Collider - Binary Cocoa
Behold! The final chapter in the Collider saga has arrived in the form of Serpentine! This latest game mode pits you against friends in the race to link together a long chain and destroy each other with said chains. If another player runs into your chain they lose the game! If you manage to stay alive the longest out of any of the players playing then you are the winner. Challenge your friends and foes to a round today!

As for Binary Cocoa, we have decided to move on to a new game concept that we’ve been throwing around and so we won’t be putting out more game modes for Collider for a while. We will still be sure to fix any reported bugs though and will probably still do some game balance tuning. We’ve learned the limitations of the game engine that we’ve been using and we’re excited to try something new! Please join us as we go on to new things at and enjoy Collider!
Collider - Binary Cocoa
It's been a long time coming. We had been getting reports of poor performance in some cases, and we were finally able to replicate them. After much hard work, we were able to identify the performance sucking culprits and have squashed them, along with a ton of other bugs. The key things to note are:

1) New collision manager performance is about twice as fast.
2) New collision manager provides better accuracy
3) Games have had minor balancing tweaks (though we want to improve Core Defense some more)
4) This paves the way for another update we've had in the works for a while (a new game mode)

Anyways, that's all for now. We really appreciate the awesome community support. If you hit any snags or have any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know.
Collider - Binary Cocoa
We've had a lot of feedback come in on ways to improve the menu and we finally found the time to implement many of those improvements.

First, the sliders in the menu now indicate what the value will be set to. This should make it easier to select a specific number of bots.

Second, the keyboard input now accepts both wasd and arrow keys. No need to set an option, it just works.

We have more in the works and nearly have our modding working exactly as we want, at which point we hope to let the community mess with the game. We're excited to see what people come up with.

Thanks to all of our community members for the excellent support!
Collider - Binary Cocoa
We've been working tirelessly to bring some of the features that people have requested into the game. This latest build brings a variety of new features and bug fixes.

1) Music and sound volumes can now be set using sliders on the main menu.
2) Player ordering is more consistent in a wider range of controller configurations. This is important because of...
3) Bots! Now one human can take on many bots in all of the game modes except for Sumo. We had to scale back the difficulty in Arc Wars because it was brutally skilled. It should be winnable now at least.

We plan on doing more updates based on the feedback that we've already received. Specifically, we have some improvements for the menu in the works. We also are going to be providing a way to leave a game that is now only occupied by bots (that happens to use all of the time in Arc Wars). We also have another game mode in the works that is nearly ready for the big reveal.

That's it for now, please keep giving us excellent feedback. The community is what makes this awesome for us, and we love hearing ideas and how we can improve.
Collider - Binary Cocoa
You all may have noticed that an update just came in. This update doesn't fix any bugs, but does add the complete original soundtrack for the game. This means you can now listen to it using the steam music player, or manually copy it out if you want to listen to it in something else. It contains 12 Tracks (about 45 minutes) of the music from game, including some tracks that aren't used in the game (yet).
Collider - Binary Cocoa
This patch fixes an issue that has been reported by one user, but we figured we should fix it since if it affected one user, it could potentially affect others. They had somehow gotten into a section of our code that we thought we had completely disabled. This doesn't appear to be a widespread issue, but it should be resolved with the patch we just released. If you encounter any more issues, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks again for all of the awesome support. We are thrilled to be part of such a great community!
Feb 29, 2016
Collider - Binary Cocoa
We're working hard to get the finishing touches, but should have the release out shortly. We can't express enough how happy we are to have such a great community and are pleased to announce that the initial release will support Windows, Mac, and Linux/SteamOS . We look forward to hearing feedback and improving Collider. After the dust has settled from the release, we'll be sure to make another announcement about the future of the game and what other plans we have.

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