We are almost there,

The Steamroll team

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