Mar 20
The Mors - Evallis
Another update on the overhaul for you, this time with something to look at!

The House

I don't want to show too much, but here are some screenshots of some harmless (story wise) places around the new house! The house itself is finished, but I am still working on the furniture and doors so the areas you see will most likely be different once all is said and done.

I have completely rebuilt the house from the ground up to better suit the story, and let me say this house is crazy big, much much bigger than the original.

One thing I didn't like about the house was every room seemed the same, the entire house used only a handful of textures throughout and I just knew I could do better. Every single room in this house is different, not only in terms of what's inside but the walls, the floor, the ceiling, colors and patterns, there is so much more variety! Not only that but it is far more natural to play, running around feels more open and forgiving in terms of controls, plus you can now see outside!

But all the assets that made up the old house have not gone to waste, I am re-working all the old material to be used as part of a new environment!


Outside the house and inside the house are now one space, meaning every window is not only see-through but, if you break it, you can hear outside!

There is now a day/night cycle complete with sun/moon rays through the windows as well as changing ambient sounds depending on time of day! There are also natural looking procedural clouds and new vegetation.

Up Next

Right now I am covering a lot of the house in ivy, roots and spiderwebs.
Other than that I am working on creating events and story elements, I made some new music and sound effects, and I am working on threats to the player as well as more gameplay variety and challenges.

That's about it from me for now, until next time as always thanks for playing!
Feb 19
The Mors - Evallis
A lot has happened in the last month, I moved to a new city! So that has slowed things down a little but I still have finished some major aspects of the overhaul.

I have finished the graphical and performance updates, the game runs so much smoother now and looks better too!

Nightmare mode is nearly complete, it allows you to select an environment, change settings such as difficulty and size of the level you want to play, number of enemies, music, and more. Then the game generates a unique level complete with a way to escape that you must find and may require several goals to reach, along with as many random enemies as you desire!

The main menu is complete for the new features and modes.

The part taking the most time is definitely the Story Mode, I am creating a completely new environment for the beginning of the game as well as changing nearly everything else down the line. The house has changed, the cellar has changed, the tunnels, the mineshaft even the temple (which to this day no one has gotten into haha), are all being overhauled in some way.

The story mode is not about finding different ways out anymore, I moved that to Nightmare mode, instead it is a pre-scripted journey from beginning to end, doing it this way allows me to hand craft terrifying events to take place because it's not focused on replayability anymore, just story and fear!

Lots of little things have been reworked as well, doors for example have been completely redone both visually and functionally.

But that's about it for now, thanks for playing!
The Mors - Evallis
I am currently working on some very big additions and changes to the game!

• Improved graphics.
• Increased performance.
• 2 completely new environments.
• Reworking of all other environments.
• Story Mode.
• Nightmare Mode.
• New main menu.
• Auto save system.
• Much more!

This overhaul nearly doubles the amount of content in the game! including a brand new story mode with new levels focused on story and fear, and a Nightmare mode allowing you to customize your experience with unique playthroughs every time!

I will post an announcement once a month until the overhaul is complete, until then thanks for playing!

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