Aug 16, 2016
Community Announcements - andyk_
We just released a set of Steam Trading Cards, badges, and emoticons. Have fun!

Community Announcements - andyk_
New stuff!

The current striker on both sides will now have a fancy new pedestal to clearly show you who's strike is charging. This is the first version of it. We have some more visual work to do.


Gifting - Alirghty, so gifting is very very popular, and that's awesome! However, it was intended as a way to create player to player connections as well as reward players for helping build the size of the community. It turns out that most people are just doing trades of 3 gifts for 3 gifts, and then that's that. We've made some decently sized changes to the system.

Sending gifts to new players gives 100 embers to them and to you. If you recruit a new player, you will now instantly receive 100 embers on your next login. Recruiter ember rewards have no waiting period, so you can claim them without waiting a day

Note: To be classified as a new player, that player cannot have ever turned in a gift before.

Sending multiple gifts to the same player - If you have more than one gift from the same player, one will be used, and the rest are removed from your inventory.

Don't worry, you still get embers for trading gifts with current players just as before. You just need to do it with each person once a day. If you send a gift to an existing player, you'll get a standard ember award when they turn it in. However, standard ember awards can only be used once a day just like now and if you've claimed no other ember awards of any type on the same day.

Also, now, we will reissue new gifts after an hour rather than a day.

With these new changes, you have the capicity to earn a lot of embers very quickly if you are so inclined. Please be responsible in recruiting, and don't spam.

Team Reentry

Community Announcements - andyk_
Servers will be down shortly, but we're adding a couple new features that will make it worth it! : )
Community Announcements - andyk_
Losing on Keeper battles would sometimes hang during the rewards screen. That is now fixed and ready to go.
Community Announcements - andyk_
Sorry all, there's a big hang that happens frequently enough that we need to patch immediately.
Community Announcements - andyk_
Just a few quick fixes for some things here and there. Also, we remember keeper party configuration during your login session. We plan on adding permanent saving in an upcoming build, but this should help a bit in the meantime.
Community Announcements - andyk_
We're adding a couple of fixes and remembering your equipped minions for keeper battles.
Community Announcements - andyk_
This is a small bug fix release, but we added one little bonus.

If you send a single ember gift to a brand new player and they open it, you will get triple the ember award!
Community Announcements - andyk_
This update brings the most requested, and biggest, change to Ember Strike since our Early Access Launch - Single Player rebalancing and expansion.

The War against the Acolyte has begun! As you conquer locations on the map, station your minions as Keepers to protect and attack the ever rising threat level as you press forward on the map.

The breakdown:
- After you conquer a location, a keeper for that location will be revealed. Once you've summoned that minion, he or she will be keeper of that node with 50 unique battles for that keeper.
- As you move forward on the map the Threat level increase which will make your battles harder and harder.
- After you station a keeper, and after every win in a keeper battle, you'll get a keeper attack.

Hammer! It's a brand new attack. : )

- Minion Coins: Every is now trained and leveled up with minion coins. Every minion has their own unique coin!
- PvP Coins: Use these coins on any minion to rapidly level up a minion when you are low on that minion's type of coin.

This was brief, because we're all exhausted. However, there's a ton of work in this build so please look for yourself. As usual, please post on the forums and let us know what you think. This was just the beginning of the new system, but it should be a big improvement.
Community Announcements - andyk_
The cool folks at OPN asked us to do a dev chat tonight. Come ask us questions live, and maybe hear about what's coming next in Ember Strike!

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