Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Orroigh' lads 'n lasses, the day's finally arrived. England, Wales and Ireland were no match for Scotland, but what happens when Scotland decides to go up against the world? Find out in the exciting new sequel, Defend the Highlands: World Tour.
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Ho bonnie wee lads and lasses, 'tis a momentous occasion, as I've released the first video of the sequel, Defend the Highlands World Tour. Feast yer eyes:
Jun 4, 2016
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Guid mornin lads and lasses.

A few small updates to the game:

  • Reduced Friend of Nessy achievement to require 10 kills in a match instead of 15
  • Fixed a bug where when placing a tower, if you hover it over a unit as it dies, the tower can no longer be placed anywhere.
  • No longer able to place towers in the water in White Cliffs of Dover level
  • Queen Boadicea's shield is much more effective at blocking projectiles now, making her a bit more useful.

If anyone encounters any other bugs, please post them on the message board or contact me through the website,

On other fronts, work progresses well on Defend the Highlands World Tour. Check out the blog at and like the facebook page at

Cheers laddie/lassie
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
For those of you who've been wanting to Defend the Highlands with your friends, I'm pleased to announce that the sequel, Defend the Highlands World Tour will feature multiplayer. Check out the latest dev-log post to learn more -
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Hello everyone,

I'd like to formally announce that there will be a sequel to Defend the Highlands. Defend the Highlands World Tour, which has been in development for several months now, takes the Scotsmen around the world on a mission to establish haggis factories for Scottish expats across the globe.

They will face wild stereotypes everywhere they go, from kangaroo riding Australians, to spicy meat-a-ball hurling Italians. Using an expanded arsenal of weapons, they will have to fight off hordes of enemies as they build their haggis factories.

A release date has not yet been set, but if you'd like to follow the game's progress, check out the devlog at or follow the facebook page at

For more detailed information on the game, see the first blog post -
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Orroight laddies and lassies, I give you yet another reason to Defend the Highlands: Trading Cards.

There are eight trading cards to be collected, and a bonnie Scottish flag badge to be crafted. There are also five profile backgrounds and six emoticons to be earned.

The Leprechauns are onto us though, and are out to steal them. Better get playing so we can secure them in your inventories, before they end up lost to the world, at the bottom of a pot of gold.
Aug 30, 2015
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Early Access Update 3

Whatto lads and lasses, time for another update. Here's wor it is right:
  • Added subtitles for advisor speech.
  • Added hotkeys for building towers (alphanumeric 1-8), playing bagpipes (9), setting rally point (0), and deleting the selected tower (delete).
  • Projectiles no longer collide with the object a unit is taking cover behind.
  • Added descriptions for each tower when you hover over its icon in-game or in the upgrade or skirmish menus.
  • Removed exploit where the alphanumeric keys 1-3 would give you free towers.
  • Added tooltips to the skirmish menu.
  • Changed tooltip box texture to improve readability.
  • Added custom cursors which animate to confirm orders.
  • Added order confirmation sound effect.
  • Added “Unlimited bodies” option, for those who like to see their handiwork and have powerful enough computers.
  • Fixed problem of main menu sound only playing in one ear.
  • Added UI indicators for how many Scotsmen you have farming, and playing bagpipes.
  • Stopped camera getting stuck in a few places.
  • Added message when you try and order a hero character to do something they are unable to do.

The following unit balancing changes have also been made:
  • Increase explosion radius and number of shots to accrue for bagpipe artillery.
  • Increased explosion radius for haggis catapult.
  • Reduced cost of whisky bar.
  • Increased poison radius and expansion rate of whisky bar.
  • Slightly reduced the potency of Scotsman health upgrades.
  • Slightly reduced the potency of Porridge cannon attack and porridge volume upgrades.
  • Increased fire rate and accuracy of Queen Boadicea
Aug 15, 2015
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Hey all ye Defenders of the Highlands, a new update awaits. Here's what's new:
  • Genuine Scottish voice acting.
  • Four new music tracks for the bagpipe players.
  • Added ability to set a rally point for newly spawned Scotsmen.
  • Added the ability to delete unwanted defences.
  • Enemies will now deliberately target poorly guarded or unguarded porridge farmers.
  • Improved instructions in tutorial for camera control.
  • Fixed issue where Scotsmen would sometimes run on the spot for a moment when reaching their destination.
  • Navigation grids are now saved, rather than generated on level load. This should fix a rare bug that resulted in no units being able to move.
  • Increased effectiveness of Whisky Bar.
  • Removed haggis catapult from porridge factory (it shouldn't have been available then in the first place – my mistake).
  • Adjusted difficulty of some levels slightly.
  • Removed sync bagpipes option – this is now the default and only setting.
Keep the suggestions coming, and even more importantly, if you find a bug – please report it :)

Thanks everyone, now get back out there and Defend the Highlands!
Aug 7, 2015
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Hi everyone,

Just pushed a quick update that fixes a bug that can cause levels 8 & 9 (Stirling Bridge and Stirling Castle) to be skipped. This also resulted in the haggis catapult not being upgradeable.

If you missed out on these levels before - hurrah, 2 new levels to play :D
Aug 7, 2015
Defend The Highlands - Kilted Camel
Today we put the first update live since releasing into early access. The following changes have been made:
  • Added minimap
  • Improved enemy pathfinding so that they will avoid areas where a lot of enemies have been killed before
  • Scotsmen are no longer effected by friendly fire
  • Farmers no longer desert when you run out of porridge
  • Table barricades now only have cover on one side, preventing Scotsmen from choosing the wrong side of the barricade
  • Slightly increased difficulty on Hard and Medium
  • Fixed problem where ordering a Scotsman to a cover position would cancel the order to that cover position of other Scotsmen
  • Adjusted UI slightly

Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions. We've got some more improvements on the way, including better voice acting and music.

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