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The Concealed Intent 1.3 release is out now! It is a few months late, but finally here.

Tell me about the 1.3 Update

The main change in this release is the most requested feature from the discussion boards: it is now possible to rewatch old online games and to always see the last turn of an online game.

If an online game finishes while you are not actively playing, then it will still be in your list of online games when you next start Concealed Intent. If selected it will display the end screen with the game's outcome. If you want to see the last turn just click the "Replay Last" button and it will be displayed. On the second time you start Concealed Intent after the game has finished it will be moved to the Old Games list - but you can still rewatch the whole game, read on!

At the end of an online game there is now a "Rewatch" button. Click this and the entire game will be loaded and you can watch it from the start either continuously (with the "Play All" button on the turn control part of the GUI) or turn-by-turn ("Play Turn" button").

It is also possible to rewatch any of your online games that have finished in the last 90 days. Just go to the Old Games screen (available via the Online screen) and click the "Rewatch" link next to the game you wish to rewatch.

I had hoped to add rewatch to campaign and skirmish scenarios as well, but that caused problems. 90% would play just fine, but some would badly break due to the scripting system used to play out the turns. Fixing it for all scenarios would require rewriting the scripting system and that would take too long - so sadly you can only rewatch online games (which do not have any complex scripting in them).

There are a few other minor changes and bugfixes - the details are below.

What is next?

If there is a bad bug I will work to fix it. I can't imagine not doing that. Otherwise there are no plans to add more features.


Current Version: 1.3.0 (20th April 2018)

Known Issues:
* See Forum thread:

Immediate Roadmap:
* Bugfixes

1.2.0 (6th April 2017) -> 1.3.0 (20th April 2018)
* Ability to rewatch online games finished in last 90 days
* Fix rare numeric error causing crash when AI calculating flanking circle
* Be able to replay last turn of unseen finished online scenarios
* Fix bug with online refresh button, by having it reset itself 5 seconds after use
* Can now drag mission list even if mouse is over locked missions
* Only check the player is visible at the start of a mission in skirmishes and online games (so not to move camera if it has been purposely positioned in campaign missions)
* Make cargo ships in Factory mission a little slower and initial lock a little better
* Fix bug preventing email addresses being entered on the feedback screen
* Hide random internet matchmaking (not enough players for this to work)
* Update Unity engine to fix potential security issue
Nov 12, 2017
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
I have stated on a few occasions that I hoped to have a 1.3 Update complete and released by the end of this year. My apologies, I will fail to reach that goal.

The plan is still to create another content update, and it will still be version 1.3, but it will not be complete by the end of this year. I now hope to have it finished and ready by March 2018. However, that depends on whether the situation preventing me finishing this year continue. The main issue is my “day job” for a London startup, which has also become a “most evenings and some weekends too” job. This job is taking so much of my time, there is almost none for the prolonged periods of game coding that is how I best produce. I believe it is likely that the effort the startup job requires will begin to drop to more manageable levels in the new year (fingers crossed).

Again, my apologies. I have not forgotten Concealed Intent – it is just that the 1.3 Update will be delayed a little.
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
TLDR; moved country and got a day job, so gamedev work will slow; but still aiming for a small Concealed Intent 1.3 update before end of the year.

It has been a while since my last update on the happenings and plans for Concealed Intent and Jarrah Technology – time to rectify that.

As some of you may be aware, just this week I moved from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to London, UK for my partner’s work (as was the original move to Malaysia). I am writing this while looking out on a surprisingly pleasant English summer day. Preparing for the move has meant I have not managed any significant time for gamedev work on Concealed Intent or my next game over the last couple of months.

Now I’m set up in London, it’s time for gamedev, right? Unfortunately not. London is an extremely expensive city, and indie gamedev will not pay the bills, so I will need a day job. In fact I already have one (not in games) and start tomorrow. This means my available time for my own projects will greatly diminish. However, I do not intend to completely stop, instead dropping down to probably just a few hours per week on average.

I am now a hobbyist gamedev rather than a professional indie gamedev.

The plan is still to release a 1.3 update to Concealed Intent by the end of the year. The aim is to have this include about 2 weeks of development work (plus testing). Only now that work will be spread out over several months rather than in a single block. This means that there probably will not be time to work on another game until at least next year. The first task on the 1.3 list is to update the game to the latest Unity 5 release to help ensure future compatibility and performance. Then work will focus on the items left out of the 1.2 release – mainly small UX improvements. After that I’ll reassess the time available and the scope of previously suggested “nice to have” features to see what can be realistically achieved.

My next update will give more information on the Concealed Intent 1.3 plan and features.
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
The Concealed Intent 1.2 release is out now! You may remember I said it would be out before the end of March. My apologies I am a week late, but on the bright side I now know a great deal about password hashing and HTTPS.

Tell me about the 1.2 Update

Among the bug fixes and minor improvements there are a few niceties added. Truly randomly generated skirmish maps (the 3 ‘?' option when configuring a skirmish). The Skirmish configuration page will now remember the last settings and return to it on restart, or just after a scenario. Also, there are two new types of drone: the Stealth Drone, an underpowered laser drone with some countermeasures; and the Detonation Drone, a heavy drone mounting an improved multi-pulse laser that unfortunately has a 95% chance of exploding when fired. Have fun!

The biggest change is a new version of the game without Steam’s DRM. This will go up on other online stores like Humble and However, that does not seem fair to Steam purchasers. Thus if you send me a message from your Steam account (so I can confirm you have a copy of the game in your Steam account) I will send you a link to a a non-DRM version download. Personally, I would not recommend this, the Steam DRM version is the best version as it handles online logins, challenges and turn notifications automatically for the player, but if you have a philosophical problem with DRM (then why are you using Steam?) there is the non-DRM version available.

The full list of changes is below. It is sadly a little shorter than I had hoped as the some items took far longer than anticipated.

What is next?

As always any bug fixes will take priority over other tasks. Assuming I am not busy fixing issues, I will be completing all the tasks required to move to another country/continent in May (tasks which have been delayed a week while finishing this update). Afterwards there will hopefully be time for some work on my next game.

So, the plan is I will get back to the Concealed Intent towards the end of this year with work on a 1.3 update. That will start with the items left out of this 1.2 release due to running out of time. Then back to working down the list of suggestions (I read them all). As I get closer to starting, there will be a post here with more details.


Current Version: 1.2.0 (6th April 2017)

Known Issues:
* See Forum thread:

Immediate Roadmap:
* Bugfixes

1.1.3 (14th November 2016) -> 1.2.0 (7th April 2017)
* Fix online server bug where signature for movement incorrectly calculated
* Speed of pulse and multi-pulse lasers now scaled by turn time
* Online refresh button
* Non-Steam online login screens and system
* State more explicitly that the helper ships in various missions are controlled by the player
* Randomly generated map option in skirmishes
* Make randomly generated Gather skirmishes a little easier
* Resize turn control according to screen size
* Fix crash bug when an unarmed entity attempts to orbit at optimal weapons range
* Added Stealth Drone
* Added Detonation Drone
* Remove Steam ContentPrep from OSX builds
* Check the player is visible at the start of a mission and move the camera if not
* Fix bug where focussing on a ship could move the camera behind a natural (blocking the focussed view)
* Store and display last skirmish settings between restarts and scenarios
* Fix bug on Linux builds in certain countries where ships' decimal stats are incorrectly parsed
* Fix bug where friends' Steam status is requested multiple times in a row due an incorrectly sized sliding window
Feb 15, 2017
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
Hello everyone,

A few events have recently occurred, with a few more on the horizon. Thus it is time to replan work for the next couple months. First the important stuff - what I'll be doing. Then I'll explain why.

Concealed Intent 1.2 Update

It has been too long since touching the Concealed Intent codebase. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. Over the next month or so I will start work on an update to Concealed Intent. Aiming for around 3 weeks worth of work, plus testing. Assuming I haven't forgotten too much, it should be out by the end of March.

The first and main task of this update will be producing a version of the game without Steam DRM. Then a couple of new gameplay features will be added (a truly random map option in skirmishes, new drones). I have collected a few good suggestions to improve the UI, and I hope to get them done too. If there is still time after that I'll just keep going through my list.

What is Steam DRM doing in Concealed Intent?

Concealed Intent uses Steam DRM to identify and authenticate players. This information allows the game to automatically login players into the online system without the need for a username or password. This is why you can start Concealed Intent and immediately play online. The problem with Steam DRM is that it locks the game to the Steam platform, which is not a bad thing for people playing the game on Steam, but means I can't sell the game on other platforms.

Considering the potential impact of Steam Direct (see below), I think it is important to loosen this restriction on myself. Players on Steam will not notice any difference, but it will mean I can sell non-Steam versions of the game. These non-Steam versions will have online registration, logon and password recovery screens (and players will need to login before playing online), but will otherwise be the exactly same.

Steam Direct?

Steam Direct will be Valve's replacement for Steam Greenlight as the method to get a game onto Steam. Coming in a few months, it will require a flat fee be paid to Valve in return for each game added to the Steam platform. Estimates of this fee range from US$100 to US$5000. At the bottom of this range I fail to see how the fee will have desired effect (preventing exploitative games). At the high end of the range some small devs, like me, will struggle.

I should point out that I know Valve has every right to organise their platform how they want, and their stated goal is laudable. However, as a small indie dev it would be very easy to be crushed by any changes as an unfortunate, unintended and unnoticed side effect. Although I think it likely that the fee will fall towards the low end of Valve's range and I will probably be ok, it is still a wake up call. At the moment I am completely dependent on the Steam ecosystem and Valve's benevolence. To protect myself, I am going to start looking towards other platforms. Thus the non-Steam DRM version of Concealed Intent as an initial learning exercise and start upon this path.

What happens after Concealed Intent 1.2?

First, I will fix any bugs that appear. Otherwise I will get back to work on my next game and look to start promoting it. However, this will be affected by the fact I will be moving country around May. This is likely to also require me to find a new job as developing games will not pay the bills in the vastly more expensive country I will soon reside. I cannot make any guarantees as to what I can achieve in the the second half of the year. However, I hope to finish my second game and release another small Concealed Intent update.

So what have you been doing the last couple of months?

After taking a break over the holiday season, I have started work on a new game. I don't have a name yet and it is still all developer artwork (amazingly ugly!). So I am not ready to show people or talk much about it yet, although I am happy with the way it is progressing. Right now it has reached a natural pause point. After finishing the CI update I will get back to it with some refactoring, prettifying and expanding out of the already completed vertical slice of gameplay. Oh, and decide upon a name. Then it was supposed to be time for Greenlight... not sure what will happen now.

I have also been playing games again! While developing CI, there was little time to play games, but now I set aside a couple of hours per week to play games of interest or just from my backlog. To help keep this up I record my sessions and put them up at A Gamedev Plays... on YouTube.

Nov 13, 2016
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
Another small bugfix. Anonymous feedback pointed out that the Reset button on the Loadout screen did not seem to reset the max number loaded for relevant components (e.g. Coolers). This was easy to fix (literally 1 line), so it is now fixed.


Current Version: 1.1.3 (14th November 2016)

Known Issues:
* See Forum thread:

Immediate Roadmap:
* Bugfixes

1.1.2 (7th November 2016) -> 1.1.3 (14th November 2016)
* Loadout reset button now resets max component counts (thanks anonymous feedback person)
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
Another small release to fix a couple of reported bugs (thanks!). I know this release says the 7th and it is now the 8th - Steamworks was down all yesterday, so this is the earliest I could get it out.


Current Version: 1.1.2 (7th November 2016)

Known Issues:
* See Forum thread:

Immediate Roadmap:
* Bugfixes

1.1.1 (25th October 2016) -> 1.1.2 (7th November 2016)
* Fix online game bug in plan validation - check more carefully if the submitted id is new and widen movement tolerance (thanks OblivionDoll & FridayBiology)
* Fix crash bug in Exhumation if goals completed out of intended order (thanks anonymous feedback person)
Oct 25, 2016
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
This is just a small release to fix a couple of small bugs as reported by players (thanks!).


Current Version: 1.1.1 (25th October 2016)

Known Issues:
* See Forum thread:

Immediate Roadmap:
* Bugfixes

1.1.0 (15th October 2016) -> 1.1.1 (25th October 2016)
* Fix leaking links in feedback system
* Fix crash bug in the minelayer AI in the Clear mission (thanks Andy)
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
The Concealed Intent 1.1 update is now available. As pledged, this release brings Linux support and Steam async notifications (to see the notifications you will need to turn them on - start playing and then go to

Other notable changes include: a new skirmish objective (Gather) with two new skirmish modifiers; a FAQ web page linked from the tutorial menu; the plans a ship has are displayed with icons on their focus button; a display effect when shields are used; and lots of other little things.

Thanks to everyone who reported issues or game suggestions. Some I've done, some I stored for later, and some probably won't get started. However, I think about all of them carefully. There are a few of you, and some are anonymous, so I won't mention everyone. Just know you all still have my huge thanks!


Current Version: 1.1.0 (15th October 2016)

Known Issues:
* Steam Overlay can sometimes cause some Macs to hang on startup - need to disable Overlay
* Linux Ubuntu Unity icons sometimes colour inverted (Gnome & KDE seem fine)

Immediate Roadmap:
* Bugfixes
* Think about a 1.2 update?

1.0.1 (13th August 2016) -> 1.1.0 (15th October 2016)
* Fix bug where it was possible to finish the Extraction mission without collecting the Informer first
* Fix bug with skirmish minefields having clashing ids and decrease max number of mines
* Fix crash bug when resizing screen at same time that a player ship explodes
* Update server shell scripts for better logging
* Fix bug where not all drones are going neutral after their controller is destroyed
* Remove friends' Steam login status display and periodic reload as incorrect results being returned
* Use action icons in focus buttons to display plans rather than a blinking ship name
* Add Gather skirmish objective
* Save player prefs immediately upon changes (for Linux)
* Tentative contacts
* Updated key bindings for Linux
* Steam async game turn notifications
* Ensure usurped drones have the correct name in online games
* Ensure that the loadout screen's title reflects correctly whether a player or enemy ship is being loaded
* Fix bug where challenges and games disappear from online status screen after playing a scenario
* Fix bug where database pool in online server repetitively recreated
* Show a graphic that a ship is shielded, if it is hit and fully id'ed
* Fix incorrect time being display in online game buttons
* Correctly scale CM
* Adjust height and move markers to display better on Linux
* Set a max effective number of coolers to prevent unbeatable builds
* Fix bug where defences' noise modifier was being counted twice for display in online games (internal sim was correct, but the player displayed number was wrong)
* Fix timing bug with launches and shooting in online games
* Display online draws as such
* Have a link to the CI FAQ on the tutorial menu
* Fix dumb bug with damage taken calculation
* Extraction mission: update text to make the nature of the mission clearer and stop spawned enemies targetting the Informer
* Allow an email address in feedback, move fields around, better messages
* Linux build
* Automated build and deploy system
Oct 3, 2016
Concealed Intent - jarrahtech
September is over and the scheduled month of dev work for Concealed Intent 1.1 complete. The amount achieved was about as much as expected, although not as much as hoped. Since the last update Steam turn notifications are working, but it was a little harder than anticipated. Then came a new skirmish objective (Gather) and a bunch of bug fixes (mainly for Linux). Unfortunately that means there was not time for extra work on campaign missions or online. Still, the update is a large body of work and I’m glad to get it done, the game will be better for it. Now I just need to test it extensively before release! The plan is to give myself a fortnight of testing, so look for the update in mid-October (barring major issues).

Looking at my Concealed Intent todo list I am amazed by how short it is – the shortest it has been since starting! It contains probably about a fortnight of online server improvements (not visible to players) and another fortnight of campaign/skirmish/cosmetic improvements. There are also a half-dozen “nice-to-haves”. Given this list, I am inclined to do a month’s work for a 1.2 update. However, it will not be until next year – hopefully earlier rather than later. After Concealed Intent 1.1 is released I will start work on a much smaller space-themed game codenamed “Blockade Runner” (because I haven’t thought of anything better yet).

Here are the final notes on the original (and intentionally overly ambitious) update plan:
  • Small backend improvements – the main things here are an automated build system and better feedback management. Both are complete.
  • Cosmetic and control improvements – most of these were done as part of 1.0.1. A few more have been done – most notably an onscreen shielding effect and a plan breakdown on the player focus buttons.
  • Linux support – There is now a Linux build for internal testing, so far it has performed just like the PC/Mac version.
  • Bugfixes – many bugfixes completed and the issue list is empty again.
  • Steam turn notifications – Working, but needs more testing.
  • Balance & extra campaign missions – a little balance work has been done, but there are no new campaign missions.
  • Extra skirmish mode making better use of tentative contacts and neutral unknowns – done, the new Gather objective has the player rushing to collect supply pods against regenerating enemies.
  • Online improvements – nothing significant for players done here.

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