Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

The main improvements of the next update are related to the Leagues Editor.

We are going to improve the convenience of changing the footballers' characteristics, improve graphics, add the possibility to change some new characteristics like birth date or short names of the teams.

There will be many small but neat improvements.

However, there will be a big improvement.

Big improvements
From time to time I find new interesting modifications. Here are a few examples:
Also, sometimes players say that they would like to add to the game some countries which are impossible to add because they do not exist. For example, Czechoslovakia or USSR.

The problem with the examples above is that the game world around your fictional league is real. So it's harder for you to believe in it. Moreover, after a few years, the old footballers with fictional names will leave football, but new footballers will have generic names so your league will become generic.

To help you with these problems we decided to implement the following features:

1) You can change the flag icon of your country. If you do so, your country will be named after the name of the modification.
2) You will be able to upload the text file with the list of the names for your country.

These two features will give you a lot of new possibilities.

On the screenshot below you can see two new buttons in the Leagues Editor:

In this modification, I uploaded the text file with the animal names. Now, every new footballer will be named after an animal.

In the screenshot below you can see the flag in the top right corner. Earlier, you would see here the English flag:

And here you can see how your country looks among other countries (imagine you combine different fictional mods for every country how cool would it be):

Now, imagine the possibilities!

You can create your football universes. You can re-create the football worlds of the past. You can create the world which consists of the characters from your favourite games. You can create the countries which consist of famous composers or scientists :)

Even if you don't want to create anything fictional, you can improve the list of the surnames for the countries which you think lack of the different names.

Final Notes

In a few weeks, we are going to open the access to the beta version. So you will be able to create some new modifications or update your old ones.

The launch of the Autumn Update is planned to the end of October.
Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

On the last week, half of our team have visited Gamescom. It was an interesting experience. I'll write some thoughts about our participation there.

- Many people stopped near our booth trying to figure out how strategy can combine with football. When I explained some basic rules, people had a lot of interest because they have not seen anything similar before.

- It was great to see a spark in the eyes when players figured out that skills allow prolonging a turn from 3 to 4 and more actions.

- It was a lot of pleasure when some of the players which played 50 and more hours in FTG, came to us to say "Hi!" or to thank for the game. Showcasing the game in such a huge exhibition is hard. And when our fans come and say good words, it added some energy :)

- We created special magnets which would recall players about our game. Players who won a match on the stand could choose the magnet. When our experienced players came to us, I played personally against them. Even though I won the match against them, they were awarded the magnet anyway. I really wanted to make a good surprise for our fans.

- We had 10 diiferent magnets: Cologne, Dortmund, Munich, Berlin, Gelsenkirchen, Leverkusen, Barcelona, West London, Paris, Torino. The most popular magnets were Cologne and Dortmund. The least popular - Berlin :) If we visited Gamescom again, I'd change Berlin for Frankfurt.

- Our console publisher prepared energetic drinks with FTG print. Some players were lucky enough to buy the game's key with the big discount and with the drink at the same moment :)

- It was a pleasure to see many grown-up gamers (30+ yo). These players were more interested in our game than the younger ones. Btw, write, please, in the comments, how old are you. I'm 36 ;)

- Players visit Gamescom for big AAA titles. But it was great that there were a lot of players in the indie zone as well. I like the fact that all German visitors could speak English even a bit (most of them spoke English very well though).

We have returned home and started working on the Autumn update. Starting from the next week, I'll be telling you what new features will come. ːcannonshotː
Aug 16
Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

Hi everyone!

We are lucky enough to be selected by Indie Arena Booth to showcase our game at one of the biggest game conventions in the world - Gamescom!

So if you are going to visit it, come to our stand, take part in the competitions and win souvenirs from Football, Tactics & Glory.

We will be there for all 5 days. So if you want to say "Hi!", find us in the hall 10, stand 020G.

Will be glad to meet you there ;)

Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

  • Changed the graphics of the calendar
  • Now, you can see the details of your match if you hover on the matchday on the calendar (earlier, you had to click on the matchday)
  • Now, when you click on the previous match days, you will see the results of the all matches at this day
  • In this window, you can click on any club to open the club's screen
  • Significantly improved the information about your campaign in the main menu. Now, when you click on the "i" button on the main menu, you will see all the settings of your campaign
  • Added Serbia
  • Improved different aspects of the simulation to make the general world development more realistic
  • Now, at the start of the new campaign, you will have 2 more players in your team
  • Now, in the first 2 seasons, the sponsors won't propose the conditions about the Cup tournament
  • Tiny usability improvements in the online game

  • Fixed some simulation bugs which made the game to crash in some rare instances
  • Fixed the blurry logo on the team photo
  • Fixed the stylistic mistakes in the Ukrainian localization

Thanks, everyone for your Steam reviews, feedback on the forum, Discord, Twitter, messages about the bugs, praises and support. We read all your messages. And we are glad so many players support us.
Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

In the recent Summer Update, we significantly improved some aspects of the bots' clubs development. However, the price for it was a slowdown in the world simulation.

Depending on how your world generated, some players might experience a significant loss of the simulation speed.

Therefore, we urgently began to look for an opportunity to speed up the simulation without significantly simplifying internal calculations. And our brilliant programmer did it.

The game became 10 times faster!

Depending on how your world generated, you can experience 5-10 times simulation speed increase.

Additional notes

Due to a temporary slowdown in the simulation, we were able to detect a bug, which in rare cases led to crashes and damaging saves. For a long time, we could not find it. It turned out that during the simulation, some players very quickly clicked in different places on the screen (because it was boring to wait). Clicks on some elements (like the calendar) led to the mentioned problems.

Slowing down the simulation allowed us to understand where the players clicked :)

As a result, we found and fixed our nightmare ːcannonshotː

Along with the corrections, we have slightly simplified the Normal and Easy modes, increasing the starting number of footballers.

Wish you victories! ːkickupsː
Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

World Cup is ended but we do not stop creating new updates. In this quite big update, we decided to improve some important parts of FTG which you asked us most of all.

Here's a short overview of the improvements:
- Now, you will see the birth dates for every footballer;
- Significantly improved world simulation. Now, the clubs won't become weaker after 15+ seasons;
- Improved balance for 60 and 90 action modes;
- Added Footballpedia to the matches;
- Added the possibility to allow AI teams in the online tournaments;
- Added 4 new counties;
- many other improvements.


  • Added a Date of Birth column in the Contracts screen.
  • A semitransparent bar in this column shows how many time left to the birthdays.
  • Added a Date of Birth field in the Profile screen.
  • Added Next/Previous arrows at the bottom of the Profile screen. They allow you to scroll the list of the footballers without leaving the Profile screen.
  • If there is a match on the last day of a transfer window, you won't be able to start the match until you check out ending contracts.
  • Now, when you select a skill to learn (or to upgrade) you will see a real time of the training. Earlier, it didn't take to account the "Talent" specialization branch.

  • Added a Footballpedia button into the match.
  • When you select an action or skill into a match, press Footballpedia button to instantly open the article about selected action/skill.
  • When you perform a skill of 2nd or 3rd level every dice roll will have the color of the actual roll. Earlier, all rolls had the color of your last roll. This improvement will add a bit of a drama to the matches.
  • Now, the successful headers give 5 specialization points instead of 2.
  • Decreased the pause which appeared when the turnaround animation played in a match. As a result - the controls became more fluent.
  • Now, the situation demonstrated on the gif below ends in a goal. Earlier, GK took the ball and couldn't move. Quite a rare situation though.

  • In the 60/90 action modes, the amount of Glory for reaching Top-10 is decreased
  • In the 60/90 action modes, the amount of xp needed for the next specialization level is increased in 1.25/1.8 times respectively.
  • The starting squad will be on 1-3 years younger in Normal and Easy modes. There will be more younger footballers in Easy mode.
  • In the Easy mode, the costs of the stadium. youth academy, scouts, coaches, skill upgrades are decreased.
  • Starting squad in the Easy mode now consists of 17 footballers instead of 14.
  • Now, in the Normal and Easy modes with enabled Tutorial, the starting amount of money is increased. However, the rewards for the president's tasks are decreased.

  • Added Croatia, Uruguay, Romania, Indonesia.
  • Changed the "fates" of DMs. Now, their main attribute is Defence instead of Pass.
  • Changed the "fates" of the wing forwards. Now, their main attribute is Control instead of Accuracy.
  • Now, in the Windowed mode, the simulation works in the background. Therefore, you can switch to your browser of another application when you see the ball rolling. It will be easier to wait while the game simulates the match results, leveling and transfers of other teams.
  • Improved the Simulation subsystem. Now, the clubs won't become weaker after 15+ seasons.
  • Now, AI clubs will put more players on the transfers. Therefore, there will be more footballers in the paid transfer list.
  • Fixed the lack of footballers of some classes after many seasons.
  • Now, AI clubs will more often put younger footballers in the matches.
  • Changed the Korean names (it appeared that there were a lot of Vietnamese names).

  • Changed the design of the Online play screens.
  • Now, players can choose a kit in the online mode.
  • Added the possibility to add an AI team into the online tournament (it might be useful for the tournaments of 4/8 players).
  • Disabled the possibility to use the Kick out action in the online game.
  • Added the possibility to select a kit before a hot seat match.

  • Added more variety to the turnaround animations in the match.
  • Face generator learned to generate more diverse names for some European countries. The variability of the faces is slightly increased.

  • There was an old icon of the Fan favourites after the match which wrongly said that the bonus = 0.5%. Fixed.
  • In some cases, you couldn't press anything in a penalty. Fixed.
  • Fixed wrong time at the end of the half.
  • Amateur Forward had the motivation last for 6 actions instead of 7. Fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with the wrong update of the injured and booked footballers.
  • Fixed a rare bug which made the tutorial to freeze.
  • Earlier, when you wanted to sell a footballer, you could close the window and open it again. Often, the club where the footballer would be sold, changed. It's a bug. Now, the club won't change.
  • In some cases, the length of the learning skill might be shown as 1y 12m 6d. Fixed.
  • Fixed crashes in some rare cases.

You shouldn't start a new campaign for the changes start working. However, if you continue playing your old campaign, you will notice some changes not very soon. It takes time for the world to recover clubs and born new young players with the new fate.

- - - - - - - -
Write in the commentaries what an improvement do you like the most?
Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

If you read our forums, you know that we really want to continue supporting Football, Tactics & Glory. We love to read your positive reviews, it's a pleasure to know you like our game.

At the same time, we would really like to launch the game on as many platforms as possible to allow you playing on whatever you want.

However, being a tiny team, we just don't have enough possibilities to both develop the game and port it to consoles.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the partnership with the company Toplitz Productions, which will take care of the porting and launching process. It will allow us to concentrate on the things we love - adding new features to FTG.

The game is going to be launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One и PS4. We would really like to launch the game this year, but it is too early to know for sure the actual launch date.

Also, we are considering launching the game on mobiles. But, currently, we don't have a real understanding of when, who and how will port it. Unfortunately, we are not going to port the game to Mac and Linux.

By the console launch, we are going to significantly improve the Hot Seat mode. So you will be able to gather with friends by one PC, PS4, XBOX or SWITCH, create your own tournaments, and compete.
Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

One month passed from the official launch. However, we do not stop making small neat updates for you ;)

  • Improved Hot Seat mode:
    - Now, you can play against AI (or watch how two AI teams play; so you can take Madrid and Barcelona and to see who is better ːcannonshotː)
    - Now, you can set the length of the match
    - Now, you can set the weather
  • Added 4 new countries: Lithuania, Faroe Islands, Chile, Philippines
  • Added Korean (thanks to Sunhan Shanna Lee and Junmo Ku)
  • Now, the match results tell you when the goal was scored with the bicycle kick and when it was an own goal
  • Right mouse button in almost any window is equal to the button Back (it already worked in the previous update, but now we consider it finished)

  • The saves after the crosses weren't written to the stats. Fixed
  • After some combinations with Layoff Pass, 2 players might get record of the Assist stat. Fixed
  • When 2 players shared one place in the top-10 list, the mark on their names was different (one had top-1 mark, and another one had top-2 mark). Now, they both will have the same top-1 mark
  • Fixed the wrong selection of the players when moving between different tabs in the Top-10 screen
  • Fixed the overlapping of the elements in the Leagues editor screen
  • Улучшено отображение очень длинных имен на некоторых экранах
  • Fixed some wrong animations after performing a corner
  • Fixed some very rare bugs/crashes

What new feature do you like the most?
Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

Tim Stone, the author on RPS, asked few questions regarding the game. My answers he published in his column "The Flare Path".

In the article, you will find some information about our plans and our approaches to the development:

Football, Tactics & Glory - _K_o_S_

In this update, we polished various interface elements. The main improvement is the enlargement and refinement of skill icons. But there are other pleasant improvements as well.

  • Added a display of the cost of learning the skill right on the skill learning panel
  • Enlarged the skills icons on all possible screens
  • When you hover on the experience bar on the XP screen after the match, the hint at the top of the screen shows the numerical amount of experience in the form of 10/100
  • Now, the skill cell flashes more noticeably
  • The Tables button has been added to the Sponsors screen so you can evaluate teams in the league before selecting a sponsor
  • When you open information about another club from the Tables screen, now the Squad tab is opened by default (instead of History tab)
  • Now in the match, the informational Ctrl-panel opens also when you click on the mouse wheel

  • Fixed incorrect game behavior when Alt+Tab is pressed in some cases
  • When loading a picture for the logo in full-screen mode, the game will now go into window mode
  • "Top-1/2/3" marks are removed from the screen of the XP after a match. They didn't give the correct info

  • On the screen of the Best players at the end of the season, the postures of football players changed to more interesting ones
  • On the Income screen, sponsor logos were added

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