Mortos - Sonnolo
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Mortos - Sonnolo
Hi gamers!!!
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Happy Holidays!
Oct 26, 2017
Mortos - Sonnolo
Mortos - ][ONLY³][™Sonnolo
ːworkinprogressːMain menu revisited
ːworkinprogressːEdge detection effect revisited (SP)
ːworkinprogressːAdded better visibility to dropped ammo
Dec 12, 2016
Mortos - ][ONLY³][™Sonnolo
Dec 9, 2016
Mortos - ][ONLY³][™Sonnolo
ːzombiewarriorːAdded 3 new particle effects for blood splat
ːzombiewarriorːAdded new particle effect for headshoot
ːzombiewarriorːNew icon in preloader scenes

Dec 6, 2016
Mortos - ][ONLY³][™Sonnolo
ːzombiewarriorːZombie head hitbox revisited
ːzombiewarriorːNavigation revisited for stairs in church maps
ːzombiewarriorː2 new models jesus statue and base
ːzombiewarriorːChurch levels mountains painted
ːzombiewarriorːEnemy spawn in wave mode revisited
ːzombiewarriorːEnemy dodge move removed(Just spiders using dodge now)
ːzombiewarriorːAdd new achievement(the night of the living mortos)
ːzombiewarriorːAchievements problem the net day/night fixed
ːzombiewarriorːAdd new flare in church multiplayer day
ːzombiewarriorːAdd new flare in church multiplayer night


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